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Author Topic: My Strange Aeons Battle reports...now with added Kulten  (Read 10277 times)

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Re: My Strange Aeons Project
« Reply #30 on: September 28, 2018, 07:13:11 AM »
Thanks folks. Shameless plug, but if anyone is interested in the Solo and Twisted Fate dekcs, feast your eyes over here:


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Re: My Strange Aeons Project
« Reply #31 on: September 28, 2018, 06:35:10 PM »
The team are back, and after some thought, Marion has gained the Heroic skill. Allowing her an extra action once per game along with her extra wound really makes her a good all round play maker.

This time they're investigating reports of a village being destroyed during a full moon. The Lurker in this time around is a Werewolf (luckily a perfect 26 points which the Lurkers had to spend on the side). The scenario: Monster Attack!

The board is set up.

The team set up next to the destroyed house, with Marshall taking a good sniping point on some ruined terrain.

I rolled for a random board edge for the Werewolf to start from, and it deployed opposite the Threshold team.

The Werewolf went first, charging among the towns graves to gain cover.

Marshall readied his rifle and hit, but didn't manage to break it's hairy hide, despite using his Lucky skill.

Nathaniel and Marion cautiously edge into position, but failed to connect with either of their shots.

Moving forward, the Werewolf let out a harrowing howl.

Nathaniel and Marion weren't phased, but that couldn't be said for Marshall who was revolted in fear, running away, loosing his sniping position.

Marion darted around the tree in an attempt to flank the Werewolf (and stay out of reach of it's claws), failing to cause it any damage with her pistol.

At this point the Werewolf charged Nathaniel. Cleaver and claw collided with neither getting the edge over the over.

Nerves now calmed, Marshall clambered back to his sniping position, but still needed to load his rifle, so had no use except stay out of harms way.

Nathaniel and the Werewolf tussled back and forth. Hoping to give her boss an advantage, Marion joined in the fray. Failing to hit with her knife, but hopefully, she could assist Nathaniel in the brawl.

The creature turned to chomp down on Marion , but despite winning the fight, failed to wound her.

Marshall was able to make a shot straight through the mass of bodies, but once more failed to actually harm the Werewolf who continued to battle it out with Marshall's team mates.

The Werewolf went back to gnawing at Nathaniel, but was greeted with a swift hack of his cleaver.

Finally spilling first blood.

Realizing he'd be more of a benefit in the fight. Marshall charged the creature. Both him and Marion grappled with the slavering beast.

Allowing Nathaniel to cease the advantage, cutting the Werewolf down and taking it out as a minor injury...Team work!

The team got lucky, Werewolves aren't usually so easy, but with some bad rolling, and the eventual team up, the numbers got the better of it.

In the post game, still no map pieces were found :( It's a little disheartening, but we'll eventually find something. But on the plus side, both Nathaniel and Marshall got stat increases. I'll have a think about those before the next game!
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Re: My Strange Aeons Project
« Reply #32 on: September 29, 2018, 05:04:40 PM »
 :o nice pj on the werewolf!

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Re: My Strange Aeons Project
« Reply #33 on: September 29, 2018, 08:52:30 PM »
:o nice pj on the werewolf!

Thanks. its a fab mini to paint.

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Re: My Strange Aeons Battle reports...now with added Kulten
« Reply #34 on: October 02, 2018, 08:04:38 AM »
While I wait for the Kulten KS to arrive, we thought we'd play a pre-campaign test game. a Fight to the Death between a Ghoul Cult and Arcane Seekers

Here's the Ghoul Cult: Ghoul King with 45 Pistol and Evil Idol, Ghoul with a Double Barreled Shotgun, Ghoul with Dynamite, Maniac with a Cleaver and a Giant Vermin.

