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Author Topic: Sellswords and Spellslingers campaign: Chapter Eight- Make a Run For It 15.02.21  (Read 4644 times)

Offline Spinal Tap

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Seeing posts about SS and SS along with my Post Apoc campaign reaching a natural break point had me champing at the bit for some fantasy gaming.

So I pulled together some of my established crew and gave them a job which will be a minimum of 5 scenarios, but most likely a few more:

Chapter One – Introduction: The Weirdstones

Marek’s Adventuring Service, owned and operated by a grizzled old Half-Orc, Marek Adamis, is in the Capital City of An-Mor, Dorantia on the world of Norindaal.

A wizard in his employ, Alatar the Blue, was instrumental in saving the world of Norindaal 2 years previously from the evil Spaciomancer, Sorin of the Eternal Thirst.

Marek continues to provide discreet services to those who can afford his business’s professional adventurers.

Marek has been approached by Abbot Occulus of Odersfelt Abbey and has been tasked to seek out and secure 5 magical Weirdstones.
Weirdstones are known to possess a multitude of magical powers and can be found throughout Norindaal; they occur naturally at points where magic enters Norindaal and coalesces around rare minerals.

Most of those found or mined are polished to a beautiful lustre and used to power magical items, others are merely hoarded as investments.

Marek chooses his most experienced Mage, Holvand, to complete the task; Holvand will take his established crew of Wicked Lester, Olvir Brutisson and Plissken, but has access to any of Marek’s operatives should there be need.

The party will need to travel widely across the Continents, following leads wherever they can; they are not above obtaining goods by foul means should they fail to find naturally occurring sources.

A Weirdstone may be the focus of the mission or the party may merely find one whilst on other jobs.

‘That may come in Handy’ is always a Weirdstone – it can be secured and moved off the table.

If a Weirdstone is the mission objective then this card will be removed from the deck at the start of the game.

Chapter Two – Carondale and The Briar Queen

Marek has received an urgent message from an old friend, the Mayor of Carondale, a small village just to the North of An-Mor, requesting help.

A vast sink hole has appeared near the village and an unearthly creature is roaming the village laying waste to all it finds.

Holvand’s band of adventurers are the only ones currently at headquarters and are quickly co-opted into the role of rescuers; they immediately set out for Carondale on the fastest horses Marek has, arriving less than an hour after the message was received.

Not only is there a huge rift to the North-East of the village but there seems to be other, smaller tears, appearing around the village.

‘I don’t like the look of them’ says Lester, ‘we’re going to have to be careful’.

Most of the villagers seem to have escaped to the surrounding hills or locked themselves indoors, however, a few more can be seen panicked and afraid around the place.

Base scenario is Defend the Village from the Rule Book and the creature terrorising the village is The Briar Queen with one extra hit point so 6HP in total.

The following changes have been made:

Place 1 large hole to the North-East and 4 small holes randomly around the village.

Wandering Monster: A Mummy emerges from the large hole to the North-East.

Trap: A Hole appears next to the PC and a Chainrasp appears and immediately attacks - reshuffle but do not remove the card - I like this as it increases spawn points for the Ambush card as well as increasing the number of forced melees for the PCs.

Ambush: A Chainrasp appears from the hole nearest to the PC and immediately moves towards and/or attacks.

Reinforcements: D6 Chainrasps appear as per the card.

They Are At Our Back: D6 Skeletons appear as per card.

Scenario Event: None – remove card.

That’s a Big One: None – remove card.

That My Come In Handy: Weirdstone.

As The Briar Queen dies so do all her minions, evaporating into nothing and leaving no bodies to loot – any loot has to be taken whilst she lives; this includes the Weirdstone.

Rewards: As per scenario.

PC140072 by markndebs, on Flickr

PC140078 by markndebs, on Flickr

Turn One - As the band of adventurers enter the village by the Eastern Road the Briar Queen is terrorising villagers to the South-West.

Holvand and Wicked Lester move forward with Lester making a failed long distance pot-shot at the creature of the underworld.

The Briar Queen rushes towards the mage and his companion as the villagers scatter in fear; one villager is ambushed by a Chainrasp at the Southern Wall and she proves to be much tougher than it imagined, felling it with one blow.

