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Author Topic: Reaper Bones Plastic Miniatures 35mm to 28mm Scale Conversion  (Read 1433 times)

Offline TrueCelt

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Reaper Bones Plastic Miniatures 35mm to 28mm Scale Conversion
« on: October 26, 2016, 02:19:42 AM »
Well first off, Reaper is a great site, and they have cool miniatures, but the main obstacle I find with them, is determining what ACTUAL scale their minis are. Some are possibly 28mm, but in my experience, most are as big as 35mm scale. Nothing ruins a good squad of survivors like that one model who towers over the rest, without the lean or powerful physique to carry it off. It just looks wrong. So far I have a "not-Columbus" from Zombieland carrying his bags and shotgun (still HUGELY disappointed this model isn't correct scale, and I bought it years ago), and a "not-Mad Max" that's too big to be a decent biker (and there are loads of Mad Max models out there these days). He gets used as a biker boss or giant stooge.

When I realised the range wasn't reliable to my gaming needs, I stopped looking. HOWEVER.....

Reaper Bones plastic range is an entirely different, promising proposition.

I recently decided I wanted Cthulhu. Not because Cartman made him look awesome. Not because of the HP Lovecraft mythos (sorry fans). I just want to do giant monster battles on my wartable, and he looks pretty awesome in combat with Gojira and my giant Xenomorph, or Phoenix Force Jean Grey if I'm feeling comic-ey.

So alongside of Cthulhu, I noticed the company I bought from (e-minis), had a "not Indiana Jones". Taking the plunge because screw it; Indy, I decided to buy a Reaper Bones Plastic model for the first time. VERY happy with that decision.

Now he ended up being way too big, as I expected. But THIS time, I could make a difference with minimal effort. So the reason I've made this post:

*Cut around the Reaper Bones Plastic model's leg with a scalpel, above the knee.
* Then cut around the boots, certainly with Indiana Jones that was the right place to cut, you'll need to make a judgement yourself. Keep it equal as possible in the amount you remove.
* Using a very small drill piece with your hand drill, carefully drill holes into each relevant end of the legs, and the boots
* Then use a wire cutter to cut the right sized pieces from paper clips to pin the pieces together
* Apply some glue to the holes, slide the wire in, push both pieces together - hey presto! Correct scale miniature!  ;D

This also works a trick with the candle sets they do, but I just drilled from below, pushed up with the paper clip wire, and it straightened and hardened the candle sets so that they weren't bending and looking goofy.

I'm delving in deep with the range, I've held back on Reaper for ages. It won't work for EVERY model, some legs are wrong for this kind of quick-fix and, be prepared to use Green Stuff modelling putty to fix any little errors or fill in gaps. Use superglue to attach the Green Stuff and wipe a little superglue on with your modelling knife to harden it.

Hope this helps, if you've been avoiding Reaper for the scale issues, you might actually want to take a look at their range again.

Offline bandit86

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Re: Reaper Bones Plastic Miniatures 35mm to 28mm Scale Conversion
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2016, 06:00:29 AM »
I have tons of reaper figures, they are among my favorite companies and I have not really noticed much scale issues.  The only one I had really notice was from someone elses posting of a pack of their zombies that were closer to 40mm than the other (so I never did buy them)
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Re: Reaper Bones Plastic Miniatures 35mm to 28mm Scale Conversion
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2016, 12:57:28 AM »
Sounds interesting. Y'know what this thread really needs? Pics!

Reaper's scaling is all over the place, in my experience. Easy to see why, when so many of their minis are "generic use" rather than tied to a system, and are sculpted by such a diverse number of artists. I get the impression that they just buy whatever their regular sculptors felt like making that month, rather than actually commissioning sculpts. An approach like that is pretty much guaranteed to be a pot luck when it comes to scale.

It's unusually OK, I just wish they included measurements in their catalog descriptions to take out the gambling factor. Several times I've purchased minis from them with specific uses in mind, only to find them useless because that one that looks 28-30mm in the pics is actually 40mm, or something to that effect.
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