The Arcane Seekers are: High Priest with a Mitre, Sword, Heavy Armour Vest and has the Cosmic Horror, Compel and Eldritch Barrier spells, Rogue Threshold Agent with a Hand Cannon and Cleaver, Cultist with an Elephant Gun and Cleaver, Cultist with a Double Barreled Shotgun and Cleaver and Cultist with flamethrower and Cleaver.

The boards set up. we'll be using a 3x3 board as we don't have space for a 4x4 in my spare room.

The Arcane Seekers move up and the High Priest casts Cosmic Horror (which makes all the Ghoul Cult suffer psychology as if they were human). The Ghoul King quickly uses his Evil idol, forcing the High Priest to re-roll, but he still manages to cast the spell....That should even the playing field.

Now suffering from Psychology, the Ghouls find placing the Maniac so close to the Giant Vermin a bad decision, as it fails its resolve and runs away from the Maniac in fear.

The Ghouls start to move forward, with the Shotgun Ghoul blazing away but failing to hit. On the plus side, he's not worried about the Maniac.

Lastly the Dynamite Ghoul flanks the Arcane Seekers.

The High Priest then casts Compel on the only human in sight, the Maniac

The Arcane Seekers put on a master class of firing with their fancy weapons and failing to hit and wound, while the Elephant Gun Cultist gets into a better shooting position.

Back with the Ghouls. Failing to regain control of the Maniac, the Cult Leader takes a shot at the Flame Thrower Cultist but manages to jam his pistol.

The Giant Vermin over comes his fear of the Maniac and bounds forward to wards the High priest.

Charging forward with his claws and teeth, the Ghoul King guts the Flame Thrower Cultist, taking him out.

Seeing his pal getting ripped to shreds, the Rogue Threshold Agent snaps, and goes into a Frenzy, charging the Ghoul King, and smashing him in the face with his Cleaver, knocking him Face Up.

The Dynamite Ghoul decides to take out the Elephant Gun Cultist. Prepping his Dynamite...And dropping it at his feet. Blowing himself up into a Face Down position...Doh!

Still in control of the Maniac, the Arcane Seekers compel him to charge the Shotgun Ghoul, with the Maniac getting the upper hand at first, causing a wound to the Ghoul, only to have the Ghoul get the better of the situation in the next scrap.

Knocking him Face Down. Which will end with him being automatically taken out during the start of the next turn.

The Cult Leader ducks for cover while he un-jams his pistol.

With no Maniac to bother him, the Shotgun Ghoul blasts away at the High Priest, only to have his shotgun jam. (That token's really doing the rounds!)

The Giant Vermin charges into the High Priest, and the two tussle back and forth.

The Elephant Gun Cultist charges into the floored Ghoul, taking it out as an automatically causality.

The sight of which is too much for the Cult Leader to handle, who runs away behind the safety of the Shotgun Ghoul.

the High Priest and Giant Vermin continue there brawl, with the Giant Vermin managing to take a chunk out of the High Priest.

The Face Up ghoul King is finally able to get the upper hand, beating the Rogue Agent, and crawling away from him.

Only to get wounded on his way out, and then charged into by the Shotgun Cultist, taking him out. The Shotgun Ghoul and Giant Vermin shrug that off, but the Cult Leader goes Face Down in shock.

After a reasonably uneventful turn for the Ghouls, it's back to the Arcane Seekers. With the Shotgun Cultist taking the Cult Leader out.

The High Priest is finally able to skewer the Giant Vermin with his sword while the Rogue Agents fires at the Shotgun Ghoul with his Hand Cannon, and jams it...

but not before blasting the Shotgun Ghoul, who is taken out (just ignore the Face Up marker)...Blammo!

Roll on the KS arriving!

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Re: My Strange Aeons Battle reports...now with added Kulten
« Reply #35 on: October 03, 2018, 09:12:00 AM »
Nice to see some Kulten reps popping up. Psyched for it! Who makes the Ghoul King and Shotgun Ghoul? Never seen those before.