Plissken and Olvir advance in cover.

PC140076 by markndebs, on Flickr

PC140074 by markndebs, on Flickr

PC140079 by markndebs, on Flickr

Turn Two – Holvand teleports Lester to just North of the village square and then casts a fireball at the Queen, the spell causing 2 HP of damage.

Lester fires, misses and reloads as a wandering monster (Mummy) emerges from the large rift and advances on Olvir.

A horde of 3 Skeletons appears at their adventurers backs and attacks Plissken. He kills one but takes a wound in the process.

Olvir rushes to his friends aid and, using whirlwind, attacks one then the other remaining Skeletons, killing the first and knocking down the second.

PC140081 by markndebs, on Flickr

PC140080 by markndebs, on Flickr

Turn Three – Flushed with success, Holvand cast’s fireball again, misses badly, and sets a nearby barn ablaze.

Olvir kills the last Skeleton leaving 2 quite valuable Chaos Stones on their shattered remains.

The ground erupts at Plissken’s feet and another Chainrasp surfaces and inflicts another wound – it’s really not his day.

He kills the creature in return and takes his healing potion to stave off a quick death.

Wicked Lester takes 2 long range shots at the Queen, reloading between, and misses again.

PC140082 by markndebs, on Flickr

Turn Four – Lester tries again after a reload and hits whilst yet another Chainrasp attacks Plissken, causing another wound he had just healed.

Holvand tries to teleport Plissken to safety and his mana fails (rolled a 1) leaving him with no magical power until he has rested at the end of the battle.

Olvir loses his balance and whilst he recovers Plissken kills the Rasp.

Turn Five – Whilst Plissken and Olvir collect loot a Monster Frenzy occurs bringing all the creatures in the village close to party members.

Lester shoots at the Briar Queen and misses again – it’s really not his day; Holvand does as little as possible to keep himself safe and avoid monster activations.

PC140083 by markndebs, on Flickr

Turn Six - While some can afford to engage in melee, Plissken cannot and he moves to open ground before taking a long range shot at the Queen but misses again.

Another 2 Mummies crawl from the pit and Wicked Lester suffers another ambush from a Chainrasp. Luckily his melee skills are better than his crossbow today and he sends the wraith back to Hell.

Flushed with success Lester takes a shot at the Queen………..and hits.

PC140084 by markndebs, on Flickr

Turn Seven – the creatures continue to advance on the party, Plissken takes out one with a well placed arrow, his second shot at the Queen is not so good.

Chainrasp reinforcements appear, a horde of five, luckily at a distance, and begin their advance towards Olvir who has taken a forward position.

The village is starting to fill with enemies and the Queen still has 2 HP left; the decision is made to ignore loot and to not wait any longer for a Weirdstone to appear. All hands are now committed to killing the Briar Queen as soon as possible.

She is hit again by Lester who now seems to be improving his crossbow skills, other party members are too distant to engage.

PC140086 by markndebs, on Flickr

Turn Eight – It starts to rain heavily, reducing the effectiveness of ranged attacks, which also seems to drive all the undead mad pushing them to make a concerted attack. Things are getting a little desperate as even more enemies spawn, a Mummy engages and wounds Holvand badly and a Chainrasp is killed in melee by Lester.

PC140087 by markndebs, on Flickr

Olvir cannot reach Holvand to rescue him from the Mummy so takes a brave decision to engage the Briar Queen in melee. His first strike misses and he takes heavy wounding but his second swing of the hammer ends her existence.

As the Briar Queen falls so all her minions turn to dust. The party smile tiredly at each other as villagers rush from their hiding places to cheer the group.

The Mayor rewards the party with 300SP and provides quarters for them to heal and recover for a few days, sending a message on their behalf to Marek that all his well and to make a request. Marek answers that the Mayor should negotiate directly with Holvand but the venture had his blessing.

The Mayor asks if Holvand would be willing to enter the great rift that had let the Briar Queen enter the mortal realm and find a way to close it to protect the village. He would be willing to give the party 200SP and a Weirdstone in payment; Holvand readily agreed and the party made haste in preparing for the task.

