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My French is not great but from what you say . You have had no problem ordering from Il Miniatures but  that it takes a long time (some months) for the figures to arrive given their location(Crimea).
Old West / Re: Dry Gulchers!!!
« Last post by Harry Faversham on Today at 02:54:40 PM »
Pm sent regarding rules and solo play ideas.
Fantasy Adventures / Re: Osgiliath Battle and build guide
« Last post by anevilgiraffe on Today at 02:54:25 PM »
looks lovely, where is the mat from?
Colonial Adventures / Re: My new paddle steamer
« Last post by olicana on Today at 02:38:45 PM »
I 'etched' my own planking with a Stanley knife and steel rule.

For 28mm planks the ruled cuts were 4mm apart. Then I angled the bade and bevelled these cuts to create the 'gaps' between the planks freehand - this was easier than it sounds as the blade naturally follows the initial cut but you do need a very sharp / new blade for this job.

It's much quicker than gluing the planking on.

Agreed, laser etched sheets of planking would be useful. I'm pretty sure Martin at Warbases would do it (bespoke) quite cheaply and would probably add 'eyes' to make the planking even more wood-like. I've had bespoke stuff made by Martin before and was delighted at how cheap it was. My last bespoke order was for four-part 'casualty' clocks graduated to 20 - they had to be designed and made bigger than the smaller 12 point ones in the catalogue and weren't that much more expensive. Send him an enquiry by email.
Future Wars / Re: Putting it all together, 6mm near-future table
« Last post by YPU on Today at 02:34:23 PM »
I'd love to see a good implementation for 6 mm railways. 

This is a single point of uncertainty for me.
Being cheap, I want to use foamcore as my main material, only the track and end sections will be 3d printed (and details like bridges)
but doing this 3d stuff professionally, it would suit me to make the entire thing 3d printable...

Future Wars / Re: Putting it all together, 6mm near-future table
« Last post by jon_1066 on Today at 02:26:14 PM »
Looking good.  For hills I've used carpet underlay cut to contours with a cloth over the top. It gives you much better more naturalistic looking rolling terrain rather than perfectly flat-hill-flat.  Because all the things going on it are light it doesn't squash down.

I'd love to see a good implementation for 6 mm railways.  I have some MDF ones that are fine enough but there isn't really anything out there that covers all the various bits you'd need (ie level crossings, bridges, embankments, signal boxes, platforms, stations, etc).  As you say the lengths tend to be very short resulting in a very slow set up and forever readjusting as they get knocked.
I have just backed this. I also backed the first one.
Nice to see that the 3D prints are designed to fit in with my Perry plastic Swiss and Burgundian armies.
Thanks. When you love something. You find ways to keep doing it!
Old West / Re: Dry Gulchers!!!
« Last post by Johnny Boy on Today at 01:54:45 PM »
Looks like a lot of fun. I was wondering here can I source a copy of Fistful of lead with supplements including the Solo play rules as I'm looking to get into more gaming that will be mostly solo. I've looked at Wiley but US P&P with taxes etc puts it a bit cost prohibitive but I like the look of it so any directions would be much appreciated.
Looking great 8)
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