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Re: My Strange Aeons Battle reports...now with added Kulten
« Reply #36 on: October 04, 2018, 07:46:13 AM »
Nice to see some Kulten reps popping up. Psyched for it! Who makes the Ghoul King and Shotgun Ghoul? Never seen those before.

They're all UMW minis.

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Re: My Strange Aeons Battle reports...now with added Kulten
« Reply #37 on: April 14, 2019, 11:48:01 AM »
It's been a while since I carried on with my solo campaign, so now Nathaniel, Marion and Marshal are back. Both Nathaniel and Marshal have gained an extra wound after their battle with the Werewolf.

This time the agents are heading into a cults underground lair to search for rare artefacts in Treasure Hunt scenario.

The Lurkers consist of a Cult Leader with an extra wound, Improved Command, a Sword and a 45 handgun, a Maniac with a Chainsaw, Degenerate with a cleaver and Cultists with a shotgun, cleaver and battle axe.

The board is set, with both sides trying to cover as much ground as possible to start searching the sections of the board in Turn 3.

The Lurkers gain the first turn and sees their first action charging the Battle Axe Cultist straight towards Marion. The battle axe  comes crashing down. With only her knife to protect her, gets caught by the brutal weapon. Not even her Tough skill is any use, and she goes Face Down.

Meanwhile the Cult Leader and Cultist with a shotgun creep closer to the agents.

The start of the agents turn, and with the mandatory Close Combat phase sees the Face Down Marion automatically removed from the game. The sight of which send Nathaniel into a Frenzy that even his Tight Boots couldn't help him over come.

The two tussle back and forth, and Nathaniel finally cleaves the Cultists head off, getting revenge for his injured teammate.

All the while the remaining cult members surround the remaining agents.

Recovering from his brawl with the battle axe Cultist, Nathaniel fights fire with fire and uses his own shotgun on the shotgun sporting Cultist, completely blowing him apart. The sight of which un-phases the cleaver wielding Cultist...he mustn't have liked him much.

Marshal moves around to get line of sight on the Cult Leader and fire away with his rifle, causing 1 wound to the Leader. The Lurkers will still get their full activation cards next turn.

Despite gaining an extra action, the cleaver Cultist doesn't manage to harm Nathaniel as they go cleaver to cleaver.

The Cult Leader charges Marshal, obviously ticked off from being short at, but as sword and knife collide, Marshal manages to score a critical hit, knocking the Cult Leader Face Down.

As with Marion, the Cult Leader finds himself Face Down at the start of the turn, meaning he's removed automatically by Marshal, reducing the number of Activation Cards for the Lurkers to just 1.

Nathaniel and the cultist continue their fight, until Nathaniel finally gets the better or the deranged Cultist and hacks him down.

At this point the Maniac moves forward and begins his search for the treasure but comes up with nothing.

Marshal find nothing in his zone, so moved forward to search the next later.

The Maniac heads towards the agents, luckily Nathaniel finally over comes a psychology test brought on by the Maniac, who searches the zone and finds the treasure.

Nathaniel wants to keep the treasure out of the Lurkers hands, so blasts away at the Maniac, only for his shotgun to jam, having to spend his remaining action to un-jam it.

Marshal attempts to shoot at the Maniac, but can't get a wound.

In their next turn, the two agents charge at the Maniac hoping to play the numbers game, wounding the crazed psychopath, only two be sneaked up on by the Degenerate. Luckily he isn't too hideous for Nathaniel he makes short work of him.

The Maniac revs up his chainsaw, and with one brutal lunge, hacks Marshal to pieces, removing him as a major injury. Nathaniel is able to cope with this and finally takes out the Maniac, leaving the treasure free to grab.

Nathaniel didn't search for map pieces, instead elected to search the chest. Finding a Ring of Power.

Marion took an Arm Injury, adding a +1 to her Dex while Marshal received Hatred of Maniacs... And who can blame him?