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Offline robh

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Re: Sellswords and Spellslingers campaign: The Weirdstones
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2020, 11:50:59 AM »
Nicely done, I like the "Trap" idea. Monster location seems to go a long way to making or breaking SS as a gaming experience.

and "Plissken"....... genius.

Offline Sunjester

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Re: Sellswords and Spellslingers campaign: The Weirdstones
« Reply #2 on: December 15, 2020, 04:35:33 PM »
Brilliant, a fantastic write-up and some very nice looking minis. I often leave the trap card in the deck for scenarios if i want to "challenge" the party a bit more. I might pinch your idea of everything vanishing if the party kill the "big bad".

I'm looking forward to the next adventure!

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Re: Sellswords and Spellslingers campaign: The Weirdstones
« Reply #3 on: December 16, 2020, 02:41:32 AM »
This is great.  Looking forward to seeing more.

Offline Spinal Tap

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Re: Sellswords and Spellslingers campaign: The Weirdstones
« Reply #4 on: December 20, 2020, 09:06:25 AM »
Thank you.

The next installment should be coming in the next few days once I've got a few painting projects done.

Offline Spinal Tap

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Re: Sellswords and Spellslingers campaign: The Weirdstones
« Reply #5 on: January 03, 2021, 07:57:17 PM »
Chapter Three – Closing the Rift

The intrepid explorers move to to the Northern border of the village and enter the rift, following a rough, uneven sets of stairs and walkways before finally ending up on a ledge above a large cavern.

Set Up:

A large open cavern, lit by an eerie, reddish glow. The cavern is broken up by rock piles and stalactites and the occasional strange, glowing fungi. In the middle of the western edge stands the open portal.

The PCs enter from a passageway at the centre of the Eastern edge.

Traps: There are no traps.

The High Priest (Undead Chieftain stats) stands by a strange portal which is obviously the way the evil creatures are entering this plane (if the High Priest is reduced to 1 HP he will attempt to flee through the portal).
Undead Shamen stands by the High Priest
2 hordes of 4 Skeletons
2 hordes of 6 Zombie Walkers
4 Mummies

When the AMBUSH! card is drawn, a Walker moves from the nearest cover and charges the closest PC.

Reinforcements: 1d6 Walkers enter from a random edge

They Are At Our Back: 1d6 Skeletons enter from the PC’s starting point.

Things Could Get Worse: A Demon enters through the portal – Only one Demon can be in play at any one time.

Wandering Monster:
1-3 = 1d3 Skeletons
4-5 = Mummy
6 = Vampiric Ghoul

Scenario Event: Three Brothers of Odersfelt Abbey enter from the Western Exit to aid the party subject to the following rules:

The Brothers will activate in a group of 3 and remain within 4” of the exit at all times.
The group activates as if they are a PC, roll up to 3d6 as usual, all Brothers in the group will have the same number of actions.
If the Brothers fail any activation rolls, they DO NOT draw event cards.
They do not receive any bonuses for ranged combat and suffer-2 to melee rolls.
They will not voluntarily move into contact with a foe, but will fight to defend themselves if a foe attacks them.

Victory Conditions: The PCs must close the portal by killing the High Priest or forcing him to flee the table via the portal (which will close behind him). Then they must exit the cavern through the passageway through which they entered to return to the village.
As the portal begins to close enact Monster Frenzy and They are at Our Backs (no need to draw the cards).

Completing the scenario will earn 5XP along with the promised SP and a Weirdstone.

Other individual rewards: A PC carrying an out-of-action PC off the table gains 1 XP. Killing the High Priest, the Shamen or a demon earns 1XP.

P1030072 by markndebs, on Flickr

P1030073 by markndebs, on Flickr

P1030074 by markndebs, on Flickr

Turn One – Holvand engages in a hurried conversation with his fellows, telling them he has seen Portals such as this before and explaining that killing the summoning High Priest should close it.

Then he instantly rushes into action, blasting a nearby mummy into ashes with a massive fireball as Plissken moves forward to close on the enemies scattered to the South and West.

