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Author Topic: Havoc Battle Report - now with added wounds - The Battle of Gott Wood  (Read 8096 times)

Offline Thantsants

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A while back VoodooInk asked me to have a play around and see what I thought about his new rules for wounds in Havoc and I was more than happy to oblige.

In brief each time a miniature that has wounds suffers a would be fatal attack a wound counter is placed next to it. A Death roll with 1D6 per wound is then taken and should that roll exceed 13 then the wound/s prove fatal. This roll is also subject to exploding 6s - if a 6 is rolled then the player gains an additional dice.

Here’s the report...

The Battle of Gott Wood


An ill wind carrying the wreak of evil alerted them long before the raiders came down from the mountains. The Elves were few in number yet but resolute that none should enter the glades to bring wrack and ruin. Long before the braying mob appeared on the horizon they had formulated their battle plans - now the wait was over...

The Forces

The wood Elves of Gott Wood

The Raiders

Turn 1
Phase 1

The Elves gain momentum - put simply this means that they act first in each phase of that turn and attack first in the assault phase.

Andimachey the Bard sounds his great horn and Larc Bowlen, Arved Boewae and Wroywood Flagweyphyr the standard bearer form a stalwart battle line at the foot of the hill. Prockyll Haerem, the Elven mage begins preparation for a magical augmentation (enables her to lend attack dice to her comrades later on in the turn). Overhead the first volley of bow fire comes rippling from the Elven archers up on the hill. Their concentrated fire slams into the foul Troll leading the Beastman pack, wounding it.

Meanwhile the pack of jabbering Goblins move forward en masse picking their way through the ruins of the monastery under the steely eye of Morvana Hendful.

Limping slightly Lortt the Troll lopes forward, the beastmen hot on his heels.

Turn 1
Phase 2

Ellyss Coepyr again gives the order to fire and again the archers on the hill target the lumbering Troll. Again their arrows thud into its leathery hide, wounding it further, but the creature stubbornly refuses to stop. Again it continues its advance with a roar of pain, the beastmen howling behind as the Ogre standard bearer boots them forward.

Larc Bowlen and Arved Boewae also level their bows at the bestial column bearing down on them - magically augmented by Prokyll their arrows taste Troll flesh too. Having had no time to regenerate the Troll finally succumbs to its terrible injuries and falls with a strangled cry!

Having lost their meat shield the Beastmen and Brek Shetowz press forward, eager to close the distance wit the Elf archers.

Andimachey the Bard moves up to reinforce the Elven defensive line as the horde advances.

On the other side of the battlefield, Tim the Enchanter advances to get him closer in readiness of the melee to come. Prokyll Haerem also moves up in support of the Elven line.

Rumpeye Splitshank, the Minotaur, smelling blood on the wind, thunders forward, eager to join battle.

Turn 2
Phase 1

The Elves win the roll for momentum and keep their advantage.

Bowlen and Boewae take careful aim once more and dispatch Borat Sizel with a hail of arrows. However, now finally in range, the Beastmen and ogre charge home to exact their revenge!

Ellyss Coepyr and his archers switch their attention to the Goblins attempting to flank their position. The Goblin mutant and archer fall to the Elven arrows.

The Bog Bog Boyz, goaded on by Morvana, continue to advance.

Prokyll Haerem moves to confront them and gain a better position to add her magic to the archers' fire.

Freeshun Coldheart, the Bull Centaur joins Splitshanks to support the Goblins.

Turn 2
Phase 2

Concerned by the growing mass of chaotics preparing for a charge out of the ruins, Ellyss Coepyr moves of the hill to counter the threat.

He is just in time as the Goblins charge Prokyll, glad to be out of harm's way of the Elf archers...

Searching for new targets the Elves on the hill spy Splitshanks the Minotaur. Concentrating their fire again they succeed in wounding the beast.

Morvana Hendful and Freeshun make their move in relative safety now the main Elven battle line is tied up with the Beastmen and Goblins.

Turn 2
The Assault!

Having held onto the momentum, the Elves are able to decide the order in which the melees should be resolved. They are also able to allocate their MAD (Melee and Defence - combat) dice first too - Melees are resolved by each player stating whether they are placing their MAD die in attack or defence - the attacker can then choose how many of their MAD die they wish to attack with and the defending player reacts by allocating a number of die in defence - this continues until all die are used up or the combat is won if the attacker beats the defender's roll.

