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Author Topic: Battle Report: Wars of the Republic- Romans vs Greeks  (Read 322 times)

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Battle Report: Wars of the Republic- Romans vs Greeks
« on: November 09, 2021, 03:03:59 PM »

Shortly after the Fourth Macedonian War, the Greek Acheaen League rose up against Rome.  This war was one of defiance after Rome's high-handed treatment of the League during the 3rd and 4th Macedonina War.

The Roman's took hundred of hostages from the League and refused to return them or even entreat the ambassadors sent to secure their release.  In addition, populist generals were elected to the Achaean League leadership on a platform of reforms and taxation that would be counter to Roman interests.  Finally, Rome's efforts to reduce the size of the League by severing several cities and limiting the size of the League.  These three issues were politically unbearable to the Acheaen League and war was decided upon. 

It is unlikely that the Greeks had any hope of beating the Romans.  After all, the Romans had just defeated the much larger Macedonians and the Seleucid Empire.  However, it was a war of defiance.  It is best known for two key battles, the Battle of Scarpheia and the Battle of Corinth.  There may have also been several smaller skirmishes that were unrecorded.

The outcome was the total defeat of the Acheaen League.  As punishment, Rome complete destroyed Corinth, killed all the men, and sold the women and children into slavery.  All of the cities wealth was looted and sent back to Rome.  The Greeks were no longer a force in the Eastern Mediterranean after this cataclysmic defeat.

Today, we are going to be playing one of those unrecorded skirmishes and battles.  As the Romans closed in on Corinth, Critolaus tried to break the oncoming encirclement in order to keep the war going.  Today, we will play out this encounter.


It is an excuse to put my Lorica Hamata wearing Romans up against some of my painted Greeks for Men of Bronze.  I am excited to be using two fully painted armies instead of my infamous Paper Templates like last time these two armies met on my wargame table.   

Roman Triplex Acies- Praetor Matellus
1 Skirmisher
1 Triarri
1 Principes- Praetor
2 Hastati

Rival City-States- Critolaus of Megalopolis
2 Drilled Hoplites- 1 with General
1 Militia Hoplites
1 Light Infantry- Peltasts
1 Skirmisher- Psiloi

This was completed using the rules laid out by the rules in the booklet.  The board is 72 x 48 MU with an MU being 1 inch.  The board was divided into 6 grid spaces and terrain rolled and placed using the chart.  The Players took turns rolling and placing terrain, with the player being able to place the terrain anywhere they wished in the grid square.

This system led to the following set-up.

Grid 1 is the Roman right, 2 Roman center, and 3 is Roman left.  Grid 4 is Greek left, 5 is Greek center, and 6 is Greek right.
Grid 1- No Terrain
Grid 2- Stone Walls
Grid 3- Stone Walls
Grid 4- Hill
Grid 5- No terrain
Grid 6- No terrain

The Greeks are deployed from left to right in the following way; Peltasts, Drilled Hoplites (Critolaus), Drilled Hoplites, Militia Hoplites, Psiloi.  None of the Greeks are in Phalanx. 

The Romans are from their left to right; Skirmishers, Triarri, Hastati, Principe (Matellus), Hastati  The Hastati are in Legion behind the walls.  The Principes are also within the walls, but in loose formation.


We also randomly determined the scenario and came up with a Breakthrough scenario where the Greeks are Attackers.  The Greeks are trying to exit the opposite side of the board with 10 Points of units, while the Romans are trying to stop them.  The game will last 8 turns, until the Greeks get 10 points off the board, or either army Collapses. 

Both armies will have the Hungry and Thirsty complications apply to them at the start of the game. The Roman Principes and the Greek Psiloi are suffering from Hungry and Thirsty Complication. (5+ Attack rolls).

You can read how it all turned out on the Blood and Spectacles blog here:

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