As Wicked Lester and Olvir move forward a powerful Whiting Demon emerges from the glowing Portal, bows to the High Priest, and moves forwards on his command.

Olvir quickly pockets the 6 pieces of silver from the remains of the mummy before scanning for more enemies.

Turn Two – Holvand strides towards the edge of the ledge in preparation to enter the cavern proper and notices that the next enemy (Mummy) is a bit tougher looking than his peers (That’s a Big One).

Plissken takes a quick shot and misses as 2 previously hidden Skeletons shamble from behind a stalagmite.

Lester spots them but they are still a fair distance away so he decides to concentrate and the large Mummy – he misses too.

As Skeletons move forward twice (Horde Activates x 2!!), Olvir stands his ground and prepares himself for combat.

P1030076 by markndebs, on Flickr

Turn Three – The skeletons move again, Lester destroys one with a bolt from his crossbow and Olvir rushes the other, smashing it with his big hammer.

Holvand teleports both Plissken and Lester nearer to the Priest where Plissken is immediately ambushed by a Zombie, he kills it but suffers a wound himself, fortunately escaping the plague effects they often carry.

He then fires at a nearby Mummy and destroys it with a critical hit.

P1030079 by markndebs, on Flickr

Turn Four – Holvand steps on a scorpion and it bites, reducing his health by 1.

Wicked Lester takes a risk at a couple of long distance shots at the High Priest, first shots misses, he reloads and second shot hits on a 17 + roll.

Encouraged by Lester’s success, Plissken tries the same, moving a little closer and firing off a shot from his Strongbow.

The arrow hits the High Priest in the throat and he fall to the ground dead.

The Portal begins to collapse in on itself and all the evil creatures in the cavern howl and rush forwards (Monster Frenzy) and a party of 6 Skeletons appear from the tunnel into, and out of, the place.

The Skeletal Horde contacts Olvir and Plissken, 3 attacking the Dwarf and the other 3 the snake-man.

P1030084 by markndebs, on Flickr

The heroes kill one each and Olvir takes another wound; he takes his last turns to kill one, then another with his Whirlwind of Steel.

Holvand attempts to Teleport Plissken to safety but fails to cast the spell; as a result of the noise of chanting he disturbs another Zombie which attacks him – luckily he his handy with a blade and removes the creatures head.

P1030083 by markndebs, on Flickr

Turn Five -  Olvir rushes to Plissken’s aid, takes another hit but then vanquishes both Skeletons, again employing his whirlwind of steel.

Holvand starts to retreat as a further 6 Skeletons enter the cavern from a side tunnel, luckily a way from the exit. He attempts, and again fails, to cast a Fireball at the horde blocking the way back to the surface.

Plissken and Lester do a little better and take out one each.

P1030081 by markndebs, on Flickr

Turn Six – There are now 14 Skeletons, 16 Zombies, 3 Mummies, an Undead Shamen and a Demon, all fixated on tearing the heroes apart. Although there’s a fair bit of treasure about and a Weirdstone hidden somewhere in the cavern, three of the band are wounded, one critically;  Holvand shouts that they should get out of there.

With a flourish he casts Fireball at the horde who are blocking their escape - and destroys every last one of them.

P1030082 by markndebs, on Flickr

The remainder of this turn and Turns Seven and Eight merely involved getting off the table with single dice rolls, although Holvand nearly came a cropper as the Demon honed in on him.

P1030085 by markndebs, on Flickr

The party retraced their steps back to the surface as the Portal finally failed and with a roar the rifts all around the village collapsed into themselves and the village was safe.

Suddenly there was shouting and the sound of running feet which stirred the tired adventurers once more. Wearily they drew their weapons and prepared to meet this new threat.

‘What the….?’ growled Lester as three well armed Monks appeared.

‘Don’t fear’ one called, ‘we are here to aid Marek’s Adventuring Service in dealing with unspeakable evil’.

‘You’re a bit late’, said Holvand.

‘Maybe next time’.

(I could really have done with the Scenario Event being drawn to get these Monks into the fray. I could have spent a little more time looting and waiting for the hidden weirdstone to appear whilr they kept the way out open).

