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Author Topic: "LITTLE CAMPAIGNS" Subscription Now Open At TVAG  (Read 1170 times)

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"LITTLE CAMPAIGNS" Subscription Now Open At TVAG
« on: July 02, 2013, 06:15:41 AM »
Over two years in design, playtesting, and editing, Padre Paul Wright's Little Campaigns (LC) is now ready for publication as the perfect sequel to his original rules for 54mm/1:32 lawn and table-top war games in the period c. 1890 to 1913, Funny Little Wars (FLW).
   Little Campaigns is a collection of rules for putting miniatures battles into a campaign context.  Many of these rules may be used in games without an Umpire, by as few as two players, and indeed, for different rules for other scales/subjects.  More complex rules benefitting from an Umpire allow for much lattitude for movement and surprise.
   Troop Trains, Armoured Trains, Amphibious Landings, extensive rules for Logistics, Isolation, Espionage/Sabotage/Assassination, Pontoon Bridging, Barrages, Fieldworks, Forts, Super Heavy Artillery, Field Telephones, Prisoners of War, and full rules for Night Fighting are only some of the rules offered to enliven your games.
   Besides some 40 pages of campaign game systems, Little Campaigns contains 28 more of Rule Enhancements and Adjustments to the basic combat rules for FLW.  There is a special chapter on how to play video battles over the Internet, the essentials of which can apply to games with smaller figures.  The book also includes a chapter detailing a Campaign play test, complete with special maps, orders, OB's, and more.  Seven new Army Lists (Turkish, Chinese, Boer, etc) are provided, as well as more pages of suggestions for representing terrain, sources for figures, gaming accessories, and miniatures.  New Campaign Record Sheets are provided, as are templates for artillery fire on trains, and plotting sheets for aerial reconaissance, etc. 
   Printed in 8.5" x 11" format, Little Campaigns has 130 pages, with many photos and color illustrations throughout. 
   But that's not all! 
   In order to reduce the printing costs--and retail price--of LC, an optional LC Graphic Supplement is also offered.  This consists of three, identical, full color 11" x 17" maps, in order for the the players each to have his own, and a third for an Umpire to keep track of all the hidden movement and more.  In addition, there are four heavy card stock Map Counters, a full set for each side of 260, 3/4" square, full color pieces, printed on both sides, representing units of Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Pioneers, Engineers, Observation Balloons, Pontoon Bridges, Forts, Trains, Supply Columns, Field Police, Spies, Scouts, War Correspondents, HQ's, Depots, Echelons, and more. 
   All of these allow players to start their own Campaign Game immediately, with almost no other effort required to than to use their imaginations and begin to experience the ultimate excitement and challenge of war gaming.
   Further, there is full color 11" x 17" double sided mock-up of the London Illustrated News for May, 1908, the ostensible date for the sample Campaign Game, "The Herring War--Something Fishy In The Baltic!"  Full of news reports, propaganda, and images of the fighting, this item alone will set your juices flowing with the fun and value of
writing your own campaign battle accounts, politics, and scurillous attacks with ink as well as powder!
   Since Funny Little Wars' release, the popularity of the game continues to grow, and its author has garnered attention from around the world.  The May 5, 2013, issue of the New York Times published an article concerning the Centennial of the publication of H.G. Wells' Little Wars, in which the Padre was interviewed as a recognized expert on Wells and his work.  Also in May, the Padre hosted the first HG Wells Centennial Games at Sandhurst (his current posting), with more events to come.   Later this Summer, the BBC will follow up with an on-air piece about the Padre and FLW as an Edwardian Gentleman's pastime still enjoyed to this day. 
   And now this first of several planned supplements to the FLW "library" is now offered at a pre-release discounted price!
   Veterans of other TVAG Subscriptions already know the drill, but for those who may not, here’s how it works:
   1) E-mail TVAG@att.net and say you wish to Subscribe to LC, plus anything else you might wish to buy and have sent at the same time.  Please provide your preferred mailing address, but MAKE NO PAYMENT.
   2)  Pre-Publication Price for LC is $30.00 USD.  The retail price of Little Campaigns upon publication will be $40.00, and the LC Graphic Supplement, $12.00.  Subscribe to both at once, and the total price will be $40.00, a savings of $12.00.  Domestic postage for LC and/or the Graphic Supplement will be $7.00.  Overseas buyers have the choice of paying for either Global Priority Mail, or International First Class, as they may prefer.
   3)  All Subscribers' names will appear on the Role of Honor printed in all copies of the initial printing.
   When due, payment may be via PayPal to TVAG@att.net or by personal check/money order made payable to “Patrick R. Wilson” (and none other please) and mailed to TVAG's address. 
Place an order for the original Funny Little Wars itself as part of the LC Subscription, and that volume may also be bought for $30.00, saving another $10.00. 
   NO MONEY will be requested until the minimum number of 30 copies has been sold, or the Subscription period closes.
   This Subscription closes at Midnight (CDT) Sunday, July 14, 2013 (Bastille Day!), with shrink wrapped copies expected to be mailed out by the end of the month.
   So please do not delay to take advantage of this latest Subscription, and save some serious money on one of the hottest "old interests" in the hobby. 

Just say, "H.G. Wells sent me!"


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Re: "LITTLE CAMPAIGNS" Subscription Now Open At TVAG
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2013, 06:42:35 AM »
I've just subscribed - can't wait!
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