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Author Topic: 1940 German invasion of France  (Read 1465 times)

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1940 German invasion of France
« on: April 08, 2014, 02:37:14 PM »

1940 German invasion of France

Excellent game at the club on Monday, it was based around the Sedan campaign with the French counter attacking the Germans and just like the real thing the French got a good thumping mainly from the airstrikes that kept on coming in on a dice 1/6 the German Luftwaffe needed a 6 on each turn to do the dirty work and a 6 was rolled for 4 turns on the bounce, Incredible luck for the invaders.

More photos on the main website


Sedan was situated on the east bank of the Meuse River. Its capture would give the Germans a base from which to capture the Meuse bridges and cross the river.

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Should this occur, the German divisions could then advance across the open and undefended French countryside, beyond Sedan, and to the English Channel. On 12 May, Sedan was captured without resistance.

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In the following days, the Germans would defeat the French defences surrounding Sedan on the west bank of the Meuse. This was largely achieved by the Luftwaffe. As a result of German bombing and low morale, the French defenders broke down psychologically and were unable to mount a coherent defence.

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The Germans captured the Meuse bridges at Sedan allowing them to pour reinforcements and armour across the river. On 14 May, the Allied air forces, the Royal Air Force (RAF) and Armée de l'Air (French Air Force) tried to destroy the bridges, and prevent German reinforcements reaching the west bank.

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The Luftwaffe prevented them from doing so. In large air battles, the Allies suffered very high losses which devastated Allied bomber strength in the campaign.

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The crossing of the Meuse enabled the Germans to break into the strategic depths, or undefended rear, of the Allied front and to advance to the English Channel without opposition. The French attempted to launch counter-attacks against the German-held bridgeheads, from 15–17 May, but the offensives fell victim to delay and confusion.

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Five days after consolidating their bridgeheads at Sedan, on 20 May, the German Army reached the Channel. The victory at Sedan had managed to achieve the operational goal of Fall Gelb and encircled the strongest Allied armies, including the British Expeditionary Force.


The resulting battles destroyed the remaining French army as an effective fighting force, and expelled the British Army from the continent, leading to the defeat of France in June 1940. The battle at Sedan was instrumental in the fall of France.
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