The village laid on a feast to thank Holvand’s Band although sleep might have been more welcome. The following morning the crew made to leave after receiving their reward – 200 Silver Pieces and a beautiful shimmering Weirdstone.

Along with the 5 XP they earned as a team plus the one Plissken got for killing the High Priest, it was quite a successful few days.

On their return to Dorantia the band will restock, refuel and prepare for the next journey to collect another Weirdstone.

Offline robh

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That was an entertaining read, thanks for posting it here. Looking forward to the next part.

Offline Sunjester

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Sounds like a lot of fun, if a bit close towards the end!
Keep it up, I can't wait for the next one.
I am going to pinch your Weirdstones idea for an underlying theme to a couple of mini-campaigns I am planning.

Offline Spinal Tap

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That was an entertaining read, thanks for posting it here. Looking forward to the next part.

Sounds like a lot of fun, if a bit close towards the end!
Keep it up, I can't wait for the next one.
I am going to pinch your Weirdstones idea for an underlying theme to a couple of mini-campaigns I am planning.

Glad you both enjoyed it, although I must credit the scenario to Sunjester from his brilliant Demon's Gate campaign as he seems too modest to mention it; I've added only 5% to it to make it my own.

Graham, I really like the 'find X number of... method' as it allows a bit more ambiguity to exactly how many missions you'll have to do and this, in turn, changes the risk/reward for the characters.

Is there any ETA for your book yet?

Offline Sunjester

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Glad you both enjoyed it, although I must credit the scenario to Sunjester from his brilliant Demon's Gate campaign as he seems too modest to mention it; I've added only 5% to it to make it my own.

Graham, I really like the 'find X number of... method' as it allows a bit more ambiguity to exactly how many missions you'll have to do and this, in turn, changes the risk/reward for the characters.

Is there any ETA for your book yet?

Thanks for the compliment, I am glad to see it being used.

As far as the book's publication is concerned, I'm really not sure. Obviously Covid screwed everything up, the publisher told me that there was another book due out before mine, which was published just before Christmas, so I am hopeful....

As soon as I know anything concrete I will be announcing it here (and various other places on the web  :D).

Offline Spinal Tap

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Chapter Four – The Beastmaster

Marek receives word that a band of merchants lost a Weirdstone whilst traversing the woodland to the West near the border with forests of the High Elves.

He quickly fills in Holvand’s crew of this fact and they are riding within the hour, rested, re-equipped and hungry for a little more action.

On arrival they begin their search, unaware that an Elven Beastmaster is nearby, also intent on locating the Weirdstone.

Set up:

The party enter the woods from anywhere along the Eastern edge of the map.

The Beastmaster is positioned at a random point along the Northern edge the map accompanied by a horde of 3 Hoar Cats; he will always choose to move to cover and avoid direct conflict with the Party.

There are 2 hordes of 4 Manaworms placed randomly.

The Party need to traverse the map looking for the Weirdstone, there are a number of ways it can be found: -

Search the shrubbery -  For each place they search roll a D20, on an 18 or more they find it. On roll one use a modifier of 1, add an extra 1 for each subsequent search.

He’s Loaded – The Monster (loner) nearest the PC finds the Weirdstone and needs to be killed to claim it.

Scenario Event – The Beastmaster finds the Weirdstone and will need to be put out of action to claim it.

That May Come In Handy – The PC spots the Weirdstone is the nearest patch of terrain.

Traps: There are no Traps - remove the card.

Wandering Monster: one of the Beastmasters creatures appears from a random table edge and activates.

Roll D6 -
1-2  - Cojo – War Gorilla
3-4 – Razorspline Rattler
5-6 – Sabretooth Cerberus

If the Wandering Monster rolled is already on the table then there will be no new monster and   the one rolled will activate.

Monster Activates: If the activated monster is the Beastmaster then he will choose to move to cover if in danger and then call for another beast to spawn, again roll D6 and apply as above.

If his call is to a beast already on the table then that beast will activate.

If his call is to a beast already defeated then nothing happens.

If the Beastmaster is put out of action then he will flee the field then a Monster Frenzy occurs prior to all other creatures leaving the field.

The party can loot any bodies remaining at their leisure.

