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Author Topic: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign  (Read 44672 times)

Offline giorgio

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #255 on: September 16, 2021, 03:26:03 PM »
Dusty road towards Thal, at the borders with Tirah, to find out Umra’s den. The only sound is the hypnotic lilting rhythmic noise of the march seasoned by the resounding of hooves on the rocky ground

The , march is going on since hours, Spimwam is only a far column of smoking ruins, slowly but inexorably the column proceeds his march northwards, the red of the 22nd Punjab cavalry is trotting on the front, behind the 67th blue pants, the green kullah of Khyber rifles, the red kullah of Guides and a lot of kakhi, a lake of molassas kachi covering every inch in the horizon, mixing with the rocky dusty ground until the whole column halt for the night rest.

Rest? Who can really sleep in this innatural silence? Then slowly dull noises start to fill the night.
Two Piffers officers are talking at campfire: they are Capt Luke Townsend of Guides and LT Benedict Frock of 40th Punjabi, both assigned with LT Gregory Hatton of 67th to the column of Major Vousden.

“My respect Capt, you can sleep neither, can’t you? If I may ask you, I don’t understand why we were sent to Tirah and Col Fullerton to Tochi Valley. He knows every inch from Bannu to Spinwam, he has received some smashes but gave back much more. I heard he has been mentioned and soon you will see his name published in the London Gazette, and instead he was sent to civilize the Tochi Valley thru fire, butchering  and disruptions.”
“Frock, you know, some choices are dictated by jealousy and…relationships. I was a logistic administrator in HQ in Peshawar, and I have read about his second cousin being a distant relative of Davenport himself. Our General had a clever plan: sending Fullerton with a column to harass the Afridis, let he fails due too much arrogance and then send his protégée to save the situation and consolidate his request of promotion.

The unbelievable charges of old Fully in Mir Alì and, above all, the apologetic articles by Winkle on Peshawar Tribune made of Fullerton a hero you can only hope to match. So Fully has been sent to Tochi valley to keep busy north waziris while another brigade under direct order of new appointed General Mandrake Aubrey-Smith reaches Wana by South and will hang the bandit Mulehead closing the war. Our Major got the more important task to pacify all the lands from Spimwam to Tirah valley and assure that a new Khan is elected instead of Umra, who will be processed in Peshawar.”

“I see anyway both he and LT Hatton are magnificent officer, they’re both a tough nut to crack”
“True, but also your friend is highly protected, being son of a lady very close to Gen B.Blood himself, now he has the only British unit and also the reinforcement column from Bannu with artillery train will be made only by native

“Well anyway under Major Vousden we will have possibility to be noted and get promotions”
 “Benedict stop dreaming, all rewards are already booked for Major and LT Hatton. But it is better. I’m here only to get the active period to get the ranks, I don’t like the idea of 2 thousands pounds of high education wiped out by 10 cents bullet; I want to go back to Peshawar, this time as Major, and manage all the logistic and supply traffic, reading the Tribune and sipping my tea…”
“oh captain, but you are joking, …don’t you?”

“do not worry, of course I’m joking. We will march another couple of days to intimidate the bandits, they will swear eternal friendship and we’ll go back to Bannu before that damn’d train has left the town. Look around, here Fully destruction is not arrived, all is so peaceful and even the horrid landscape seems a continuous menace, well now it is time to stop and sip a good tea, c’mon Benedict, reach your Rifles and check the orders for the sentinels.

Look, Hatton is coming running as if he got a swarm of wasp in those blue pants. Gregory what’s happening?”

“Sir, Hatton panted “all Officers, now, Major has new orders for tomorrow” said Hatton gasping, saluted and turning on his heels run back to Major’s tent.

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Offline Umra Khan

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #256 on: September 17, 2021, 01:18:17 PM »

The stronghold of Umra Khan, Mogala, is situated beyond the Khyber Pass. In dominant situation enjoys all the advantages of the best resorts. Possibility of sports activities with falcon hunting, clay waziro shooting, Polo and Bukzashi matches with waziro head in homage to the winner.
Tiger and wild boar hunting trips are organized.

