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Author Topic: WIP Newtonian Physics Fleet scale rules.  (Read 521 times)

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WIP Newtonian Physics Fleet scale rules.
« on: January 17, 2021, 10:28:15 AM »
Hey everyone. I have been working on a set of Miniature Agnostic rules for fleet scale space combat during the colonization of our Solar System within the realm of known physics. I just wrote up the first draft of the background/setting and thought I'd share it with you all. Feedback welcome:

Kardashev 1 (working title)

As a result of the environmental disaster pre 2100 and the short war resource war that followed the world powers were able to finally form a loosely unified world government in order. Their sole aim was the survival and continuation of the human race. Smaller nations and groups who resisted the sacrifices required for unification were disarmed by force and kept isolated so that they could not interfere. By 2150s, the combined research power of the unified governments mastered clean & renewable energy. The energy surplus lead to a surplus of all necessities. Even the enclaves of anti-unification were dragged kicking and screaming into the post-scarcity future. By 2200 Humanity had become a Kardashev 1 civilization, utilizing all the available energy of our planet.

In the hundred years between the near collapse of Human civilization and reaching the Kardashev 1 threshold, space had not been neglected. During that time man missions had been made back to the Moon and on to Mars. New Space stations were built around Earth and the Moon as well as permanent outposts on the Moon. Post 2200, with surplus of energy and abundance of materials in and around the Earth and Moon, Mankind entered its era of great expanse. Colonies were established on our Moon, Mars, moons of Jupiter and Saturn, and many of the Dwarf planets and asteroids in the asteroid belt. Huge stations were built around the Moons, Planets, and the spaces in between. Humanities population sored into the hundreds of Billions.
While our civilizations growth and spread was relentless it was not without its problems. While many improvements and advances were made in technology and our understanding of Universe, no new physics were discovered. Without the ability to travel much faster than the pioneers in the early 22nd century it took months to years to reach the furthest colonies. With the increased dispersion and isolation of communities ideologies of people, even from the same host nation, began to diverge greatly. The old enclaves had not been idle either. They had taken the opportunity of outward expansion to leave the earth entirely and set up colonies under their old beliefs. As many of the colonies grew they became like the city states of ancient Greece, unified by shared ideologies and beliefs, independent and autonomous from those around them. Many more colonies identified specifically with the culture of their host nation, developing very strong nationalist views.

With the basic needs of most of humanity now met the predominant two points of contention was access to markets in the resource rich environment and the growing differences in ideology. Colonies typically specialized in mining, agriculture, and manufacturing based on the surplus of resources available where the colony was founded. They all had to compete with the thousands of similar colonies in the same market, the problem wasn’t a lack of resources but an overabundance. All the while the seemingly unified nations of Earth felt an ever growing sense of individual nationalism as a result of the pressure from colonies that identified with them. Disagreements amongst the nations of the unified governments on Earth tended to play out in open conflict amongst their colonies. Those old enclaves with beliefs that their way was the right way for all began to put pressure on their neighbors.

Though open large scale war between the nations of Earth, their colonies, or larger independent groups is not likely to break out in the near future. The increase of periphery and proxy conflicts along with ever more aggressive enclaves shows a nature of humanity that even unbridled growth and development has not been able to tame. Despite our shortcomings, Humanity as greater civilization grows ever closer to complete colonization and control of our Solar system. The ground work is already underway to begin construction of a Dyson Swarm. Many hope that being able to completely harness the energy from out sun, becoming a Kardashev 2 civilization, will allow us to rise above our differences and unite as one species.
It is in this era of Humanity you find yourself. Commanding the fleet of one of these remote factions. What type of faction is really up to you. It could be an Old World Enclave intent on the spread of their beliefs. Possibly a coalition or alliance of independent city state like communities trying to maintain control over a specific market. Possibly the nationalistic colonies swearing allegiance to a nation of Earth and determined to see them elevated above all others. It could even me the fleet of some mega corporation, or powerful crime syndicate, even the force of a worker’s Union. The general rule to go by is that if something like it existed in humanities’ past then some forum of it is likely to exist in our future.


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