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Future Wars / Re: 3rd ed Dark Eldar (a mere 20 years late to the party)
« Last post by Daeothar on Today at 02:30:05 PM »
Cheers guys :)

I'm using Firefox on both computers and Duck Duck Go on my phone and there they show up without issue, but using Chrome on my work computer, the pics indeed do not show up.  Sorry, but for the world of me I can't fathom why that happens...  :?

You have been busy with this lot and have got further than I ever did. :P

I have been. And in fact, that first Raider was one of yours  :D

+++EDIT+++ Using Internet Exploder, they show up too...
Looking for this mini if anyone has a spare or knows of one lurking in a shop.  I should have purchased it years ago when I saw it and never did.
Or if anyone has a similar looking Elder Thing mini suggestion.  The style of this one is exactly what I am looking for.

@Ogrob.  I am sure you don't really want to know how I feel about the SJWs.

Because you're doing such a good job of presenting a level headed and impartial opinion as it is...

the thing about a hobby is that you don't have to do all of it. some people don't want miniatures in wheelchairs, but alot of people clearly do or they'd have never made it to the shelf. People like to see themselves in the activities they spend their time on. if you don't want them then don't buy them and tada, problem solved.

These archers look fantastic! also if i can give a tip on how i paint white is always t feint it (hope i wrote it right) go with a slightly greyer colour or something a bit more muted than pure white so you can use the pure white or even a mix of the two colours to highlight with. it will still look like white in everyones eyes.

That's pretty much my method too though I tend to start darker with the grey in miniatures with a lot of contours. The Byzantine mini below was painted up from Vallejo Medium Grey with Vallejo Off white added with a final highlight of Vallejo White:
Nice collection you have there, Roger!
I'd say "Yes", but before getting into the "How" of trying to answer your question: what rulesets did you play (except SAGA, which you mention)?

Saga, Muskets and Tomahawks, Clash of Spears (not half bad, actually) a couple of FFOL games (which were quite fun, to be honest), Pikeman's Lament (not my cup of tea), Rebels & Patriots (but set in the Napoleonic Wars, not in the Americas) and Sharp Practice, which is more small action rather than actual skirmish. Have read Congo and Donnybrok, but never played them.
Excellent! :) I can finish off my platoon(s) now!
Our newest addition to the Historic American Buildings range: Dunker Church at Antietam

Detailed building kit for 28mm figures (1:56 scale)
Laser cut 3mm and 1.6mm HDF
Laser engraved details
Moveable doors
Removable roof
Easily accessible interior with detailing

Kit supplied unassembled and unpainted
Measures approx. L 6” x W” x H 5-1/4” / 150mm x 150mm x 130mm

Detailed instructions are available for download at www.thingsfromthebasement.com
Price: $25.50

some fantastic painting there

flipping heck  :-*
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