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Future Wars / Re: Andor
« Last post by zemjw on Today at 01:36:06 PM »
I read that as he had passed out, and came to after she'd passed by?

Yeah, like I said, just a minor quibble. It didn't spoil the episode, it just felt like it was plugged in there so that "action happened". I'd rather have seen them scavenging the ship for stuff, finding a prisoner they could release, that sort of thing.

I can't remember where that scene left off, but hopefully there will be more than just carrying the body back to camp.
Back of Beyond / Re: RCW AAR Assault on the Trans Siberian
« Last post by Rogerc on Today at 01:36:00 PM »
Cheers guys.
Events and Conventions / Re: The Tactica in Hamburg, Germany is back
« Last post by Driscoles on Today at 01:32:35 PM »

Tactica starts at Saturday in Hamburg. It is Germanys best wargames show with outstanding wargaming boards and brilliant painted miniatures. A must visit.

I am hosting together with Sven and Gunnar the D Day Game. Omaha Beach Dog Green Sector. First Wave.

The boards were build by Frank Becker and his great talent in creating, painting and building things. He did also a lot of research on this historical project which sets a new standard in ww2 gaming boards imho.

I had the honour to help a little bit with painting some figures and vehicles and small stuff so did Gunnar, Sven and Vasa.  We are presenting this game on  Saturday and Sunday. Here are some pictures without action and below is the mission briefing for gamers who like to attend.

Good morning gentlemen !

Today will be a day to remember. Forever ! Its not your wedding day, your firstborn son`s birthday, your first home run or your first date with your high school sweetheart.

Today is D Day - 6th of June 1944. You will remember this day forever. Because it will be the day you changed the world.

We will kick open the door into Fortress Europe and show the Germans how Americans can fight.

We have the willpower, we have the strength and we have God on our side.

You all heard, and hopefully read, General Eisenhower's speech. It will not be an easy walk but if the guys from the Air Force did a halfway good job, the Nazis will be buried under a pile of rubble and dirt.

You are the first wave. Well trained and well equipped. You will push the rest of them outta the Goddamn way and enter this so called Fortress Europe to bring freedom and remove Dictators.

Your Mission

Open a corridor for the following troops. You have your demo charges, you have dozer tanks. If that does not work you have your God given hands. Air recon said you only have to remove two lines of obstacles. Let`s go.

    The Krauts have bunkers on the beach. They could be equipped with any sort of weapon. Could be the Ack Ack, Anti Tank Guns or the damned Hitler Buzzaw. We do not know exactly. What we know is that the beach is circled and a frightful deathtrap. Destroy those bunkers. Kill the bunker crew or destroy the weapons, grill them like a Texas BBQ with flame throwers.

    Either way is fine with me. Knock out those bunkers.

    When you are done with the bunkers you're almost there. There is a concrete wall on the beach road. You have to destroy it. Blow it to pieces with your demo charges. Open the way off the beach for the following troops. Clear the road inland. You will get support from the Rangers if they are right on time.

      Good luck to you and your men. Teach the Herren from the Wehrmacht a lesson they will never forget. God Bless you and God Bless the United States of America.

They are coming out nice and I love those purples!
Eager to see the final product! Cheers!
Age of the Big Battalions / Re: Sharpe's Siege - 60th Regiment
« Last post by genew492 on Today at 01:16:42 PM »
There are Sharpe Practice scenarios in the Too Fat Lardies  "specials" publications There is also the "Complete Fondler" with 18 scenarios. If you choose not to use  Sharpe Practice rules the scenarios are adaptable. There is also a campainn publication.
Sci-Fi Small Skirmish Games / Re: Xenos Rampant is coming!
« Last post by Silent Invader on Today at 01:10:35 PM »
Just pre-ordered as well.

Because, you know; it's the only way to be sure...  :D

Fantasy Adventures / Re: Gallery by QC
« Last post by quidamcorvus on Today at 01:07:53 PM »
Gallery: Marauders of Chaos. Henchman - Chaos Knight I

Chaos Knight are henchman who serve the more powerful heroes leading the Marauders of Chaos warband in Warheim FS, I painted the company as part of the #69 edition of the MBC.

Sci-Fi Small Skirmish Games / Re: Xenos Rampant is coming!
« Last post by Daeothar on Today at 12:54:27 PM »
Just pre-ordered as well.

Because, you know; it's the only way to be sure...  :D
I have been plodding along with my Mushrooms as my eye slowly get better. The result is eight bases of them ready for some floral finishing touches:

AND two that need supporting cast mushrooms & the flora:

More whenever!
Absolutely fantastic painting.
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