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Author Topic: Star Wars battle report  (Read 3549 times)

Offline Flynn

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Star Wars battle report
« on: March 25, 2011, 06:03:44 PM »
I've posted a battle report of a very staisfying 3-way scenario I ran here:

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Re: Star Wars battle report
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2011, 06:33:35 PM »
Then post it here mate, add to the rich flavour that it LAF, this ain't not low-cal LAF or LAF zero....fill her up with your battlereport and let all gaze in wonder! Especially as your a NKoTB.

(I hate drive by blogging can you tell?).


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Re: Star Wars battle report
« Reply #2 on: March 25, 2011, 08:07:33 PM »
I was nervous for a moment until I googled that acronym.  OK, since I don't have to worry about conserving bytes:

On Sunday at PAX east, in the enormous gaming area, I brought out a bin full of terrain, minis, dice, and rules to run a game of Savage Showdown.  The Star Wars scenario was pretty straightforward- a three-way fight between Empire, Rebels, and Bounty Hunters set on an isolated frontier town nestled in a river valley on an arid planet.  Here is the OOC setting to the game:

here is the initial setup, as per my first post's picture: Imperials at the mining camp, rebels and bounty hunters on the other side of the river separated by a hill.

The players were new to the game but greatly enjoyed it.  It was slower than I expected at first, but once they got the hang of the system things accelerated to the Fast Furious Fun that we expect from Savage Showdown.  While they were new to the game, they were quick to see the value of seeking cover.  As the game started, the swift rebels ducked behind the main bridge, chased by long-rage fire from the bounty hunters, who had occupied the hill as soon as they could.  The imperials split thier force, sending one fire team through the mining camp towards the center of town while the other fire team climbed the ridge to catch the rebels in a cross-fire:

The rebels commandos dug into the stand of trees at the bend of the river, exchanging fire with the stormtroopers from both the ridge and mining camp.  The stormtrooper's carbines and light repeater completely outranged the commando's heavy blaster pistols and began cutting them apart.  Rebel accuracy was no match for Imperial firepower.  The desperate rebels threw some of their limited gernades, but the range was too far.  Leaving one rebel fire team pinned down (mostly shaken), the commando strike leader led the other fire team in a valiant charge over the bridge.  Meanwhile, the bounty scum started a long run for the center of town via the other bridge, leaving Dengar at the top of the hill as a sniper, to deadly effect.  Despite casualties, Rebel elan held as they succeded in all their morale rolls.

As the stormtroopers on the ridge finished off the Rebels pinned down in the copse of trees, the other team broke from cover to run from the mining camp towards the center of town.  The fleetfooted rebel commandos got over the bridge quickly, losing another man to Dengar's murderous sniper fire.  As the crowd of spaceport scum made their way towards the far bridge, Boba Fett used his jetpack to seize the beachhead in town. 

The lead stormtrooper elements took cover behind the bar and were faced by Boba Fett, whose support was still on their way.  Only two rebel commandos survived to reach shelter in the burger hut, but the tide of battle was about to turn dramatically...

Dengar shifted his aim to pick off stormtroopers.  Boba Fett covered his men's charge, who finally began to take casualties from Imperial might.  Overconfidently, the second stormtrooper group (just outside the frame of the picture below) moved up hoping to finish off the rebels holed up in the burger stand, but first their advance was slowed as a gernade threw them to the ground (all but one shaken).

Boba Fett guns down the Stormptrooper carrying the squad's light repeater, but is wounded by return fire.  Bounty scum come pouring over the north bridge.

As the main body of bounty hunters reach town and with stormtrooper assualt underway, the three way battle is about to reach its bloody climax:

Then as as the stormtroopers close assual the door to the burger shack the Rebels slay several of their attackers.  Exposed out of cover, the Stormtroopers morale temporarily breaks and they fall back to rally behind the bar near thier squadmates.  The other stormtroopers cut down several of the scum who are assualting them, sending the main body to take cover in the equipment shed on the west side of town.

Then the stormtrooper commander makes a tactical error.  Following doctorine and flush with their success at nearly wiping out the rebels, the sergeant leads a charge across the town square to wipe out the bounty scum in the buildings across from them.  Once they are out in the open, they are cut apart in the crossfire.  Bounty hunters, eager for the kill, even have a few leave the cover of their building as they can't all fit in firing positions at the door and window of the shack.  Boba Fett flys in to a closer firing position and blasts pistols point-blank from both hands, Dengar scopes in a shot, and the rebels gleefully add to the fire from the front window of the burger shack.  The Sergeant is seriously injured and the few surviving stormtroopers of that fire team have had enough, and they flee west off of the board and out of the battle so quickly I don't even have time to record it for this report:

The horde of bounty hunters makes a demonstration attack against their few remaining foes, but the real point of the attack was to distract the rebel guarding the door.  As he shifts position for better fire at the attack coming down his throat, Boba Fett flies over the shack to enter the doorway!  Slaying one of the rebels immediately, the other one manages to momentarily shake Boba Fett's confidence in the wild melee before finally surrendering.  The remaining stormtroopers, vastly outnumbered, are wiped out before they can join their fellows fleeing west.

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Re: Star Wars battle report
« Reply #3 on: March 25, 2011, 09:35:32 PM »
Nice AAR and table.
I notice you use Germy's buildings (among others)
It might interest you to know that there are revamped files of those on his site. (and they are sub-zero cool !)
for those not familiar with the site : http://www.germy.co.uk/

also, there's 1 building I don't recognize (some sort of hangar) could you tell where you got it ?

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Offline Flynn

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Re: Star Wars battle report
« Reply #4 on: March 26, 2011, 12:34:17 AM »
Correct, Germy's buildings are great, particularly as they're very playable with easily accessed and fleshed out interiors.  One detail you can't see because of the poor quality of the camera is that I used a clear plastic for the windows. 

The trapezoidal barracks you're asking about can be found here with a lot of very useful and fun paper models for Star Wars wargaming: http://www.momirfarooq.com/.  An equally good resource, which doesn't feature in this particular battle, is http://www.ghostofman.com/.  Their models inspired me to adopt and adapt some other people's work for the RPG side to flesh out stats for a lot of Star Wars vehicles for Showdown.  I've been looking forward to a game complete with walkers, airspeeders, tanks and airspeeders.  I've got the models, but the stats and scenario still need work. 

Offline zizi666

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Re: Star Wars battle report
« Reply #5 on: March 26, 2011, 06:13:51 AM »
One detail you can't see because of the poor quality of the camera is that I used a clear plastic for the windows. 

As did I  :)

I know of momirfarooq's site (haven't build anything of it, yet)
the ghostofman site is new to me. thanks for that.


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