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The Second World War / Re: 20mm O group
« Last post by Melnibonean on Today at 09:59:48 PM »
Mel, enjoyed the game AAR on your blog, sumptuous looking layout. But feel compelled to say, how immature and childish to have Doctor Who's TARDIS appearing on the Russian Front... very immature, spoils the look of the whole thing, you Colonials need to get a grip, man!

That meddling Gallifreyan stick his nose in everywhere.
I've got a few copies that the printer cocked up the covers on:
A little work with a sharp pair of scissors, and you'll have a book as good as new.
The Second World War / Bob Semple
« Last post by Rich H on Today at 09:49:47 PM »
You know the drill.
Please bear in mind that regardless of what you read about the 2d Division report there were never any tanks deployed by the Chinese Army in the Korean War. Any AFV's 'seen' by Americans are almost certainly tracked artillery - SU76 (and not SU85 or 100)
Medieval Adventures / Re: Adapting Rules from GW to Medieval ?
« Last post by ulverston on Today at 09:09:26 PM »
Mick in Switzerland, thank you this is the gold I was hoping to find! This really has saved me from hours of fiddling about with a system that I last played with my lad (who is now 30!). I may just give leaders points with the chance to alter certain die rolls and heroic actions to simplify things even further.

Thank you again you are a star Mick.
Colonial Adventures / Lt. Churchill 28mm mini NWF 1880ís
« Last post by JBaumal on Today at 09:05:05 PM »

This figure was made as a promo for a convention. Picture taken from an article in a wargameís magazine.

Wargameís Illustrated https://www.wargamesillustrated.net/

Iím looking for several of these figures. My buddies and I who are involved in a pretty epic 2nd Afghan War campaign are all interested in adding one of these miniatures to our respective collections. Alas none of us have them, no one sells them, and apparently they were a give away to promote a convention many moons ago! Does anyone have any they are willing to sell or trade for? If so please reach out to me.

For anyone interested here is the link to our campaign thread on the Lead Adventure Forum.

Never Trust Anyone on the frontier, an . . . . epic NWF Campaign

Here are links to some of the other bloggers involved in this NWF Campaign with AARís, pics, maps, and data on their blogs.

Mad Guruís blog: Maiwand Day Blog - 2nd Afghan War

Umra Khanís blog - The Northwest Frontier of British India
The Northwest Frontier of British India

A lot of work there for a good looking layout, did you use period photographs for references, if so do you have links to them?
Fantasy Adventures / Re: The Black Order - Master of the Order
« Last post by traveller on Today at 08:35:16 PM »
So good!  :-* :-* :-*
The Second World War / Re: Barbarossa 1941 - Town centre Terrain boards
« Last post by PeteW on Today at 08:20:10 PM »

Very nice indeed

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