A bitter sweet victory. The Lurkers gain an additional 2 points next game, and I suffered an injury and still have no map pieces to show for it. On the plus side, I'm now due a promotion, so I'll have a good think how to go about re-equipping the team.
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Re: My Strange Aeons Battle reports...now with added Kulten
« Reply #38 on: April 14, 2019, 11:49:52 AM »
Double Post :(
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Re: My Strange Aeons Battle reports...now with added Kulten
« Reply #39 on: April 14, 2019, 11:50:25 AM »
Oops Double Post  :'(
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Re: My Strange Aeons Battle reports...now with added Kulten
« Reply #40 on: April 19, 2019, 02:05:54 PM »
A new game and a new campaign, as new player Geoff had his newly formed Threshold team out in the field for the first time in Retrieve The Artefacts.

With character Nicola Cage, with Tough, a Shotgun and Axe. Arlo Bloe with Sneaky BAR and Knife and Barry Bostwick with Rugged, Battle Axe and 22 handgun.

My Lurkers are a Cult Leader with knife, 45 and Improved Command, and Cultists with a Battle Axe, BAR and 2 with knives and 22s.

The table's set as Nicola and the team search the lost city of Los Braganza for its ancient artefacts.

The Lurkers go first and start to fan out.

While the Threshold do the same, Barry making it to an Objective Marker.

The Cult Leader and a couple of Cultists try to flank the agents ducking behind the terrain.

Barry searches the objective and finds one of the Lost Scrolls of Los Braganza!

Nicola heads forward while Barry and the BAR Cultist trade shots at one another.

The Battle Axe Cultist sneaks up on Barry but can't get to him.

Meanwhile one of the 22. Cultists manages to jam his pistol.

Barry charges the Battle Axe cultists as axes collide. Rolling double 1s puts Barry down. In the mandatory combat phase at the start of the turn, means Barry is out as a Major Injury.

Nicola is able to take out one of the Cultists.

While Arlo hits the BAR Cultist, knocking him Face Down.

The Cult Leader who's sneaked back around orders the BAR Cultist to stand.

Nicola searches another objective and finds another Scroll

Fresh from taking out Barry, the battle Axe Cultist clambers up towards Arlo.

At this point, the remaining cultist starts dragging away one of the objectives.

Nicola blasts the Battle Axe cultist, knocking him Face Down.

Allowing Arlo to charge in for the kill.

Struggling with the Lost Goat of Los Braganza, the cultist removes it from the game.

Disaster strikes the Threshold as the Cult Leader is able to take out Nicola as a Minor Injury with his 45.

Arlo goes Face Up from a shot from the BAR.

But is able to get up and eventually take out the Cult Leader who is caught dragging away another objective.

The remaining knife Cultist heads forward under covering fire.

Snipers go at it, but neither manage to hit, until the knife Cultist manages to take Arlo out as a Minor Injury with his 22.

Not a successful start, but they did grab 2 Scrolls and Barry rolled Basket Case for his injury, allowing him to ignore Psychology Tests in up coming games.


Now there was one big problem... We didn't find this game fun :( . I can understand. Geoff rolled pretty badly, which is always frustrating, but we talked about it, and I too found it had gotten boring, especially towards the end when we were just firing BARs at each other until someone hit.

We found the cover saves made the two BAR models really suffered from hitting much, but the main thing we found is the automatic round of Close Combat at the start of each turn.

I've found this frustrating in the past at times, because if you go Face Down in close combat, you might as well just remove the model, because in the next combat phase, you're automatically removed.

We might make the following house rules: Cover grants bonuses to Con rather than saves.

Scrapping auto combat at the start of each player round. You'd need to nominate a model in close combat to get the auto remove, giving a Face Down model a chance to claw their way out of such a sticky situation.

