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Author Topic: Battle Report: Wars of the Republic- Romans vs Socii  (Read 516 times)

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Battle Report: Wars of the Republic- Romans vs Socii
« on: November 15, 2021, 03:15:23 PM »

Between 90-87 BC the Republic was riven by an internal war.  The Socii were the Italian allies that had fought with Rome in the previous 200 years and helped Rome conquer the Peninsula.  The Italian peoples wished to become full Roman citizens, but the Romans themselves refused.  In response, several tribes and city-states broke of and formed a new confederation called Italia.  They quickly raised their own armies and had 120,000 men in the field, and split between the North and the South. 

The Romans responded with a series of diplomatic efforts and raising troops of their own.  Their goal was to hold out until troops from the provinces, deployed overseas, and client kingdoms could return to Italy.  In addition, their diplomatic efforts were intended to keep the revolt from spreading. 

In the North, the Socii were led by the Marci people who were joined by 7 other tribes.  The Romans were led by Consul Publius Lupus.  The Marci and the Socii had the advantage early in the war and they pressed it on both fronts.  The initial engagement in the North had an Italian general named Presentius engage with a subordinate of Lupus named Prepenna.       

We really only know the results of this engagement, so there is plenty of scope for us as Wargamers to play it out.  In the history books, Prepenna loses and is forced to withdraw with relatively heavy casualties.  This gives the Socii momentum early in the war and on the Northern front.  However, it was far from the end of the fighting.


An interesting aspect of the Social War was that the Italians were very familiar with and had adopted the Roman war fighting techniques.  Therefore, the battle was that of similarly armed and equipped foes.  The Italians had been integrated into the larger Roman military for close to 200 years at this point since the end of the Samnite Wars. 

Prepenna's Romans- Triplex Acies

2 Hastati
1 Principe- Prepenna
1 Triarri
1 Skirmisher

Presentius' Italian Socii - Triplex Acies

2 Hastati
1 Principe
1 Triarri - Presentius
1 Skirmisher

Both armies are using the Triplex Acies army list for a Roman army, since the Socii and Romans used the same military structures at this point. 


The Romans are the attackers as they try to get 10+ points across the board and off the other side.  The game lasts 8 turns.  That will be a tall order! 

We randomly determined the scenario using the rules in the booklet.  We also got a complication of Bad Weather.  This makes the ground soggy to reduce movement, and improves defenses against shooting attacks due to rainfall and mist.


Today's battle is on a 72 MU by 48 MU board.  The forces are along the long board edges.  We set-up terrain per the rules. 

The Roman side is grid 1-3, and Socii are 4-6.

Grid 1= Swamp
Grid 2= No Terrain
Grid 3= Hill
Grid 4= No terrain
Grid 5= Hill
Grid 6= Walls

The Romans deploy their Skirmishers by the hill, with the rest in Grid space 2.  The Hastati are leading with the Principes and Triarri behind.

The Socci have their Triarri behind the hill, Principes over by the ruins, and the Hastati and skirmishers out wide on the right.  The skirmishers are covering the no terrain flank.  All units that can are formed up into Legion. 

Of course, you can read the full report and results of the battle on the Blood and Spectacles Blog:
Support Blood and Spectacles Publishing:


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