Relax in the clear waters of our thermal baths and visit our prisons, we organize torture on request.

In the evening dinner on the terraces with spectacular views of the Frontier,

and dancing entertainment with the dancers of the Khyber Dance Ensemble.

Late in the night Strip-tease shows with the best international artists accompanied by Champagne of the best French brands. Tribal songs and dances and finally, with supplement to be paid locally Bunga Bunga .

Discount for groups. We are waiting to amaze you with our shows, you will spend an unforgettable holiday!

For reservations call the Umra Entertainment and Facility Center Mogala 04.303303

Whar are you waiting...Call Now !!
Immediately reserve your seats in the front row, in Mogala it's a party all year round .

Offline JBaumal

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #257 on: September 17, 2021, 05:31:29 PM »
Absolutely hilarious buddy!!!! Great post. Sign me up. Next weekend works for me …

Offline Umra Khan

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #258 on: September 17, 2021, 06:25:45 PM »
Absolutely hilarious buddy!!!! Great post. Sign me up. Next weekend works for me …

 lol lol thanks, you welcome !

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #259 on: September 18, 2021, 12:19:47 AM »
Truly a World Class resort, no doubt one of the finest in the Empire!  Sadly I don't think I'll be free next weekend, as Capt. Shanks and I are maneuvering towards a "Grandma of All Battles" epic conflagration... but if for any reason that conflict is averted, count me in!
"We shall see what wisdom lies beneath my madness!"

Offline giorgio

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #260 on: September 18, 2021, 05:42:10 AM »
Actual believer of True Rule will never attend such devil den, quintessencee of all vices, graveyard of drunken souls, brothel for Feringhees, bat’ha!!!
Aal-salaf al-sālih (pious ancestors) gave us an hadith who says “You will toss your dices soberly” , no true pilgrim will even pronounce the name of this posh knocking shop.
When Black Mountain, Buner, Khost under the wise guide of Mulehead El Komiss’ waziris clean from filthy pollution all the lands between Kabul and Peshawar, this lair of shame will be burnt and his ashes dispersed on Anglez lands.
Oh viewer who read these eternal wisdom rules, stop any hesitation and join with your tribe our holy Jihad to convert all Punjabi to TMWWBK the only and pure True Rule, the Rule for the discerning khan.
For new converts a free yearly subscription to Peshawar Tribune and a pratical demountable Jezail, the ideal gift for the travelling pashtun.
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Offline JBaumal

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #261 on: September 18, 2021, 03:05:18 PM »
                Chitral Territory, NWF, 3 August 1890, Chitral Fort - British Sortie - LAF NWF Campaign

With the pressure mounting on the Chitral garrison
Colonel Dano MacGurule orders a sortie to clear out the Chitralis and allied Pathan tribesmen from the fort's outbuildings and surrounding gardens. The tribesmen have been sniping the defenders from sangers they had built in the vicinity of the fort, as well as from the gardens walls, and from the fort’s outbuildings.

Col. MacGurule:
“What is the current situation Captain Lucas?”

Capt. Lucas:
“Colonel, we've spotted tribesmen to the south of the fort manning sangers sah! I'm sure that's where we're taking so much of the accurate musketry from.”
Col. MacGurule:
“Lucas old boy, I need you to organize a sortie to clear out those troublesome tribesmen from the area.”
Capt. Lucas:
“Yes sah, I've already ordered the Gordon's and the 40th Pathans to each have a platoon meet me at the main gate on the double bayonets at the ready, Sah!”
Col. MacGurule:
“God speed Captain! I'll see you in the mess later for supp and a whiskey.”