Wroywood the Elf standard bearer is the first to attack - placing all die in attack. Ol' Snakeyes manages to defend this assault. Making a parry (special skill for a dual wielder - 2 weapons) he fights back but Wroywood also manages to defend himself against this attack.

Larc Bowlen also places all of his MAD die into attack but Grut Hardnose calls total defence (special ability for a melee and shield trooper - adds 2 MAD die to his score). Larc makes a feint with a 1 dice attack, which Grut easily shrugs off with 2 die in defence. Larc again thrusts forward with a light attack of 1 dice and scores a glancing blow (damage result worked out using 1/2 of the attackers damage die - rounded up) despite the 2 die Grut uses in defence - however, the attack fails to hit home. Sparks fly as the Elf scores another glancing blow with a 1 dice attack but again the attack fails to cause any damage.

Having used all his MAD die in defence Grut has to fall back on his Never say die dice (all miniatures get at least 1 dice in defence even if they've used up all their MAD die.). The time is ripe for a stronger lunge and Larc makes it with his last 2 die. This last blow finds a chink in the creature's armour wounding it. The wound turns out to be far graver than it first looks as Grut fails his Death Roll - a very unlucky roll with two exploding 6's!

Boewae and Andimachey gang up on Breck the Ogre, and with Prokyll's magical assistance succeed in wounding the behemoth!

Prokyll herself, easily slays the two Goblins snapping at her heels!


The Swing

Another little phase within the turn - the player without momentum may move any models a few inches out of the melee they have just survived in order to regroup their forces

The Beastmen momentarily draw back from their foes to join ranks with the last surviving Goblin.

Offline Thantsants

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Re: Havoc Battle Report - now with added wounds - The Battle of Gott Wood
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2011, 11:26:10 AM »
Turn 3
Phase 1

The spirit of the woods must have been smiling on the Elves as they win the momentum for a third time!

Ellyss Coepyr, spotting Morvana lurking behind her minions, throws down the gauntlet and issues a challenge. Not one to pass up on such an offer Morvana obliges - they meet with a clash of blade and living axe!

The lust for single combat and glory runs high and Splitshanks the Minotaur bellows his own guttural challenge to Arved Boewae. The two champions launch themselves at each other in another titanic confrontation!

As if the challenges had given the signal for all out melee both sides charge - Prockyll Haerem is beset by the Goblins and Freeshun the Bull Centaur - she narrowly avoids being trampled by its rampaging hooves!

Larc Bowlen and his command follow up their successful combat against the beastmen and Breck Shetowz!

Turn 3
Phase 2

With almost all forces locked in combat it is down to the Elf archers to make their move. Unfortunately their bow fire against Tim the Enchanter is ineffective, distracted as they are by the whirling melee in front of them. The wicked Enchanter moves himself ever closer to the battle lines - ready to deal out some magical punishment...

The Assault

Wroywood the standard bearer strikes first at Ol' Snakeyes, wounding him. Larc and Andimachey's combined assault on the Ogre finds its way past its sluggish defence but fails to wound him further.

After several probing jabs at the Goblin Prockyll scores a glancing blow but it is turned by the Goblin's scaly armour. Turning to the Centaur her augmented attack hits home but fails to wound.

Arved launches an all out attack on Splitshanks in a whirl of somersaults and flashing blades - Splitshanks staggers under the assault but his tough hide turns the Elf's blades, and he gains a Havoc token - special ability for the Berserker - survive Melee and gain a Havoc token, kill someone gain a Havoc token!

Ellyss too goes on the attack against the beguiling Morvana, scoring a glancing blow. The lithe Chaos champion turns the blow with her demonic axe!

The Swing

This time the forces of Chaos stubbornly refuse to give ground!

Turn 4
Phases 1 and 2

The tide seems to waver and turn towards the forces of evil - Chaos wins the momentum!

Tim the Enchanter, rubbing his hands with glee, prepares a fresh augmentation to bolster the foul horde's attacks.

The Elf archers move off the hill to gain a better vantage point in the search for new targets.

The Enchanter and Elf archers continue to play a deadly game of cat and mouse!

The Assault

Ol' Snakeyes hits back at his persecutor - bolstered by a Havoc token he smashes Wroywood's defences aside, wounding him gravely.

Tim the Enchanter's magic comes into play - the unfortunate Elf's wound magically deepens as the Wizard augments the Death roll. The Elf line shudders as they see their bright standard fall!

Howling in triumph Snakeyes stoops to grasp the bloodstained banner and brandishes it for all to see!

