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Author Topic: Troopers force - squad types and tactical considerations? PICS UPDATED  (Read 2169 times)

Offline ShortscaleDave

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Hi All, I've been collecting a lot of cheap minis and vehicles (mainly EM4 Trooopers and Robogear vehicles) and am in the process of putting together my first decent sized army for FUBAR or FAD (not playtested either yet).  Essentially I would like some advice on what kinds of squads and support to concentrate on putting together for a decent use of tactics, with some near future 'pizazz'  and a nod to reality. I'm not super knowledgeable about military organisation or strategic troop use. Essentially the core of the army is basically Starship Troopers type troops, with walkers, tanks and any other support type vehicles or troops...

The Fluff:  Okay, super short version. This world is my 'Anything goes' world where I can literally run any kind of idea as well as paying homage (i.e. nicking) all my favourite geek IPs in one place.  Near future setting, Humans have experimental laser tech but it's not quite trickled down to average troopers...now, the fracking CYLONS, that's another story.  Imagine a world a bit like Dredd, There is one major human Colony that may be called 'Caprica-1' which is like Mega-City-1, a vast metropolis surrounded by huge walls.  A cursed earth type affair sprawls around it, possibly the result of an ancient nuclear blast.  Noone quite knows what caused the collapse of human society but it was certainly a near extinction event, possibly involving the sudden opening of RIFTS (a'la the RPG game setting') or possibly the coming of some Great Old Ones (or both).  The humans are in the process of colonial expansion around the world now to create 11 more colonies and re-establish dominance of the world over the huge variety of 'others' that may have arrived with the coming of the rifts....  The Mobile Infantry and other military forces are the bread and butter of this colonial expansion.  Basically think: fluff that allows me to do anything I want because FUN.

I've found ideas for the basic units and got some ideas for additional units which I'll list here for perusal and suggestions.  What I'd be really grateful for is suggestions of squad types, including what kind of weapons they would carry for effective usage.  I.e Close combat specialists?  Power armoured squads?  What purpose/weapons/ tactical play?

Basic MI Troopers (taken from FUBAR ST supplement)
- 8 men including a Sergeant.  
- split into two Fire Teams of 4 men.
- armed with an Assault Rifle, and two Grenades.
- MI Troopers wear Ballistic Armour
- One Grenade Launcher [an RPG] with six rounds, or an LMG, or tactical nuke.

Command Squad
- Lieutenant and 4 MI Troopers

Specialist support troops.

Experimental Science Squad
- Experimental Laser rifles (possible blow ups for the lols)




Collonial Marines
- Yes blatant Aliens ripoff troops for early penetration of targets.
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Offline Elbows

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Are your MI troopers proper Heinlein MI (ie. jumping power armour etc.) or the film version, so just grunts with rifles?  Sounds like the latter.

Just some really quick ideas:

Support Team
Think "machine gun team".  2-3 troopers with a reasonably mobile heavy weapon, ala machine gun.  Attach one team per platoon (two or three squads per platoon)

Reconnaissance Team
Small group of 3-4 special troopers equipped with long range packs and gear, possibly a light vehicle.  Equipped with scopes, observation materials, laser designators.  Can add bonus to initiative at the start of game, direct off-board artillery support, designate landing zones for deploying troopers, etc.

Combat Engineers
The fun ones.  Small group of troopers with demolitions charges, possibly flame throwers (or the sci-fi version equivalent).  Can clear enemy minefields, obstacles, set demolition, land mines, etc.  Responsible for breaching walls, bunkers, or destroying enemy equipment on the ground (sabotaging or destroying enemy vehicles, aircraft, depots etc.).  Also good for creating quick landing zones for heavier aircraft, or securing landing zones for paratroopers.

Paratroopers or Drop Troopers
This is more of an alternate army list I suppose.  Lightly armed and equipped mobile forces.  Light vehicles, lighter support weapons but able to drop in out of the sky, call in air support, etc.  Slightly more skilled than the average troopers but lacking heavy armour.  Maybe even have access to small trimmed down walkers which deploy with them?  No logical reason to play them other than for a challenge or story based mission.

Riot Control Squad
Are you doing Judge Dreddy style stuff? Scenarios against civilian mobs (develop your own rules) could be interesting.  Can you stop and quel the mob without resorting to violence?  etc.

Radioactive Zone Troopers
Maybe some guys in some big cool hazmat style armoured suits?  Specially suited for operating in the "no zone" where radiation is still lethal to normal troopers?  Big clunky power armour?

Air Combat Controller
Even in the future if you had a combined arms force, you'd have someone who specializes in coordinating aircraft attacks and support during engagements.  Maybe have a guy with a big radio pack or something fancy.  Is the only unit allowed to call in off-board air support....or may do so at a better value than normal units?  Embed him with a normal squad and let him accurately call in support from nearby ships.  Heck if you're doing sci-fi he could be calling in coordinated laser strikes from orbiting ships?
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Offline ShortscaleDave

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Elbows, thank you for the advice and apologies for the slow response. You've got some excellent ideas that I'll definitely incorporate.

I plan to have the majority of the force being standard troopers but then a couple of elite jumper powered armour units as Elites. I'll use the EM4 troopers for standard but am yet to decide on the power armour type. I may do jumpers AND super heavy armours. The ST Grizzly troops are what I'd try for the heavies, if they ever get released again.

I love the recon suggestion - coukd do some nice conversions to suit and go with a more camoflaged look. Perhaps snipers too.

Love the riot squad idea, will definitely do one for the urban side of things.

I've just been putting out some of the minis I've collected on the cheap so will grapna photo and post shortly :)

Thank you once again for the advice!

Offline ShortscaleDave

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Okay here's what I've cobbled together tonight so I can start to get an idea of the final force. More to be added!

Offline randycarter

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Hi Dave,
reflecting about it: you can also think about
- upgrade some of your trooper/command group member to combat medic
- introduce psykers (don't know if FUBAR ST talks about them)
- introduce some kind of political commissary (for a distopic touch!)

I love the idea of a super cheap project: please post pics of your progess.  Have you some idea of how to paint them?

Offline ShortscaleDave

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Randy, LOVE all those ideas, duly noted!! Yes I will definitely be updating with pics as things progress. I'm trying to plan this to overcome my OCD paintingand really figure out a speed painting method that'll be pleasing to my eye but also be realistic time-wise. I'm terrible for over-engineering things and need to teign that impulse in!

I'm aiming for a paint scheme that 'artfully' mashes together all the creative 'worlds' I'm referencing. The Troopers will very much the STT coloyr scheme but with colours slid slightly more towards the Moebius end of the scale - excentuating the greens in the armour, as well as the 'pinky purple' jump suits and tan sections seen in some movie stills (which may of course be the lighting, but I like it). Vehicles I'm shooting for a straight diwn the line 70's style, heavy on the Ralph Mcquarrie.  Hard to describe, when I'm back to my PC tomorrow I've saved some pics for reference and will post them :)

Thanks for the input, my brain is now thinking what aesthetic for medics and psykers and political types

Offline randycarter

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Maybe for the medic a simple add of white caps and red crosses will be enough. For the commissary and/or the psyker you can find some really militaristic minis, even from WWII ranges, if the scale is suitable!  :)

Well, keep us informed with your progress!


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