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Right - replaced with Karwansaray blue, which should provide a higher contrast than WSS golden yellow.  :D
I would give it a day or too to fully cure.
A cotton blanket? That holds up well throughout the game and doesn’t  move much?

I haven't noticed any issues in any of our games!
Future Wars / Cyberpunk Skirmishes with EXPLOIT ZERO
« Last post by The Bibliophile on Today at 02:41:22 AM »
One of my fellow Scrum mates brought over all of the miniatures and terrain we'd need to give EXPLOIT ZERO a whirl last week. I admit that cyberpunk isn't a genre I've been drawn to--in comics, prose, or games--and so I had to rely on my friend a bit to help get me up to speed on some of the tropes. That didn't take too long, though, and getting up and running was aided by the fact that I didn't have to spend a lot of time mastering the basic core mechanics of the game's engine.

The game itself is genuinely easy to pick up and fast to play on the table. More importantly, however, is that it is fun. In no time we were moving our cyberpunk miniatures into action, fighting off foes and abducting a scientist we were paid to retrieve. Like a lot of co-op games (say, for example, Sellswords & Spellslingers), the body count is quite high as we dispatched the first couple of waves of enemies without much sweat. Things by design did get progressively harder, however, and by the end, though we had accomplished the mission, it didn't happen without suffering some casualties on our side.   

We played the intro mission, and I'm anxious to try some of the subsequent missions to see how the game introduces interesting complications to what is an already solid formula.

You can read more about the game and my thoughts on the rules at my blog, SCRUM IN MINIATURE: https://miniaturescrum.blogspot.com/2021/08/cyberpunk-skirmishes-with-exploit-zero.html

Again, more info and pictures at SCRUM IN MINIATURE: https://miniaturescrum.blogspot.com/2021/08/cyberpunk-skirmishes-with-exploit-zero.html
"Build Something" Contest / Re: BSC2021 AKULA’s a Feast for Crows
« Last post by syrinx0 on Today at 02:28:03 AM »
A feast for the eyes...   lol
"Build Something" Contest / Re: BSC2021 - Daeothar's collapsed overpass
« Last post by syrinx0 on Today at 02:25:11 AM »
Fantastic looking table. 
Might be hard to return that way but it would make for more excellent photo's.   :)
While I cast up the blocks I need to finish the tower I've painted up two of the last goblin units needed for the campaign.

First up are the "demolition experts". The second game in the campaign has a unit of fungus loons attempting to wheel explosive barrels of toxic fungus beer up against the dwarf watch tower and detonate before the tower can send a warning to Bugman about the coming attack on his brewery. The original article has instructions on how to convert goblins wheeling or pulling barrels but sadly I don't have access to those parts. Instead I used some of the extra figs you get with the plastic fanatics kit, these 6 figs will carry the demo charges and they'll be chivied along by a unit of goblin engineers I converted up for Oathmark.

Up next is some heavy fire support in the form of a bolt thrower. This was a great kit, even though I only managed to snag the finecast version (shudder). It went together well and painted up great.

I'm hoping to have the second floor of the tower done next week. 
The Second World War / Re: US Airborne 28mm project - part 1
« Last post by Tom Dulski on Today at 01:10:32 AM »
I for one would LOVE if Warlord re-did the US Airborne plastic sprue like they did with the US Infantry. I think sculpting them all with the early war airborne uniform would be a much needed improvement.
It's probably a good idea there to wait it out. A lot of the minwax stuff dries to the touch relatively quickly, but you have the rest of it curing inside it and outgassing for a longer period.

Got it, makes sense! Thank you.
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