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Me and the boyz

As long as both armies are based the same and playing with friends, no problems. Tournament play may be different


Thanks, Matt!

Both sides will have a mix of 120 and 125mm: basically, cavalry on 125s, along with the odd unit of slightly outsized infantry. No plans for tournament play - though I wonder if anyone would even notice a 5mm difference!

The "cannot align corner to corner" rule seems - from what I can see - to stop small differences mattering. I seem to remember that Sword and Spear does the same thing - though in its case, explicitly to allow variation in base sizes.
Age of Myths, Gods and Empires / Re: Gangs of Rome Project
« Last post by Dr Mathias on Today at 08:55:41 PM »
Great looking buildings :)
Details really set the scene!
Not sure how I missed this one as I usually look out for any Argad content. Fantastic games as always.


Richard P
Age of Myths, Gods and Empires / Re: Gangs of Rome Project
« Last post by Furt on Today at 08:24:49 PM »
Thanks all.

Truly inspiring. Can you share your trade secrets as to how you paint you tiled roofs?

It couldn't be simpler SJWI. Just prime the tiles with a black spray paint (I use a dirt cheap brand) and then start drybrushing with a burnt orange. I vary how heavy I drybrush over certain areas and then go back heavier in some spots. Quick and easy.

yup thats the one - keeps popping up when I search now i have started down this rabbit hole  :D

so searching around gets things like


so its clearly spanish version of Troll - issue 18 - the genestealer one is issue 17.

Good luck in your further searching for the English versions, but I would expect they exist... somewhere.. but if issue twenty is going for that much.. well. probably the seller really wants to keep it. you know OOP and all that  lol

Others of course put the decimal point in a slightly more affordable place


as example there are varied issues available but as Daeothar says its black and white.. maybe some specials where in colour.

Nice find and blast from the past
Wanted / (WANTED) 1/1200 + 1/700 NAVAL THINGS
« Last post by benglish on Today at 08:14:08 PM »

Seeking painted 1/1200 and/or 1/700 (Black Seas) Napoleonic ships. 

Also looking for a copy of

Assembly, Painting & Rigging of Napoleonic Naval Models in Scale 1:1200 by Langton Miniatures

Please PM or email be at brianjenglish (@) gmail dot com if you have any items that you're looking to sell.

Wow Steller work at a scale I am leaning into myself. A 2 to 3 foot square playing surface is more than enough room for a good game.

Look forward to seeing what more you have to share.
Earlier today I finished four more Mushroom bases. This batch included the tallest of the Mushrom Witches:

I see a couple of spots that could stand a touch up...one of the benefits of pics. SO until next ime...whenever that is.
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