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Author Topic: Perilous Island 8: Jungle Trail  (Read 1144 times)

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Perilous Island 8: Jungle Trail
« on: September 30, 2022, 07:49:15 PM »
The Steeles returned to the native village with the captive they had rescued. She was indeed a member of the Darrow expedition and supplied Guy and his friends with additional information regarding the ultimate destination that Darrow was looking for. Unfortunately it was still not enough to triangulate exactly where he had gone. Lord Darrow it seemed, like to keep things close to his chest, not sharing everything with any one person.
Sadly the Steeles also had to confess that they had allowed the witch doctor to slip through their fingers and he managed to escape into the jungle. Their rescued captive informed them that he had other members of the expedition in his clutches and would most likely try to sacrifice another given his desire for power.
Determined to try again to capture the witch doctor, Guy asked the villagers for support. They offered to teach the Steeles some of their bushcraft by testing them against some of their young warriors in the jungle.

The densely packed jungle trees eclipsed the sun, cloaking the jungle floor in perpetual night. Creeping, entangling vines grasped at their boots, seemingly with a life of their own. Oversized insects buzzed and darted amongst flowers and leaves. Before Guy’s eyes, a beautiful flower slammed closed on one of the insects, crushing its life and draining its essence.
A sharp hooting call echoed ahead as Guy spied shadowy movement in the undergrowth. Another sharp hoot was followed by another and yet another, each from a different direction.
The game had only just begun...

Moving quickly in the direction of the sound Guy and his friends quickly found one of the young natives. They tagged him and he clapped them on the back in congratulations. Hearing more hooting sounds they split up and moved in different directions. Penny and Finn found another native hiding in the bushes and moved to tag him, while Guy took the rest of the team deeper into the jungle. He didn’t know why but he felt like there was real danger here in this game. He warned his friends to be on the alert.

Unbeknownst to the Steeles, the Scorpion cult had also heard the hooting sounds in the trees and had come to investigate. They quickly found a young native and a few of the cultists dragged him from his hiding place, gagging him to prevent him alerting the others. The rest of the cult moved off to see what damage they could cause.

Guy spotted another native and was moving to tag him when he heard the clickety-clack of mechanical legs. One of the scorpions powered to the native first, daring anyone else to approach. Suddenly bullets began to fly through the darkness. A robed figure emerged from the trees, gun pointed directly at our hero. Guy, ducking and weaving, managed to avoid injury.

On the other side of the rock formation Finn heard a similar sound and raced to engage. The dog’s exuberance was no match for the claws and poisoned stinger of the mechanical menace and he was quickly dealt with.

Guy’s friends spotted a cultist with a shotgun hiding in the jungle and rushed toward him. Ruairidh was blasted from his feet as he approached. Mallory returned fire but was unable to take his enemy down. At the same time Guy engaged with the cultist who had shot at him and quickly beat him into submission. Distracted as he was by the fight, he did not see the Scorpion Master sneaking through the darkness towards the native guarded by the scorpion.

The young native did not wait for the cult leader to get closer. He dodged past the robotic guard and disappeared into the jungle, happening upon the Professor quite by accident. He was not worried though, the strange outsider had no idea that he was so close to him. And he never would…

Guy tried to follow the native but was distracted once more, this time by the robot. Last time they had engaged in a close quarters fight the robot managed to hold Guy to a stalemate before Guy eventually got the upper hand. Guy was not prepared to let that happen again. The robot lashed out with its tail and Guy spun away, countering with a boot to the machine’s central processing core. It stopped moving immediately. Guy bent down to examine the ground for any native signs and then ran off through the trees.

Mallory saw Guy run and quickly followed after his friend. Molly stepped in to replace him in his stand off with the shotgun armed cultist. A few blows with hands and feet and the man was knocked to the ground. The second scorpion rushed in to aid its human companion.

Guy followed the trail he had discovered and soon saw a native in front of him. Mallory saw the same and approached from the other side. Both of them were stopped in their tracks as bullets tore up the ground around them. Spinning around to avoid the incoming fire they saw a burly cultist letting loose with a Thompson in their direction.

The Scorpion Master, less advanced in his tracking skills, was drawn to the commotion started by his Number One man. He stopped to reactivate the broken robot and summoned the other to him. When he saw Guy he opened fire with their combined force. Guy, agile as ever, danced away from the shots, laughing at his foe’s incompetence as he did, knowing that it would drive the cult master crazy!

Seeing his chance, he leapt to the native and tagged him. The game may have gotten more dangerous but it was still in play. The native recognized Guy’s skill and handed him a page, previously concealed in the man’s pouch. Then he vanished into the darkness. Guy turned just in time to see both Mallory fall and his robotic opponent come rushing towards him. It’s tail flew out, he blocked it and it shot off to the side harmlessly. Relying on his strength more than his skill, he grabbed the machine by its claws and rolled it onto its back, then snapped off 4 of its legs. Signaling to his friends that they had what they needed, Guy laughed once more at his hated foe before retreating back to the village. The Scorpion Master yelled his frustration to the empty sky.
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Re: Perilous Island: Jungle Trail
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2022, 07:57:12 PM »
In this game we ended Ruairidh’s streak of getting knocked out by one of the scorpions. After it happened twice in a row my son made it a point to send a scorpion after him in every game afterwards and it continued up until this one.

We have now played all 4 Act II scenarios. Kids won 2, I won 2, giving us both 2 pages of Darrow’s journal. Rules say that Act II ends when one league has 4 pages so we are going to start replaying some of them. I’ve got the table all set up to play another version of Blood Sacrifice. Luckily that scenario has 6 different sacrifice options so it won’t be the same as last time. The board set up is completely different too. The Steeles have to stop that witch doctor!

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Re: Perilous Island: Jungle Trail
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2022, 07:59:02 PM »
Another thrilling episode 👍👍👍👍
Looking forward to more  :D


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