With a cacophony of exultant braying the chaos band fight on with a renewed vigour (+2 MAD dice to all combatants in range of the captured standard!)

Breck Shetowz smashes Andimachey to the floor - crushing the life out of the Bard with his enormous spiked mace!

Larc Bowlen is also caught in the arc of the brutal weapon - taking a glancing blow he is lifted off his feet and badly wounded!

Once more the evil Enchanter directs his magic against the Elves - this time augmenting the Goblin and Centaur's attack on Prockyll. Somehow she comes through he maelstrom unharmed!

Spending the Havoc token he gained last turn, Splitshank's rips into Arved - despite spending one of his own Havoc tokens to strengthen his defence, the Elf is left clutching a gaping wound...

Morvana now repays Ellyss Coepyr in kind. She spends a Havoc token in her lightning assault and scores a glancing blow. Spending two more tokens and gaining power from an augmentation from Tim she brings her living axe down in a killing blow.... but Ellyss, at the cost of two of his own Havoc tokens, manages to narrowly avoid it!

Turn 5
Phase 1

After much to-ing and fro-ing with Havoc tokens (can be used to add dice to the momentum roll) Chaos holds on to the momentum - a key moment in keeping the pressure of their assault on the Elf battle line up!

Snakeyes, having despatched his opponent, turns on Larc Bowlen. Larc manages to sidestep the mutants rampaging charge (2D6 impact hits automatically on charging!) and tightens his grip on his sword grimly.

The Elf archers again manoeuvre in an attempt to gain line of sight on Tim the Enchanter, who, laughing contemptuously, prepares a fresh batch of pain in the form of more magical augmentation!

Phase 2

Tim now swiftly runs and takes cover from the very real threat of the Elf archers - they doggedly pursue him!

The Assault

Snakeyes makes a preparatory attack on Larc with 2 dice, which the Elf defends with ease. Following up with a stronger lunge Snakeyes forces Larc to use all his remaining MAD dice to defend it. He manages to fight the Brute off, but then the Ogre steps in...

Bringing down another massive and crushing blow Breck forces the Elf to spend his last two Havoc tokens in a heroic defence - but to no avail! Lending another two dice to the Death roll, Tim cackles madly as Larc falls...

Morvana thrusts her snapping axe at Ellyss in a series of probing attacks. The Elf easily defends them but slowly his defences are ground down. As Ellyss tires, Morvana seizes the moment and springs forward with a deadly lunge - the axe bites down into Elf flesh, tearing a great gash in Ellyss's sword arm...

Yet the forces of evil weren't done with the wounded Elf - smiling cruelly, again sets his augmentation to work on the Death roll - Ellyss's valiant challenge comes to a tragic end!

The Goblin and Freeshun redouble their attacks on Prockyll - penetrating her defences. However their blows are again turned by the Mage's finely wrought mithril shirt.

Arved, weary and wounded, somehow dances out of reach of Splitshanks's frenzied attacks.

Turn 6
Phase 1

Both sides throw in a Havoc token from their fast diminishing pile in an attempt to gain momentum for what looks like the beginning of the end.... and the result is a draw!

Cue a Cut Scene!

Cut scenes are a mini phase where each player only gets two activations. However, this is where the named characters (champions) come into their own - being able to spend as many Havoc tokens as they wish to purchase actions, amongst other benefits. Unfortunately both sides had spent most of their tokens already!

Morvana whirls round and charges the Elf archers behind her. Selecting the Elf in the middle she intends to cut their formation in half!

The lead archer fires off a shot at their long hunted quarry  - Tim! The arrow strikes true, but is lost in the Enchanter's voluminous robes!

Meanwhile, Snakeyes also notices the new melee developing behind him. He thunders into the back of the rear archer, trampling him into the dust! The mutant's momentum carries him forwards and into the back of the next archer. Its hideous bulk slams the beleaguered Elf into the ground, crushing him also!

The sole surviving Elf archer prepares to sell his life dearly and charges Tim!

Turn 7
Phase 1 and 2

The usually fickle Gods of Chaos smile once more on their twisted children and grant them momentum once more!

Snakeyes, filled with bloodlust continues his rampage and charges at the Elf who sought to escape him by engaging the Enchanter. Like his comrades, however, he cannot escape the Brute and is trampled beneath the mutant's terrible charge.

Breck Shetowz lumbers in to surround Prockyll Haerem, ready once more to deliver the killing blow...

