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Author Topic: CapnJim's ACW Stuff - With Hot Lead and Cold Steel game - Pg. 3 - 03 Mar 24.  (Read 6634 times)

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Re: CapnJim's ACW Stuff - ACW Battle AAR Finale - Bottom of Pg. 2 - 02 May 23.
« Reply #30 on: October 19, 2023, 05:42:38 PM »
Tomorrow (Friday), my regular gaming groups is set to play the Battle of Grimball's Landing, during the James Island campaign in July 1863.  The battle will be in 15mm, using Gettysburg Soldiers rules.  It is based on a scenario included in a recent issue of Miniature Wargames magazine.

Here is the Union Scenario information:

And, here is the Confederate Scenario information:

Of course, I'll post an AAR after we fight it out....stay tuned...
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Re: CapnJim's ACW Stuff - Grimball's Landing Scenario - Pg. 3 - 19 Oct 23.
« Reply #31 on: October 21, 2023, 12:09:31 PM »
I was intrigued by the presence of a Union regt from South Carolina in the orbat - interesting stuff.

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Re: CapnJim's ACW Stuff - Grimball's Landing Scenario - Pg. 3 - 19 Oct 23.
« Reply #32 on: October 21, 2023, 08:34:05 PM »
Yeah - both the 2nd SC and the 54th MA were (in the contemporary vernacular) Colored Troops.

The fight yesterday (Friday) was very interesting. I should have the AAR posted here within the next couple days...

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Re: CapnJim's ACW Stuff - Grimball's Landing Scenario - Pg. 3 - 19 Oct 23.
« Reply #33 on: October 25, 2023, 05:03:49 PM »
Now, it's time for the Battle Report.  As I mentioned previously, this scenario was based on one included in a recent issue of Miniature Wargames.  It depicts the first fight of the 54th Massachusetts Colored Infantry and the 2nd South Caroline Colored Infantry (brigaded together under Col. Montgomery, in Terry's Division).  The actual battle was smaller, and this scenario assumes both the Confederates and Union commanders committed more troops into a Division-level engagement.  The 54th MA's part of the fight was depicted in the movie Glory

And a couple of notes for any purists out there.  As I do not yet have any Colored Troops painted up, The 54th MA and 2nd were portrayed by white regiments.  And the palm trees I used are nor really accurate for South Carolina.  They should have been palmetto trees.  Oh well...

Anyway, on to the report.  Ted played the Confederates, while gene played the Union.  I acted as GM.

Here is a shot of the battlefield, looking south.  The wooded swamps were impassable, and blocked line of sight.  The deep water ponds were also impassable, but provided light cover for units being shot at across them.  The shallow stream between the ponds was rough terrain, and did not affect line of sight.  The roads added the rules' usual movement bonus for units in march column.

The 54th MA and 104th PA started out on the board, as depicted here (54th MA on the left, with the 104th PA on the right).

The first action saw Col. Colquitt deliberately deploying his Rebel regiments into line to the north, while Brig. Gen. Stevenson came on with his Union regiments from the northwest.

Meanwhile, Confederate Col. Radcliffe brought his 61st NC on from the northeast, and headed for the 104th PA.

Things got interesting on the western side of the battlefield.  BG Stevenson deployed his 3 Union regiments into line, and headed for Col. Colquitt's right flank.  Col. Montgomery brought up his 2nd SC to support the 54th MA.  On the Confederate side, Col. Colquitt deployed his 2 Georgia regiments to face south, while he ordered the 25th SC to face west to guard against the Yankee regiments closing in from that direction.  Reb Col. Way brought his 2 Georgia regiments south to support Col. Colquitt's attack.

To the east, after the Yankee 104th PA and the Reb 61st NC traded musketry, the 61st NC charged home against the boys from Pennsylvania, driving them back.

The situation to the west continued to develop as Col. Colquitt's and Col. Way's Confederate brigades faced off against the Union brigades of BG Stevenson and Col. Montgomery.  The sounds of massed musketry rang out...

Union BG Stevenson's regiments drove the 25th SC and 54th Georgia Regiments before them, while the 54th MA and 2nd SC charged the 6th and 19th Georgia...Both Union and Confederate officers joined in those fights, and BG Stevenson would go down, bayonetted by a SC soldier.  The 100th NY came on from the south, and headed north to support Montgomery's brigade.

Meanwhile, Union Col. Davis and the rest of his brigade (along with BG Terry) came up from the south, and headed northwest to join in the fight.

Stevenson's Union Brigade (now commanded by someone else...) continued to drive the Rebs before them, coming in behind the Rebs of Col.'s Colquitt and Way.  But the Union 54th MA and 2nd SC had been pushed south, selling their lives dearly to hold up the Confederate advance.

Meanwhile, to the east, Col. Radcliffe and the remnants of the 61st NC has slipped around Union Col. Davis' regiments and gotten off to the south.  So, Col. Davis headed with all due speed to the northwest, to try to trap the rest of the Rebel regiments as they continued to slowly push the 54th MA, 2nd SC, and 100th NY south.  Rebel BG Hagood and Col. Colquitt would go down in that fighting, and the Yankees by now were slowly grinding the Confederates down.


Things were looking grim for the Rebs.  They were down to 2 battered regiments, and had 2 Union brigades closing in on them - one from the north, and another from the southwest.  The Rebs had slowly ground down the Yankee 3rd Brigade, but the gig was up.  What was left of the confederate 1st Sub-Division surrendered, and the battle was over.

As Confederate Col. Radcliffe had gotten his 61st NC off the board to the south, it was technically a Rebel minor victory.  However, they had spent their entire 1st Sub-Division in doing so, losing 5 big regiments in the process.  Those troops would play no further part in the campaign, while the Yankees still had a reasonably strong division still in the field.  So, while it was a minor tactical victory for the Rebs, it was an operational defeat for them in the bigger picture...

But, we all had fun playing it out.  The Gettysburg Soldiers rules worked well for this fight, and we fought the 15 turns, to a tactical conclusion, in right around 2 hours.

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Great looking game! Excellent AAR!
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Offline CapnJim

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Great looking game! Excellent AAR!

Thanks.  Appreciate it!

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My gaming group has set its next 2 games, and this next one is going to be an ACW fight this coming Friday (08 March).  We're gonna do it in 15mm, and use Osprey's new With Hot Lead and Cold Steel.  I'll post the scenario info later this week after I do it up.  And, of course, i'll post an AAR afterwards.
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