Capt. Lucas:
“One more thing Colonel, we have some disturbing news sah, a patrol of ours has taken a prisoner that is not Chitrali! The man apparently is a Pashto allied with the infamous Umra Khan.”
Colonel MacGurule:
“Oh my word Capt, that is a certainly a game changer. We may be up against Ali Razah Khan and the whole bloody territory by our lonesome! General McGuinness better make haste. Prepare a messenger.”

Harold and Nigel man the north tower.
“Did you volunteer for the sortie Harold? I want to give Johnny Pathan wot for! Cold steel and all, right, eh.”

The Gordon’s muster in the courtyard for the attack led by their fiery young officer, Lt. Boddington.

Lt. Boddington leads his squad to the left while Lt. Harp takes his squad of the 40th Pathans to the right. Preparatory artillery fire is provided by a mountain gun from the Bombay Artillery.

Deadly accurate artillery fire kills and drives off several of the Pathan defenders. Even the true rule can’t save these faithful followers of Umra Khan, Ali Razah Khan, and the Mad Guru!

This game is part of the larger epic NWF Campaign being run on the Lead Adventure Forum by our friends Piero and Giorgio in Italy, LINK: “Never trust anyone on the Frontier” an ….epic NWF Campaign. There are currently active gamers in Europe and across several states in the USA. My personal Area of Operations is the District of Chitral in the NWF.

This sortie scenario from the Chitral Fort was played out using Larry Brom’s iconic colonial rules set, THE SWORD AND THE FLAME. http://www.sergeants3.com/13.html


Offline JBaumal

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #262 on: September 18, 2021, 03:09:40 PM »
Chitral Territory, NWF, 3 August 1890, Chitral Fort - British Sortie - LAF NWF Campaign


The Highlanders advance in open order on the Anglo-Indian left flank towards the sangers built by the Chitralis near the out buildings. The 40th Pathans advanced through the gardens in open order using the trees to screen their attack against the tribesmen in a fortified position amongst the outbuildings

Colonel Dano MacGurule observes the attack from one of Chitral Fort watch towers.

Pashtun defenders eagerly await the oncoming ferenghi invaders attack.

As the cards are pulled the Anglo-Indian troops close in on the Chitralis and Umra Khan’s Pathans. The glint of the early morning sun on the approaching bayonets must’ve unnerved the waiting Pathans as their musketry was ineffective.

The Highlanders get danger close without suffering any casualties but in turn fail to cause any casualties on the Pathan tribesmen defenders.

On the other flank the 40th Pathans reach the fortified position but take a casualty in the process, however it took several turns to get a hit. Umra Khan’s men can be seen rushing in to reinforce the position.

A movement card is pulled and the 40th Pathans advance to the wall. This situation will give both forces a cover benefit for musketry fire in the Fire Phase.

On the left flank the Highlanders keep advancing, albeit very slowly, the poor movement dice rolls are attributed to unforeseen rough ground or the leadership of an inexperienced LT.

With the movement phase done a black card is pulled and the fist fire goes to the Chitalis, thier Khan / leader chooses to fire at the Highlanders with the unit sheltering behind the sanger. Once again no hits!

The next firing card is pulled and once again, it’s another black. The tribesmen facing the 40th Pathans fires and scores a hit against the unit taking cover behind the wall opposite them. This time the hit is a wound, Jack of Spades.

With all of the eligible native forces having fired the British return fire. The Highlanders let loose with a deadly volley killing all of the defenders manning the sanger.

The 40th Pathans return fire and miss. The cover of the walls or the anticipation of close combat causes them to miss.

None of the forces took enough casualties to cause a morale check so it’s off to the next turn.

The movement phase begins with the British and they elect to move the Highlanders towards the fortified outbuildings since they cleared their first objective. But once again their movement is abysmal! RIGHT FACE, HARCH! A total of 4" on 3 dice...

The next card pulled was also red. The British commander decided to charge the Pathan tribesmen holding the wall. Since the imperial troops (40th Pathans) had moved up to the wall with their last move as a regular move they were able to charge this turn. In TSATF any unit charging over a defended wall must fight the first round as if on top of the wall with a -1 to their die roll.

