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Author Topic: [KICKSTARTER] Plastic dungeon tiles....Last few hours to grab a bargain  (Read 2063 times)

Offline robh

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Acheson Creations are running a Kickstarter for a range of lightweight plastic dungeon tiles and accessories.

Interesting selection of tiles some plain some with accessories cast on, plus walls, doorways, gateways, waterfall, pool, mushrooms etc.
Well into the free stretch goals now having funded in the first day.  Amazing value with free stretch goals for every pledged total over $100 and free shipping (US over $100 pledged and international over $200 pledged).

Set pledges or a "pick and mix" option.  Tiles are 50mm square, 8mm thick so compatible with Itars, Dungeonstone or DF ranges. The Urethane plastic can be cut and converted to allow more customisation.

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Offline robh

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Re: [KICKSTARTER] Acheson Creations28mm scale plastic dungeon tiles
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2015, 11:08:47 PM »
New stretch goals passed for alternate floor designs. Backers now have option of taking any of 3 (4 when the next SG is passed) different flooring designs or a random mix of all the designs available.

The first alternate is a clear 4 individual flagstones forming a 1" grid which was requested as an option by several backers.

Currently pledging so as to maximise the number of floor tiles available by taking the "50 for $50" pledge and adding another as an add on gives you:

92   2x2 inch Rough Stone Dungeon Tiles
  2   2x2 Rough Stone Tile with Wooden Barrels
  2   2x2 Rough Stone Tile with Treasure Chest
  2   2x2 Rough Stone Tile with Treasure Chest, Skeleton and Skulls
  2   2x2 Rough Stone Tile with Shields and Weapons
28mm metal figures: Adventurers #1 4-Pack
28mm metal figures:Halflings 5-Pack
48mmx48mm hollow crystal resin Gelatinous Cube - pale blue or pale green
4    4 inch long, Straight Dungeon Wall
4    4 Outside Corner Dungeon Wall
4    4 inch long, Damaged Dungeon Wall
3-Pack metal rpg coins
4x4 inch Dungeon Pond w/blue or green resin water
10 variant b 2x2 Rough Stone Tiles
10 variant c 2x2 Rough Stone Tiles

For which US backers get free shipping and all international pledges pay only $25 shipping.
That is 120 2x2" floor tiles for less than $1 each.

Offline robh

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Re: [KICKSTARTER] Acheson Creations28mm scale plastic dungeon tiles
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2015, 10:45:50 AM »
4 days to go on this  KS.  
Acheson have now updated the project with new figure stretch goals (female adventurers) which are free to all backers of $100 or more.

They have also amended the pledges so backers can:
Swap out the tiles with scenery cast onto them for any of the plain tiles
Swap out all of the dungeon floor tiles for paved stone or wooden plank floor tiles
Swap the stretch goal 10 tile packs for any of the flooring styles.

So the example $100 pledge could now be 120 wooden floor tiles for inside houses or taverns, or onboard ship or a mixture of wooden and paved, or wooden paved and dungeon.
At less than $1 each these tiles are a very cheap way of making floors for gaming buildings if you glue them to thin MDF instead of using them as modular tiles.

Offline robh

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Now in the last few hours, more free figures and terrain added through stretch goals. 2" square plastic tiles are working out to about 50p each!......and you get to choose the designs you want.

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Damn rob! I had completely missed this... looks very useful! And only 4 hrs to go... ugh... Need to decide before I leave the office today, then... bugger.
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Offline robh

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Yes, no pledge manager add on extras with this one.  When it ends that is it.

Offline Elbows

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I was a little tempted by this...but I prefer floors with dedicated squares to match up to the DF stuff I've accumulated.
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