Has anyone else made house rules, or found anyway of easing in a new player?
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Re: My Strange Aeons Battle reports...now with added Kulten
« Reply #41 on: April 19, 2019, 04:44:58 PM »
Cool looking desert table. Always nice to see something outside of the usual.

I've been forgetting to resolve combat and to be honest, I've never had any issues, it might make the game a bit slower paced though.

Automatically removing a Face Down model in the resolve phase because they lost in combat is kinda harsh. I guess you'd have to engage close combat with another agent by your side to ensure you're not removed as I guess the enemy model would have to fight the standing model. Although that does limit what you can do in your turn.

We just do nominations as normal, so if a player wants to auto remove a face down model, that tends to be their whole turn gone.

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Re: My Strange Aeons Battle reports...now with added Kulten
« Reply #42 on: April 24, 2019, 08:46:38 PM »
Returning to my Solo campaign now. At the end of the last game Nathaniel gained a new skill, Jump Up. The team were promoted so took the chance to gain some new gear. Nathaniel dropped the cleaver and shotgun for a sword and hand canon. Marion dropped the knife for a sword and a Lucky Charm while Marshal dropped the knife and BAR for a cleaver, elephant rifle and firearm cleaning kit.

This time the team find themselves in the deep jungles of Cambodia in the scenario The Raid

With the scenario using random deployment for the Lurkers, they find them selves scattered. With a High Priest with a sword on his own.

and their Cult Leader with  a cleaver on his own.

The Servitor and Cultist with dynamite on the far side of the board.

And Cultists with a wrecking hammer and flamethrower lurking in the dense jungle flora.

The Threshold advance, wanting to make short work of the cult.

The High Priest takes this opportunity to show off his magic prowess by using Compel on Marion. Brainwashing her into the ranks of the lurkers.

The flamethrower Cultists then lights up the jungle.

Taking a wound off Nathaniel and setting him alight.

Luckily Nathaniel is able to put out the fire before any further damage is done, and with his new found Hand Canon blast the Cultist into the swamp, removing him from the game.

With Marion still under the control of the High Priest, Marshal sets to remove the Cult Leader.

Showing you can't keep a good cultist down, the flamethrower Cultist returns just behind the team. He must have been faking his injury after all.

the wrecking hammer Cultist charges the wounded Nathaniel, only to end up Face Down with a sword to the face.

The brainwashed Marion then fires at marshal. Even with he wounded arm, she is able to remove Marshal as a Minor Injury.

the sight of which enrages Nathaniel. Even his Tight Boots are no use, and he frenzies. Removing the cultist from the game straight away.

Finally composed, and remembering the last time he was attacked by a flamethrower, Nathaniel turns and blasts away the cultist before he can set him alight once more.

Marion once more fore upon her team mates, Clipping her leader, taking another wound from him.

Seeing Nathaniel injured, the High Priest conjures up an eldritch bolt, knocking Nathaniel Face Down.

The Servitor wriggles through the swamp. So hideous to behold, the dynamite Cultist runs past the face down Nathaniel in horror.

With his new Jump Up skill, Nathaniel is able to clamber to his feet.

And Marion is finally able to break the spell, charging into the frightened Cultist, who is able to lunge at her with his knife, causing a wound to her.


While the High Priest charges at Nathaniel, swords clashing, with Nathaniel causing a couple of wounds to the priest, Marion is able to knock the Cultist Face Down, before removing him at the start of the following turn.

Marion decides not to risk a shot and charge into the combat to assist her leader.

Only to be removed as a Major Injury with a sword to the face.

Nathaniel doesn't let that phase him as he cuts down the High Priest, removing him.

The Servitor crawls ever closer. Piping away, it now has 10 points to summon a daemon in the next turn. The mass of wriggling tentacles and otherworldly piping is too much for Nathaniel's tiny human mind to comprehend as he drops Face Up. at the sight of it.

Nathaniel quickly gains his composure. Blasting into the creature. Blowing chunks and tentacles off left, right and centre.