Victory Conditions:-

Find and claim the Weirdstone then escape off the map in any direction; regroup by the horses that are hidden in a nearby wood.

6XP for successfully completing the scenario and 1XP for putting the Beastmaster out of action.

P1190078 by markndebs, on Flickr

P1190079 by markndebs, on Flickr

P1190080 by markndebs, on Flickr

Turn One – Olvir rolls 3 dice with 2 successes, card is That May Come In Handy and the Weirdstone is in the bush next to him. He picks it up and walks off the field of play.

Game Over.

Reshuffled the deck and started again.

P1190072 by markndebs, on Flickr

P1190076 by markndebs, on Flickr

Turn One – Olvir moves towards a patch of shrubbery and searches it. There is nothing of interest there.

Plissken moves towards Olvir’s position as the nearest horde of Manaworms, alerted to the party, start to move towards them.

Holvand teleports Wicked Lester to some nearby bushes then moves forward himself. Lester is quite disorientated by the move and falls to the ground, it takes a little while for him to regain his feet.

Turn Two – Olvir moves forwards again and searches another treed area, again coming up empty handed.

A Monster Frenzy ensues with Hoar Cats scattering and Manaworms continuing their advance towards the heroes. A Wandering Monster, a Sabretooth Cerberus, appears to the North of the group.

P1190083 by markndebs, on Flickr

Plissken takes a hurried shot at the emerging beast but his bowstring snaps, he has another but no time to restring the bow at the moment.

As Lester eyes the approaching Manaworms it starts to rain, reducing the potency of ranged weapons, and a cry is heard from the location of the Beastmaster; he has found the Weirdstone.

The target for the party is now the Beastmaster, they can forget searching the shrubs and greenery and be as unconcerned as possible about the Sabretooth.

Unfortunately he is at the most Western end of the area, as far away from the party as is possible.

Lester attempts a shot at the Manaworms and his crossbow breaks – that’s both ranged weapons out of action in no time. Plissken can restring his but Lester will have to repair his after the battle.

Holvand attempts to Teleport himself to stand alongside Lester but the spell fizzles out.

Plissken takes some time and restrings his bow as the Beastmaster calls another beast to the field, this time a huge Razorspline Rattler appears on the Southern edge (Note I actually played Plissken twice this turn but seeing as it lead to another Beast being called it was no advantage to me).

P1190084 by markndebs, on Flickr

Turn Three – Olvir is ambushed by a Manaworm which erupted from the ground at his feet. Luckily his fast reactions felled it with a single hammer blow. Flushed with success he rushes the horde of nearby Manaworms and destroys them all with Whirlwind of Steel.

Unfortunately this has put him within scent range of the Rattler. As it turns towards him Olvir notices that ‘He’s Loaded’ and the scales have a tint of gold indicating double the value – worth killing for.

The Razorspline Rattler hurries to Olvir and receives a crushing blow from his hammer but it managed to deflect the blow with it’s ‘Iron Scales’.

Holvand moves to get a good line of sight to rescue the dwarf with Teleport Friend for his next action.

Plissken has other ideas and moves into range then fires at the creature, sure of not hitting Olvir as he has the ‘ Fire into Melee’ skill. If both shots hit then it will be dead and the team can get a move on towards the Beastmaster as quickly as possible; only one hits though, taking the snake to it’s last HP.

As the other horde of Manaworms closes on Wicked Lester he moves away from them and towards the others.

P1190085 by markndebs, on Flickr

Turn Four – As a further horde of 4 Manaworms appear behind them Plissken just freezes. The Razorspline Rattler moves back up to 2 HP ‘That’s a Big One’.

As Lester stumbles the other Manaworm Horde advances again; he regains his feet and prepares to fight.

Holvand advances to the West again and the rain stops, increasing Plissken’s chance of hitting things greatly.

Another horde, this time of 5, join those recently entering from the East – that’s a horde of 9.

Olvir and the Rattler trade blows, Olvir wounds the great beast again but then is forced to deflect a particularly savage strike by the creature.

