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Author Topic: AK47 Republic Scenario 4 : Raid on Hobee  (Read 754 times)

Offline julian bonny

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AK47 Republic Scenario 4 : Raid on Hobee
« on: March 17, 2022, 12:30:25 PM »
AK47 Republic Scenario 4 : Raid on Hobee


This scenario is designed to be played as a normal game of AK47 Republic (Reloaded). As standard the game should last no more than three hours and is played on the usual 6 foot by 3 foot battlefield. Game markers and cards are provided. The rules and all the figures are available at peterpig.co.uk.


The opposition have been operating assaults into our territory from an airfield just across the border near the northern city of Hobee. Intelligence sources have alerted us to a build up of mobile forces near the border plus increased activity at the airfield. The Minister for War has authorized a pre-emptive strike against the opposition. We have decided to launch a combined operation of our land and  airborne forces. We will carry out a para drop onto the airfield and take control of this key staging point for enemy troops. At the same time , our army will strike fast across the border and like the cavalry will link up with the lightly armed paratroopers. Intelligence has indicated that the airfield is lightly defended but motorized units are based 10km from the airfield at the border. The key to the whole operation is surprise and the goal is to seize the airfield to stop further reinforcements being flown in by the enemy whilst enabling us to fly in our own reinforcements with supplies and heavy weapons.

Scenario Special Rules

Recruitment Drive

Your army can include the free 30 points of foot awarded from the previous scenario and the 15 pts discount on a carrier allowance

Templates & Objectives

Roads are laid out as normal with the crossroads in the column that does not include a runway template.
4 building templates are the objective choices. Two of these templates represent the airport,control tower, hangars etc. They must touch the runway, but be at least 12” from each other and in different sectors. .
The runway is 6 templates in a row, treated as “open ground” .(See Map) treated as one giant template for purposes of ownership only. The runway should be 36” by 8” across only two sectors and is treated as a single template for the purpose of victory point calculations.
4 more scenery pieces from a choice of hills, rocky outcrops, rough ground and gully.
There must be at least one scenery template in each sector before the attacker gets to potentially move scenery pieces. The runway and the three objectives can not be moved by the attacker.

Parachute Drop

The attacker only can opt for one softskin carrier allowance to be a paradrop allowance for one regular or professional unit.  This must be chosen at completion of stage 7 in the pre-game sequence with a declaration of  which table edge his airplanes will be approaching the drop site from.

This unit can not be less than 5 bases or more than 12 bases of lightly armed foot ( small arms and RPGs only). No heavy weapons, vehicles and towed guns.

If there are excess bases, these go to the reserves box.

At stage 9 in the pre-game sequence, the Defender can not have more than two units starting on the table, including for an aggressive border incident. The attacker has two reinforcement units, the first is decided as usual, and the second unit is the owner’s choice. The paradrop unit can not be a reinforcement unit.

The attacker must activate the paradrop unit first in both turns 1 & 2.

Turn 1, upon activation the attacker announces from which point on the declared table edge their airplanes will be entering the table. The player then declares the landing site by placing the Arrivals Template (ARVT) on the table and this will determine the straight line flight path from the arrival point to the landing site. The landing site can be  anywhere but must be open ground and free of enemy bases/vehicles

The unit is split into “sticks” of three bases with a minimum of two sticks and a maximum of four.
To determine where each stick lands Roll 2d6 (professionals get +2)
11,12 is On Target.
8,9,10 is the adjacent ARVT along in the direction of the flight.
5,6,7 is the next ARVT along in the direction of the flight.
2,3,4 is the final  ARVT along in the direction of the flight.

Place your ARVT over this space to see if there is a scenery template(s) or any of the opponent’s bases covered by the ARVT.
Each stick rolls a D6 to see the effects of landing on that site, which will affect only one base within that stick.
  No Template   /    Template in it
Roll        Reg       Prof    /   Reg       Prof
1            OK          OK           OK           OK
2            OK          OK           OK          OK
3            OK           OK          OK          OK
4            OK          OK              Pin          OK
5            Pin           OK          Pin          Pin
6            Dead        Pin          Dead       Dead

The Owner always chooses where in the ARVT the stick is placed.
If the ARVT is completely in water, all bases are automatically dead.

If the ARVT is over water and land, the Owner can choose the land but this is considered “with template in it”.

If ARVT is completely off table, the stick goes into the reserves box and can rejoin the unit from turn 3 onwards if there is a friendly unit within 6” of the paradrop unit and the line of sight is free of defender’s bases.

If whole unit is off table, then that unit is now a foot entry reinforcement unit,  but can only attempt to re-enter from that edge of the table from the next turn.

In turn 1 only, once the sticks have been placed on the table they can not move or assault that turn. They can shoot and defend against an assault.

If the defender has at least one base/vehicle within the arrival template, the attacker’s stick(s ) in that arrival template will receive -1 modifier to all shooting/defending dice in turn 1.

In Turns 1 + 2, if a stick is more than 2 bases away from another stick, one of the bases in that stick will receive a pinned marker (owner’s choice). The unit is not allowed to create an outlier group until turn 3.

In Turn 2, the paradrop unit must again be the first unit to be activated.
The unit can not assault until all sticks are within 2 bases of another stick.
The attacker’s general can not attempt to join the unit until turn 3 onwards.
If there were bases from that unit , which were not included in the paradrop, these can be fed into the unit from the reserves box once there is a friendly unit within 6” of the paradrop unit and the line of sight is free of defender’s bases.
Additional Victory Points (for both attacker and defender)
Secured Runway - have at least one base/vehicle on the runway and the runway is free of any opponent’s bases/vehicles (1D6+1)
Secured Runway and both airport objectives (2D6+2). Congratulations General ! You have secured safe traffic for your airborne reinforcements.
Scenario Reward
Playing this scenario will reward both player’s with an extra 30 Army points and a free softskin carrier allowance (worth 15 army points) for Scenario 5.
Have Fun !


Offline juergen c. olk

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Re: AK47 Republic Scenario 4 : Raid on Hobee
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2022, 10:27:12 PM »
Can;t wait to see pictures of game. (Jim Olk)

Offline julian bonny

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Re: AK47 Republic Scenario 4 : Raid on Hobee
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2022, 07:21:29 AM »
Hi Jim

hopefully will be playing this scenario against my 26yr old son in the next week or so, will post photos and report then. how about a colonial settlers army (rhodesia) versus a superpower backed client army  for the battle ?



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