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Author Topic: 1:32/54mm "Little Warriors" Examples Gallery Now At TVAG  (Read 979 times)

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1:32/54mm "Little Warriors" Examples Gallery Now At TVAG
« on: May 13, 2013, 01:04:49 AM »
For the last three years or so, TVAG in association with Mr. Chris Ferree has been developing the definitive Japanese Army Collection, and only due to a series of production hiccups would have released them a few months ahead of AIP.
Yet, if AIP stole our thunder and were first, I think most will agree that TVAG will have done it best! 
We are waiting--again!--for just two more molds to be completed by our contract casters, and then we will have all our first sample figures run and in hand for photography and promotion.  This SHOULD happen within a month when TVAG opens a pre-release Subscription for the first sets of what will be multiple lines of "Little Warriors."
These are the figures already sculpted, with master castings in hand, and most production molds complete, ready to run:
1)  3 poses of  Infantry (March, Advance, Firing), to be sold singly, but also in discounted sets of 20, of which there will also be an Officer, Bugler, and Color Bearer. 
2)  Cavalry, twelve figures to a set, including mounted Officer, Trumpeter, Standard bearer.  Troopers can carry either carbine or sword. 
3)  Dismounted Cavalry, also twelve to a set, with multiple poses possible for the troopers and their Command.
4)  Artillery Crews, four figures to a set, three sets to a Battery with Command.
5)  Naval Troops, sold singly and in choice of Advancing or Marching, with Naval Officer, Bugler, Color Bearer in a set of 20.
6)  Naval Gun Crew, 4 to a set.
7)  Senior Command and Staff, with one Mounted Senior Officer, one afoot, and three different Staff Officers.
8)  A five figure set of Military Engineers (with digging tools and a petard)
9)  Signallers, including Semaphore and Messenger Pigeon sets (Heliograph to come).
10)  Automobile/Wagon Drivers/Riders
11)  Stretcher Bearers with litter patient.
12)  M1905 Hotchkiss MG (w/"stick" magazine) and two Crew (gun cast in white metal)
These "Little Warriors" are cast in resin and made exclusively here in the USA.  Most figures come with separate and attachable arm-pairs in order to let them be posed or armed as preferred.  Thus Officer figures can carry either pistol/sword/carbine/binoculars, and Buglers/Color Bearers be posed individually.  Three different Infantry "bodies" can be turned into a range of poses depending on which arm-pairs are attached, and the same applies to the Naval Infantry, and dismounted Cavalry, the Engineers, Signallers, Stretcher Bearers, Artillery crews, etc. There are are several different heads/faces to ensure a greater variety of poses and appearance.
The basic gray resin shows detail as well or better than metal, and requires no priming in order to take and hold paint.  And for those already thinking that way, "Yes!, these are essentially identical in size with AIP's, so your existing Russians and Japanese will mix right in.  My own AIP Russians stand beside a sample Japanese on my shelf, and I can't tell the least difference in height or build.
Final pricing awaits the last production molds for separate arms when the complete per-figure-costs have been settled, but they will indeed be more expensive than the Chinese cast AIP's.  But we intend to keep costs down as low as possible, and will deeply discount sets over single figure or smaller sets.  Naturally, full information will be provided here and elsewhere when the Subscription opens, and they will be even cheaper at pre-release prices.
But, in the meantime, photos of the first sample figures (and a few metal masters) are available for your review at TVAG via this link: http://www.thevirtualarmchairgeneral.com/402-Funny%20Little%20Warriors%20Gallery.html
These are only a few of the poses and particular figures that constitute the entire range, but these are samples already in hand.  When the next pair of molds are finally completed, we will be able to show the rest and add more painted examples to the Gallery as well.
Please address any questions or wishes personally to be notified when the Subscription opens to
TVAG@...  and I will reply straightaway.


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