P1190087 by markndebs, on Flickr

Turn Five – Plissken coolly releases an arrow into the melee and the Razorspline Rattler is no more, he then moves up the field way from the Manaworm hordes and towards the Beastmaster.

P1190088 by markndebs, on Flickr

Olvir rushes to take the valuable scales of the snake, stumbles and has to spend time regaining his feet.

Meanwhile Holvand Teleports Plissken into shooting range of the Beastmaster, Plissken wasn’t quite ready for that and, although standing, is very disorientated.

Wicked Lester moves to the Rattler, draws his knife and removes the valuable scales – 38 Silver Pieces worth.

P1190090 by markndebs, on Flickr

Turn Six – Plissken shakes off the effects of being teleported, aims and shoots at the Beastmaster but misses by a mile – obviously some effects are lasting longer than he thought.

Seeing the Beastmaster under attack the Sabretooth finally moves towards the attackers, seemingly too late (Wandering Monster card).

Panicked by the shot from Plissken the Beastmaster moves to cover and calls for another beast; he gets Cojo who appears between him and Plissken.

P1190091 by markndebs, on Flickr

The gorilla charges Plissken and delivers 2 wounds to the Snakeman.

Holvand tries to teleport Plissken away but, again, his spell fails whilst Olvir moves forward but can’t get to the fight in time.

Wicked Lester also advances but is attacked by a Hoar Cat which he dispatches with haste.

Turn Seven – Monster Frenzy allows all the creatures to advance except the Hoar Cats which scatter.

It also lets Cojo attack Plissken but the sneaky snake delivers a blow of his own to the gorilla with his knife, Olvir joins the fight and inflicts one more wound to the large beast.

A Manaworm moves ahead of it’s horde towards Holvand, but doesn’t quite make it. Holvand takes the opportunity to teleport Lester into contact with the Beastmaster and Lester causes a single wound.

Another Monster Frenzy!!

2 Manaworms are killed and Plissken is taken Out of Action by Cojo who inflicts a huge wound with his claws.

The Beastmaster swings for Lester but suffers another hit himself.

Turn Eight – Olvir strikes a mighty blow to the gorilla and Cojo falls stone dead, he then moves towards Lester to aid in slaying the Beastmaster but is ambushed and takes a wound.

Lester and the Beastmaster trade blows and wounds leaving both of them with only a single HP each.

Holvand fails to react and is caught by a small Manaworm horde which wounds him badly.

Things are looking a bit tricky.

Turn Nine – Olvir disengages from the solitary Manaworm using his Shield to block it’s attack, runs to the scuffling figures of Wicked Lester and the Beastmaster and delivers a blow reducing the Beastmaster’s HP to zero.

At this point he flees to field calling for one last effort from his creatures (Monster Frenzy). Only a small number of the beasts are able to reach the remaining heroes and they are all killed, any surviving now leave the area to safety.

The three standing adventurers run over to Plissken and check his condition – he’s dead. They then move to the Beastmaster to claim the Weirdstone and finally to Cojo to collect the silver ring which is worth a few Silver.

Sadly they carry their companion away to the tethered horses, contemplating how they might get him to a Temple for resurrection in the required time.

Loved this scenario though was tricky near the end, two characters with only one wound left and one dead.

At least they accomplished the mission and now have 2 Weirdstones; almost half way there.
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Interesting change to the teleport spell, how do you think it alters game balance allowing it to be used on characters other than the caster him/her self?

Version 2 of the game certainly reads better than v1  lol

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Interesting change to the teleport spell, how do you think it alters game balance allowing it to be used on characters other than the caster him/her self?

Version 2 of the game certainly reads better than v1  lol

The cards I got with the game have Teleport and Teleport Friend, does yours not?

20210119_194047 by markndebs, on Flickr

The first game was rather short.

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The cards I got with the game have Teleport and Teleport Friend, does yours not?

No, looks like I screwed up the home printing when I made mine, just downloaded the original pdf again and it is correct. I worked on the images in photoshop to save on printing and seem to have deleted the Teleport Friend card  :?

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Anyhow, it's a really useful spell for getting people in, and out of, trouble.

Depending on the scenario it can be more useful than any offensive spell, in this game I didn't use Fireball once.


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