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Author Topic: Dr Marcus: Episode 3  (Read 1806 times)

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Dr Marcus: Episode 3
« on: August 03, 2009, 08:17:59 PM »
Hello, we started this game two weeks ago, continued it last week and are hoping to finish it this week! It's ended up being a massive session! Well here is the Introduction, I'll try and post the game report later.

Episode 3: The Boat Race

Dr Marcus jumped as the truck rumbled past the building. He was relived to notice Jack Avery’s silhouette against the window. They’d been in hiding since the rescue of Professor Skinner.  Marcus had caught the early release of the Chicago Observer, it had worry story in it. A story about Mario Gucci; Don Chianti’s right hand man. After the rescue Mario Gucci had killed Chianti and seized leadership of the gang, his first action as leader was to announce that he’d do what the former leader couldn’t- kill Dr Marcus Edwin.

The Doctor was hiding, but he wouldn’t need to hide for much longer. Tomorrow morning the team would leave for Cairo on the expedition, it would hopefully allow things to calm down in Chicago.

The team found themselves sneaking through the streets just before dawn. Cautiously they where making their way towards the docks, where ‘the Black Pig’ was waiting to take them  on their journey to Cairo.  In the distance the Doctor could make out a shape blocking the road, a van and just behind it a few men in fedoras…

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Re: Dr Marcus: Episode 3
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2009, 12:28:01 AM »
Episode 3: The Boat Race

Team 1- The University of Chicago Archaeological Society
Dr Edwin Marcus (Grade 3 Professor)
Jack Avery (Grade 3 Industrialist)
Sarah O’Connell (Grade 3 Private Investigator)
Wullie Murphie (Grade 3 Prize Fighter)

Team 2- The American International Intelligence Agency
Captain Howard Black (Grade 3 G-Man)
Ex-private Hugh Johnson (Grade 3 War Veteran)
Sergeant Max Simpson (Grade 3 Allied Officer)
Specialist Travis Roberts (Grade 3 Allied Officer) Played by Gamer Mac.

Last time Dr Marcus and his team of Archaeologists successfully rescued Professor Skinner, an Egyptologist who had successfully translated some hieroglyphics which the Doctor hoped would lead them to the fabled ‘Lost Valley of the Dead’. With the translations in his possession the Doctor went into hiding until their chartered ship the ‘Black Pig’ was ready to set sail.

Across town Captain Black was briefing his men. This was the Gucci/Chianti gang’s last opportunity to capture Dr Marcus and it looked as though they were getting ready to make the most of it. Perhaps more worryingly it looked as though Gucci’s employer was also about to make a move. Captain Black’s superiors where very closed lipped about who the employer was but did say that the agents should be wary of him.

The 3’x2’ board was set up as the docks, with the mission objective the ‘Black Pig’ sitting at the far end of the table.  Dr Marcus and Co set up on the table edge furthest from the Black Pig, while the AIIA set up in a lane quite close by. No gangsters started on the table, although several would be revealed in encounter markers and the rest would arrive at the end of turn 2 or 3 (dictated by a dice roll). Also since Dr Marcus was making an early get away the game started at night with a chance that the sun would rise (again rolled at the start of each round).

The Game started off quite uneventfully, with the archaeologists rushing down the left hand side of the board as the AIIA split up. Captain Black stuck to the right hand side of the board, working his way through the alley-ways . Sergeant Simpson and Specialist Roberts paced along the roads keeping a watchful eye on the Doctor and ex-private Hugh Johnson hung around the starting position, giving covering fire.

The Archaeologists stumbled across a road block, from behind the safety of a card a Gat-man and two Mooks shot at the team. Gun fire was exchanged and Wullie Murphy charged across the street into an unfortunate mook who’d left himself exposed. Jack Avery took out the second Mook with a bullet through the skull in a sensational display of skill (Jack’s player is exceptionally good at shooting mooks in the head, this is the third time he’s done it!). Meanwhile Sarah O’Connell staggered into the pub next to the road block and got caught up in drunken dancing and revelry.