With the movement phase complete the firing phase begins. The Chitralis get the 1st and 2nd firing cards and wisely fire at the advancing Highlanders since the 40th Pathans cannot fire since they charged.

Two native firing cards are pulled, the 10 of Clubs then the 10 of Spades back to back for a total of (5) shots, ALL MISSES! The Gordon Highlanders seem to be touchable this day.

Another black firing card is pulled and Umra Kahn’s Pashto tribesmen manage to hit one more of the 40th Pathans so only 8 men are left to charge their positions.

The Highlanders are next to fire, LT Boddington halts his men and orders, Load, Aim, FIRE! As with their last encounter they scored multiple hits on their fire card.

The Highlanders are doing Sterling work this day. Col MacGurule can be heard cheering “HUZZAH!” in Fort Chitral as he watches the battle unfold.

With the Fire Phase over next comes the Melee / Close Combat phase. The 40th Pathans rolled successfully to close into melee and the tribesmen also rolled successfully to stand and fight, so the melee commences. The 40th Pathans charged in close order so win ties but are at a -1 disadvantage for charging over a wall. The tribesmen are at a +1 for defending a wall or barricade.

The 40th Pathans do not fare well at the beginning of the melee, losing one man wounded and 2 pushed back. However in the next round of melee their veteran officer LT. Harp shows great élan by killing 3 of the remaining tribesmen himself urging his men up and over the wall to victory!

The few surviving Pathan tribesmen who were forced back
route towards the rear 4D6.

The 40th Pathans regroup and take the position.

The Highlanders start the movement phase with another bold movement straight into the teeth of the enemy.

The Pathan tribesmen furious over loosing the last melee charged the remaining troops of the 40th Pathans who took the position.

The tribesmen get the first fire, desperately loading their jezzails they shoot at the bold Highlanders. Through the puff of the black powder smoke discharging from their ancient weapons the tribesmen can see that none of the Highlanders drop! The Highlanders continue to stoically advance in open order towards the enemy, fire back on their card, and miss.

The fanatical tribesmen charge home and the brave 40th Pathans stand their ground.

A brutal melee ensues, the 40th Pathans are defending in close order so are a +1 to their D6, the tribesmen are charging in mass so win ties, both units leaders get a +1 as well.

Round 1 of the melee results in 4 imperial win vs 3 tribesmen wins.

Round 2 is a unanimous win for the imperial forces, 4 to 0.

However they sustained serious loses which brought them below 50% causing them to check Critical Morale, with the encouragement of their Lieutenant they passed! They refuse to give up, are victorious, and maintain control of the position.

The few surviving tribesmen on the other hand are forced back 4D6 (4 six sided dice) and are shaken. They can attempt to rally.

On the opposite flank the Highlanders advance once again directly towards the enemy, though at a more determined pace! That’s 17” on 3D6.

The Chitralis and Umra Khans Pathans try to rally during their movement card to get back into this fight. Unfortunately they fail to rally and are forced back and out of cover.

The strong advance of the Highlanders took them through the fort’s out buildings and into the rear of the enemy positions.
The above noted tribesmen’s failure to rally and forced back result put them right in the gun sites of the swiftly Highlanders.

Back to the right flank, the tribesmen here also failed to rally, causing them to move off the table and out of the game.

This effectively ends the resistance on the imperial right flank.

In the fire phase the Highlanders fire at the routing tribesmen causing multiple hits, bringing them well below 50% forcing a Critical Morale check, which they failed.

A hard earned victory beverage for the Gordon Highlanders who took fate by the throat! They have helped buy some time for Colonel Dano MacGurule and his beleaguered Fort Chitral Garrison.

Ali Razah Khan’s Chitralis and allied Umra Khan’s Pashto troops suffered  80% casualties this day despite being in fortified hard cover, while inflicting only 25% on their imperial opponents, some of whom will return to combat after convalescing. The imperial 40th Pathans suffered 6 casualties but only 2 men were killed with the Gordon’s taking NO casualties.