Nathaniel considered stepping back, away from the Servitor, but sensing impeding danger of what might be summon, Nathaniel fired away once more. Amazingly scoring a critical hit. While the woudn roll wasn't great, the bonus critical damage, and his Armour Piercing skill was just enough to take its last wound and roll up removing it as an injury.

A win once more, but several hairy situations. A win I wasn't convinced they'd be able to obtain. Once more no map pieces were found :(

Nathaniel gained a new skill, Rugged, while Marion gained the injury Hideously Disfigured, which means she now has the Hideous ability, which isn't bad at all.
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Re: My Strange Aeons Battle reports...now with added Kulten
« Reply #43 on: May 15, 2021, 02:28:14 PM »
Today we got in the first game of our Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten campaign. It saw my Dunwich Good Ol' Boys vs the Vlad Von Klitschko clan.

Despite having one of my Kindred removed, who luckily made a full recovery, my Horror was in a position to completely remove the Vampire Magus, Thrall and Maniac by eating them meaning they wouldn't be coming back at all.
A disastrous start (end) for the vampires but a great start to the Dunwich folk and a stern warning to the next challengers.

No favour gained and little resources to grab in the post game, but a full recovery for my wounded Kindred isn't to shabby!

Vlad and his clan.

The Dunwich Folk and their outta town Cult Leader

The scenario was Fight to the Death, so the board is set up and the two cults take their place.

First blood is to the Dunwich boys as the Patriarch who shotguns the Vampire, while one of the Kindred goes Face Up being too close to the Horror, Cousin Merle!

A little bit of moving and tussling back and forth ends in a big brawl in the middle of the board.

During this time, one of the Kindred sneaks up on the Vampire's cultist and cleavers him out of the game.

Only to end up getting over confident and charging the Vampire, who easily takes him out of the game.

The Vampire turns his attention to Cousin Merle who is able to knock the Vampire Face Down, then in the following turn uses his special ability to eat the Vampire, outright killing it.

And then does much the same to the Maniac!

The remaining Thrall puts up a good fight against the Kindred left on the board, but is eventually jumped by the Patriarch and finally swallowed whole by Cousin Merle.

With a dead Magus, Maniac and Thrall, it was decided that the Vampire Cabal would retire quietly into the night.
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Re: My Strange Aeons Battle reports...now with added Kulten
« Reply #44 on: May 15, 2021, 02:29:02 PM »
Rising from the grave like a zombie, my solo campaign has once more risen.

Picking up were I left off, Nathanial, Marion and Marshel are back at it in The Bagman scenario

The table's set up with the Lurkers being a Dunwich family. I rolled randomly to see who my Bagman was...It was Nathanial, my slowest member!

The Dunwich folk start closing ground with a wide range of weapons and mutations.

Nathanial moves in and shotguns a kinfolk Face Down.

Allowing Marion to run in and finish him off.

The Kinfolk next to them charges in, but despite gaining an extra action and soaking up the first successful attack with his strange mutation, he falls to Marion's sword.

Seeing his sons taken out the Patriarch heads over, casting Touch of Death on himself.

The Deadly Spawn gains a boost in speed and makes a beeline for Nathanial.

But is taken out while the other agents fail to hit with their guns.

The remaining Kinfolk and Cult Leader head over the wall but fail to hit any agent.

The chainsaw Kinfolk charges Marion but with a little tussling is also taken out.

The Patriarch charges in with his Touch of Death on, but rolls snake eyes, allowing Marion to make short work of him putting him Face Down.

For Nathanial to finish off.

A Deadly Spawn returns to the board but rolls the furthest possible placing.

Marshall readies his Elephant Rifle and takes out the Cult Leader.

While the newly arrived Deadly Spawn wonders were everyone's gone.

And with that the Threshold team are off!

Finally some map pieces!...3 of them! And Marion gains a, to be decided, skill. Hurrah!
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