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June 26, 2019, 09:36:26 AM

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The Conflicts that came in from the Cold / Re: 28mm Bush Wars
« Last post by Ultravanillasmurf on Today at 09:31:35 AM »
Very nice work on that camouflage.

Nice conversion s as well.
Age of the Big Battalions / Help Going Forward
« Last post by Oldboy on Today at 09:28:48 AM »
Good morning. I have been painting figures for 50 years during that time I have built armies for most periods which I have subsequently sold or given away. The problem now is what to do. I am luck enough to have a bit of disposable cash but seem to fritter it away on projects that stall after a few weeks. The small 'sample' order of maybe 20 or 30 figures rarely gets finished. I think this is because the slightest fault in a figure puts me off. Although I blame no particular manufacturers and have pretty much bought form all the major 28mm suppliers with an affection for all from Britannia and Dixon through to Perry.
I can't keep wasting money each month and I am seriously considering giving up. I also so wonder whether  I prefer the research to the painting. I do not game but hoped to rectify this in retirement.
Any advice/suggestions gratefully received..
Another nice figure.
How much fun was it scooping out the contents of the helmet?

I would hope not ranges had empty helmets as spares.
The Conflicts that came in from the Cold / Re: 28mm Bush Wars
« Last post by Ash on Today at 09:26:46 AM »
Cheers chaps. If I do any more of these I'll go with the tan (used Vallejo 'German C. Beige WWII') or lighter...
Fantasy Adventures / Re: 'Old Citadel Nostalgia' - an ongoing project.
« Last post by Cubs on Today at 09:24:39 AM »
Very kind guys. A couple more now, Juggo Joriksonn, bodyguard to Julia McEwman, and Fergus McEwman, the over-muscled sergeant at arms.

Interesting about the ration pack contents. Is it that Marlboro is the most distinctive packet, or was there sponsorship involved in the prevalence of photographs of troops with the packet tucked in their helmets?

I am going for the Morley's brand on mine ^__^.
I have the (American) text for a Vietnamese billboard advertising them awaiting time, enthusiasm and Google translate.
The Second World War / Re: NORMANDY SCENARIO 20mm
« Last post by Ultravanillasmurf on Today at 09:12:19 AM »
Very nice.

Your question about the effect of camouflage, that M10 certainly matches one of the cards from What A Tanker!
Those are really nice work.

It is a very nice kit. There are none of the problems associated with some of the other Warlord kits I have built (and have not finished).
Sprue photographs here http://ultravanillasmurf.blogspot.com/2019/06/warlord-games-type-97-tank.html

This was something I wanted to complete quickly, the tarpaulin was not needed, but I thought would make it slightly different.

On the subject of complicated paint jobs, I have a line of late war German AFVs, not limited to Konigtiger,
Panzer IV (see above), Waffentragerr, Jpzr 38(t), P43 bis which I have started and not finished.
Frostgrave / Re: Bone wheel complete 15/06/19
« Last post by jp1885 on Today at 08:59:20 AM »
Hope you like.
I do, very much - looks like a great (if painful) game.
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