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Author Topic: What goes in Ancients (and what doesn't)  (Read 17189 times)

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What goes in Ancients (and what doesn't)
« on: February 05, 2014, 03:55:02 PM »
What goes in Ancients?

As the name suggests, LAF started as a place for illustrious adventurers and their tales of fortune and glory reimagined in miniature gaming. Historians and archeologists may be among us, but in general we don't bother too much with historical accuracy or hard 'n' fast period demarcations. However, neophytes of the adventurer's business as well as old hands in search of new challenges might want some guidance in the area of expertise that is the Ancients board.

According to the board's subtitle it is spanning a mere 2.6 million years up to the 4th September 476 AD, i.e. from the dawn of human culture to the deposition of emperor Romulus Augustus, and includes the myths and beliefs of any culture in-between. Thus, of course, rather than to compile a list of allowed topics it's easier to exclude some things.

Given the traditional, old school or, some would say, euro-centric angle of classic adventure tales we'd like to stick with that here as well. As an easy rule, any culture of the given period not touched by ancient European influence (or with an impact on ancient European cultures vice versa) is out of focus. While "ancient European" extends to any Mediterranean and even to 'precursory' or 'bordering' cultures of the Near and Middle East (e.g. Sumer, Egypt and Persia), East Asia or Mesoamerica are regarded as separate entities. Quite often civilizations of these parts follow their own timeline, and that makes harmonizing with European periodization almost impossible. Thus, we'd classify undertakings in ancient eastern Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa or the early Americas rather as Adventures in the Far East or Other Adventures respectively.

Regarding the "imagined" bit, that is alternate history and mythology, this should be well grounded in 'the real thing'. For example, a What if-campaign of Alexander the Great in the western Mediterranean is fine as is refighting the wars of Horus and Seth in Ancient Egypt, even if Herakles becomes involved by chance. However, don't go astray too far: creating your own mythology or world setting or a mix thereof may be better entrusted to other boards on the LAF. Final decision is down to the moderator(s), and since we're unable to keep track of the many games and settings that are either 'based on' or just 'inspired by' Ancient history or mythology, please state clearly what your setting's all about.

And finally, speaking of crossovers: Please bear in mind that clear cuts are ahistorical anyway. So, for example, we don't mind if your early humanoids are roaming the African savannah or hunting hairy beasts in Central Europe. We don't want to exclude Norse mythology per se, although it's largely based on Medieval lore. And despite education telling you otherwise Roman culture did endure well beyond the demise of its western administration.

As always, common sense should be applied, and we're giving some leeway. If in doubt, however, don't hesitate to ask the moderator(s).

Special thanks to Mad Doc Morris for formulating this!
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