The Assault

As the two remaining duellists circle each other warily, Splitshanks once more springs forward. Laying open Arved's defences the creature plunges its horns deep into the crippled Elf's chest (two exploding 6's on the Death roll!) - another hero passes into Legend!

Prockyll, alone now on the field and beset on all sides by the forces of darkness is not long to follow. Fighting off both the Goblin and Centaur in a valiant last stand, she can only watch as Breck, her executioner brings down his great mace once more in a final and lethal blow...


Morvana Hendful surveyed the scene. Satisfied that much bloodletting had been meted out she let a cold smile disfigure her beautiful visage. The Elves had fought well and now they served equally well as sacrifice and feast for the surviving followers of Chaos. Long burned the fires into the night and the mad cackling of the beasts rang out amongst the darkened glades...

Offline Doomsdave

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Re: Havoc Battle Report - now with added wounds - The Battle of Gott Wood
« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2011, 12:43:00 PM »
Morvana Handful.   lol

Nice batrep.  Looks like fun.
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Re: Havoc Battle Report - now with added wounds - The Battle of Gott Wood
« Reply #3 on: April 29, 2011, 09:09:56 PM »
Great game, Steve! Gotta say, I love that Snake-eyes model! Lortt was a good name for the troll, btw =D (It's a bastardized spelling of the word for "filth" in Swedish and most other scandinavian languages, for those who don't know)

Don't see myself playing Havoc any time soon, but still fun to read.
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Re: Havoc Battle Report - now with added wounds - The Battle of Gott Wood
« Reply #4 on: April 29, 2011, 09:42:12 PM »
 Great to see another battle report.Love the centaur's name too.

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Re: Havoc Battle Report - now with added wounds - The Battle of Gott Wood
« Reply #5 on: April 30, 2011, 02:00:22 AM »
Cheers fellas - It was a great game!  :D

Well that's three of my pun-o-licious names spotted - anymore anyone?! I'll be particularly impressed if anyone gets the Elf names, although they are all on a similar theme...  ;)

Phreedh - Llort is obviously even better than I intended - I just wrote Troll backwards!  lol

Manic - that was one of the slightly more obscure names! If any of you others hadn't worked it out - Freeshun - Friesian. 

The Coldheart bit I just slapped on the end 'cos Freeshun sounded like freezing...

Sorry only one of your little guys made it through, but they did their job as cannon fodder very well!  >:D

Domsdave - couldn't resist using Morvana Hendful! Have you reread the title if you enjoyed that one?  ;)

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Re: Havoc Battle Report - now with added wounds - The Battle of Gott Wood
« Reply #6 on: April 30, 2011, 06:40:18 AM »
David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Marc Bolan, Procol harum  lol
It's an age thing :)

Great report, nicely presented oldschool figures and a good feel to the battle.

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Re: Havoc Battle Report - now with added wounds - The Battle of Gott Wood
« Reply #7 on: April 30, 2011, 07:09:44 AM »
You forgot Andy Mackay and Roy Wood. It's an age thing too ;)

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Re: Havoc Battle Report - now with added wounds - The Battle of Gott Wood
« Reply #8 on: April 30, 2011, 04:36:51 PM »
With a FINE narrative, COOL minis, & GREAT names, the time spent reading your Battle Report was time VERY WELL spent.
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Re: Havoc Battle Report - now with added wounds - The Battle of Gott Wood
« Reply #9 on: April 30, 2011, 10:14:19 PM »
I really enjoyed that, thanks for sharing!

Offline Bloodysword

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These reports must take you hours.  They are truly appreciated.  I love these figures.  Inspiring!

Offline des loup

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WOW! I loved that! I'm going to try the rules for wounds out this weekend.

Offline Thantsants

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Thanks again all!

Brownie points go to Akula and Sade - bit before my time so I had to look a few of those names up!  ;)

The reports do take a while to put together but its an enjoyable chore!

Des Loup - can we expect a report?  :D

Offline VoodooInk

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Thantsants you, sir, never disappoint! The report was great and the puns...well... magnificent!

It looks like the Wounds trait worked well and definitely made the Challenges! more intense. It was sad, however, that Llort didn't make it into the fray- maybe next time.

On a side note, Morvana Hendful definitely seems to be keeping abreast of the latest in combat fashion. ::)
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Offline Damien

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You have the best toys, I am always jealous of your minis (and paint jobs, really like that unicorn banner).




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