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Author Topic: Song of Bushi and Katana - Song of Blades and Heroes samurai convention game  (Read 7927 times)

Offline kenohhkc

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Hi All. We (our gaming group called the Basement Generals) are putting on a samurai Song of Blades and Heroes game we are calling song of Bushi and Katana at the Recruits convention in Lee's Summit, Missouri (Kansas City).

Baron Von J and myself wil be running it. I hope all who are coming can stop by.

Thought I would post some of the pics of the new terrain I made for the event. Hope you enjoy. All is scratch built except for the Torii Arch which was an aquarium piece. The rest of the terrain is ready to go. The table will be packed. I'll post some pics after the event.

You can see the WIP at my blog http://leadaddict.blogspot.com/

Offline Mad Doc Morris

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Marvellous stuff! Lots of fine details and very atmospheric. Keep it coming, please.
Funny enough, I intended once to do something similar, though with Rattrap's Gloire. I understand that SoBH uses tables larger than 2' per 2'?

Offline Rich J

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Very cool ... don't know if you know but I did a Samurai varient of the rules and they are in the Yahoo group files - basically the same but have some mods for weapons, ninja, creatures and honour!

We have been doing a samurai ongoing campaign for a while now :)
Rich J

Offline kenohhkc

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I saw that you did. We are going to play this one pretty vanilla SoBH and I think that will be alright for the convention.

We love the rules, and especially dig Mutants and Deathray Guns.

Offline kenohhkc

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SoBH can use a lot of table if you need it for the scenario. But we usually play about 6-8 people on a 4x6 table and its cramped. Good thing is you get stuck in quick.

When you add horses and long moves you can chew up table quick.

Offline The_Watcher

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Awesome terrain, thanks for sharing. Nice "how to" on your blog, I'll definitely use your work as inspiration for my samurai gaming table (probably a 2"x2" for skirmishes). And thanks to your post, I am this close to buy SoBH for myself ;)

Keep up the good work!

Offline Heldrak

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Beautiful table, looks great! :-*

Is that and old-school Citadel/Foundry Samurai figure I spy there...?
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Offline kenohhkc

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Thanks.  :) I will take lots of pictures at Recruits. It is a Foundry fig that the Morrisons did. I have almost all of the original oriental heroes line by citadel. About half painted. they have such great character.

Finished some walls and now I am done for the convention. Playtest this weekend.


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