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For Sale/Trade / Re: (SALE) Various books, Ospreys & Rules
« Last post by M Blakey on Today at 02:13:52 PM »
Book arrived! Lovely doing business with you!
Fantasy Adventures / Re: Fantasy projects in all scales
« Last post by Golgotha on Today at 02:08:54 PM »
That Persian Zebra did tickle me pink.  lol

Very creative...
Utterly fantastic work! I've started working on a Dutch East-Indies project of my own, but it will be more in the wilderness, not in a city. I actually want to play Congo - replacing gorillas with orangutans and lions with tigers. I'll try to keep it as historically correct as possible, so I have a mixture of Tiger Miniatures, Steve Barber and Eureka. Still, it stays a game and I fully support your choice in making certain things larger than life.
Fantasy Adventures / Re: Psyber's Super-Duper Dungeon (Warhammer Quest)
« Last post by Golgotha on Today at 02:05:48 PM »
She is lovely - do like the Hyborian feel.
Count me in! These look great!
Wanted / Re: (WANTED) WI #384 Black Seas sprues
« Last post by Dukewilliam on Today at 01:59:35 PM »
Great, I sent a PM.


IIRC the Civil Defence Corps was disbanded well before the 1980s (when my project is set) but I’ve got plans for a couple of former members that retained their beret/kit and decide to pitch in after the bomb drops.

Yes it was disbanded in 1968 and much of its hardware and many vehicles went into storage (Landrovers, Thames radio and command vehicles etc (including AFS Green Goddesses which were retained until 2004 or 2005 IIRC) in "secret bunkers".  I remember inspecting one in the late 1970s where vehicles from WW2 and the 1950s/60s were stored along with boxes of radios, tents, accommodation stores, telephone exchanges, telephone line laying equipment, ambulances, Land Rover Recce and GS, Thames office/radio/GS and a host of special purpose trailers, generators and much more. My main interest then (1977) lay with CDC Austin (red) and AFS Bedford (Green Goddess) Fire appliances.

So plenty stuff for your modelling skills.
"Build Something" Contest / BSC2023 Golgotha - a forest retreat
« Last post by Golgotha on Today at 01:46:01 PM »
Have two ideas may well land up making both - one more historical and the other more fantastical. A druid would feel at home in both...

The irony is that the historical seems like the fantastical and the fantastical seems like the historical go figure history is often stranger than fiction...

Going to go for relatively small and simple. That way time will not be an issue nor future storage.

Loving the sound of all the other temples and look forward to seeing all of them...

Had originally toyed with the idea of a Russian Orthodox church and or a Mosque as I need to have both in my terrain collections.
Workbench / Re: 28mm Railway station WIP update (TSG's Workbench)
« Last post by tin shed gamer on Today at 01:38:47 PM »
Just for you Lon , I sneaked a quick use of the Mrs kitchen scales . It comes in a hairs width under 2lbs ( that's including the base and detailing.). Sounds a lot but picking it doesn't feel like much at all. I suspect that an MDF building on the same scale would probably either weigh the same or even slightly more.
It also occurred to me I've never actually had the notion too or need to weigh anything in my collection.
Every train station I've ever been to has had some seriously dodgy types hanging around. Went to Leeds at the beginning of January and there was a bloke kissing the Hand dryer in the platform toilet's.( I decided I could probably wait a little longer for a pee,and walked up the hill into town.)
For Sale/Trade / Re: (SALE) Plastic Hoplites
« Last post by Tim Haslam on Today at 01:12:53 PM »
Any offers?
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