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Author Topic: [Kickstarter] Day Night Z - Coop Zombie miniatures boardgame with campaign mode  (Read 1135 times)

Offline Cherno

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It seems to have gone under the radar for some reason, so I'll just post this here in case anyone can'T get enough of Zombicide-style gaming.

This is Day Night Z by Creating Games, which looks just like Zombicide but has a strong focus on campaign gameplay, with up to four survivors having to gradually built up a shelter/camp and travelling around the countryside and cities until they reach one of three different campaign endings. Or they could try their hand at Survival Mode which sees them having to outlast the undead hordes as long as possible.

Of course, you get the usual copious amounts of miniatures and cardboard tokens, tiles and cards.

Day Night Z Kickstarter

  • The focus & ambiance of the game is full on “grimdark." Right and wrong often take a back seat to survival. The moral and heroic decision may be the very one that gets you killed, a dilemma you’re sure to encounter in these realistic scenarios.
  • This game features both solo play with a single survivor, and group play with up to four players
  • Variable player abilities create numerous ways to strategize and play the game
  • Discover the city using the city board, and then use the location tiles when you enter a location.
  • Branching narrative campaign, where your choices will determine your progress, culminating in one of three possible endings.
  • Beware the day-night cycle. A unique mechanic to DAYNIGHTZ™, survivors are better off during the day, while the zombies surge in strength at nighttime.
  • Wound realism: Wounded survivors become weaker and less capable.
  • 200+ events, distributed in different decks.
  • Quick set up.
  • If your survivor dies (and it will happen), you can continue the campaign by using special rules to bring a new survivor to the game.
  • 3 game segments: City Missions (with two different city maps), Travel Encounters (when travelling from city to refuge and vice versa) and Refuge (that you have to manage, upgrade, and defend).
  • Immersive narrative gameplay, with noncombat events that will force tough choices and dilemmas on players.

Offline Mr. Peabody

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  • Canuck Amok
Hmmm... Sounds like a couple of cool twists on the familiar zombie campaign setting.

I'm curious!
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Offline Happy Matt

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Am I reading their ad copy correctly? It looks like they are saying they will be retailing this at 260 Euros.

Beyond that looks kinda interesting.

Offline Vampifan

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It looks very good. So much so that I have backed it.

@Happy Matt. That price is wrong. The Kickstarter pledge is for 88 Euros, which is a very fair price to pay, I think.

Offline Cherno

  • Scatterbrained Genius
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I assume that the Retail Value stated is the value of all the stuff you get if you pledge for the Kickstarter. There are stretch goals unlocked which adds a lot more stuff so that also adds to the value. Of course, the retail version won't have all those extras and will cost around the basic KS pledge.

Offline The Voivod

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Seen it and resisting it.
This is seems to tick a lot of the boxes I'm looking for in a zombie game.
I'm trying to figure out if I really want to play a tabletop game or if I'm okay with it being a boardgame.

Price is pretty good and it seems a well run campaign.
Don't think I'll pledge, but do like the looks of it.
And its'doing pretty good.
'Mercy? I am far to brave to grant you mercy.'

Offline Happy Matt

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Its on my watch list. I don't really need another big box zombie game but it sounds interesting and WTC I can always pillage it  for the minis.

Any word on exactly how big these ones are? Zombicide, Mantic WD size or the other WD size etc.

Offline rwwin

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Any word on exactly how big these ones are? Zombicide, Mantic WD size or the other WD size etc.

There are a couple of pre-production samples on Dakka.  They look to be close enough to Zombicide for me:
(Post by DZN-Hunter about 3/4 down the page)

I put in a euro in the beginning to get the updates and am keeping an eye on it.  It has potentially much more depth than Zombicide or the venerable LNOE, but there's a couple of red flags for me:

1.  This is the companies first project.
2.  Creating Games listed staff working on the project but they seem heavily weighted to the art side and I haven't seen anyone with a game design credit under their belt.
3.  Their native language is Spanish and they'll be translating to English and other languages.  However the updates seem well written (in English) so this is probably unwarranted.
4.  Ironically as it gets more popular and they unlock more stretch goals, I wonder how well they'll perform at fulfillment. 

As a new company with who knows what manufacturer lined up in China doing the actual production, it's looking like a bigger than average KS gamble.  It could turn out to be awesome or a huge regret for me.  I'll keep watching until the end, but most likely cave and pledge.


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