On the other side of the board Sergeant Simpson and Specialist Roberts came across the second road block. This road block was manned by Al Murray (a Grade 2 Enforcer), a gangster with a Tommy-gun (Grade 1 Gat-Man), a shotgun wielding driver (Grade 1) and two mooks . A barrage of shots went off in both directions, and Johnson was able to provide supporting fire. Roberts engaged in a sensational little bit of deceivery, when he ’pretended’ to set his satchel charge on car while shouting for Roberts to clear off. This prove to be too much for the gangsters around the car and they all backed away.

At the same time, Don Mario Gucci and the rest of the gangsters arrived. They set up on the side of the board that the archaeologists started on. Mario took a shot at the Doctor with his shotgun. Seeing the Doctor in danger Avery, Roberts, Johnson and Simpson concentrated their fire power on the gangster’s leader. Seeing his leader in trouble and that the sniper, standing in the open as the biggest threat Al Murray charged across to Johnson. (For nearly the rest of the game Johnson was stuck in close combat with Murray... oops!).

Sarah O’Connell managed to sneak her way out of the pub and ran towards the docks. On getting close she noticed three figures appear out of the gloom. She was surprised when they turned out to be Germans, the leader introduced himself as “Eric Van der Waals” and asked Sarah to throw down her gun as she was “a known associate of Dr Marcus”. Sarah refused to do this and started shooting at the German officer.

Having temporarily dealt with the gangsters at the road block, Simpson discovered a local paper boy who supplied him with a newspaper. The paper described how a bear had escaped from the local zoo... just as Captain Black encountered it in the Park. (WOW Richard I used the stats for bears provided in Broadsword Adv. And they’re bloody deadly!) The Captain was bitten by the bear and decided to make a ‘tactical withdrawal’ (Also known as running away!)  but the bear followed.

Only Wullie Murphy was left at the other roadblock, but things where beginning to look bleak, the mook he was fighting still hadn’t fallen, and to make matters worse a Bruno was now fighting him.

As the sun slowly rose Dr Marcus was desperately trying to slip away from Mario, but the gangster was following with that deadly shotgun.

Seeing the Doctor in trouble Travis Roberts ran towards him shooting the opponents surrounding the Doctor then trouble struck, Roberts ran out of bullets! Still this wasn’t going to stop the soldier, showing true heroism (or was it stupidity?) he positioned himself in front of the Doctor acting as a human shield.

The Captain remembered something his dad had said about playing dead and so decided to lie on the floor. Just as the Captain hit the floor the terrified driver took aim with his shotgun and shot the bear. Enraged the bear left the captain alone and started to move towards the driver.  The driver back away from the bear as fast as his legs would take him.

Meanwhile Sergeant Simpson had a brain wave and decided to arm the satchel charge that Roberts had set. Surprisingly Simpson was able to and ran for cover... into a backstreet doctor's clinic where some of his wounds were treated. The bomb blew the car apart, and the surrounding gangsters including the driver and the hungry bear. Upon hearing the explosion the medical doctor decided that Simpson was going to be his last client for the night.

Roberts was able to pick up ammunition for his SMG from a dead gangster, this was really the end for the gangsters as the combined fire power of the AIIA and the archaeologists killed them. Johnson finally managed to knock Murray unconscious, he was then able to draw a bead on Mario Gucci and drop the final gangster.

Things are far from over however, Sarah O’Connell is having trouble dockside with the Germans and their reinforcements are arriving...

Again we didn’t finish the game; hopefully it will be brought to its conclusion this Wednesday. A couple of points that I’ll change for the next game... my grade 1s where far too good, especially the brunos. This wasn’t helped by some very lousy rolling from the players (one player in particular seemed to constantly roll 1s).


EDIT: A Big thank you for Colin, he provided the black Pig, some scenery and the Germans. Thanks again!
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Re: Dr Marcus: Episode 3
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2009, 01:38:36 AM »
Another excellent write-up! Seems like the gangsters caught the short end of the stick this time.

I like the dock set up. I want to see more of the ship at it and some people swinging from the deck to the  pier and vice-versa. :)

And yes, the bears in Broadsword are deadly.
Richard A. Johnson
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Re: Dr Marcus: Episode 3
« Reply #3 on: August 04, 2009, 10:45:57 AM »
very cool as always old skoolrebel

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Re: Dr Marcus: Episode 3
« Reply #4 on: August 04, 2009, 12:31:34 PM »
Nice write up Andy.
You didn't make look to bad this time. :D


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