The campaign continues…..

General McGuinness and his 2 brigades are well enroute to relieve Fort Chitral. They are about to enter a narrow pass and possible ambush point on their way.

More on my blog: https://sgtguinness.blogspot.com/

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #263 on: September 18, 2021, 08:37:22 PM »
Great AAR JBaumal and nice scenario !

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #264 on: September 18, 2021, 09:37:28 PM »
Indeed, well done to Col. MacGurule & company!  We can only hope that General McGuinness will fare as well on his march through that narrow pass...
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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #265 on: September 18, 2021, 11:04:41 PM »
Cracking good fight Jeff.
"welcome to the world of cascading failure"

Offline giorgio

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #266 on: September 19, 2021, 08:08:22 AM »
Muletail Ghaazi Muletail El Komiss aka Hussein continued walking for hours with a strange feeling.

Abdul was very sure about the direction, but the strongest sensation did not leave the young Waziri Khan.

 His instinct kept all the senses on high alert. He called the faithful Abdul Kareem aka Mustafa:

“Mustafà I do not feel safe, do you trust this Abdul or whatever it is his true name?”
“Why not, he is leading us to Matun, knows the places, he hates the Afridis as we do…. all seems perfect”

“yes, too perfect…perhaps I’m too paranoid but anyway refer to me as Hussein and do not pronounce my name in front of him” then he spoke to the guide:
“Abdul why we are going to Matun and do not we go directly westwards thru Garboz tribes, where we could find many waziris and receive protection?”

“Hosoor, Abdul sees, Abdul knows, Abdul protects. Some Turis’ spies are still watching here, ready to kill us if something seems suspect. Do not forget they saw you with Ferenghees on the Kurram river, where we met the first time“
Muletail mumbled: He is right, probably, I’m too much suspicious, ok Muletail now relax, we are among friends. But that strange feeling, the instinct of the animal used to surviving alone in the desert, grew even more and stressed his breathing.
Few hours later, Matan is emerging in the dusk from the surrounding dunes. The blue dome of his mosque behind the slim high minarets inducing a feeling of peace and rest. Our friends can admire it resting over the top of a surrounding hill.

“Hussein it is wonderful, only few days more and we’ll be back home!”
Muletail looked at his friend mumbling in silence, that oppressive sensation still pervading his body, clinching his heart, he is a panther and he can smell the danger.

The silence was broken by Abdul: “Well Hosoor I will go to the market to buy some fried fish, dry pies and few tamarind slices. You can wait for me in this tower just out of the town. It is of friends of mine and you’ll be safe”

 “do I come with you?” Mustafa asked, waked up by the thought of the tasty fried tamarinds.

“oh no Hosoor. I will pass unnoticed, two men, one of which not Khostwal, will be easily detected by Afridis spies” and Abdul disappeared among the dunes riding the camel that was left by his friends out of the tower
Muletail whispered to his friend: “Saddam follow him, look if he will contact other gentlemen… now go, or you will not find him anymore in the market chaos”

Saddam run out but he cannot see anymore Abdul and following the camel traces go towards the town main gate, looking for the market.

Only a swarm of turbans, a cloud of spices and sweet intense parfums of tasty fruits and the characteristic smell of the fermenting goat milk.

After few minutes a well-known voice calls “Saddam we are here” with a not confoundable Buner accent
“Hassad, Ibrahim, old goat sons, we believed you were all died. But…Baasim?”
“we lost him during the retreat after the battle, he was seen by some Afridis and they called him a spy and despatched him. We are lucky that in the big confusion we could manage to escape, we were directed to Peiwar Kotal but remaining on the direct road was too dangerous in Orazkai’s lands, so we decided to have a detour passing through  Matun; but how are the others, and the two panthers?”
“we are all ok, we are with a Khostwal guide, but Muletail is not so sure, so I was asked to follow him, but I have lost his traces. What news have you collected here?”
“There are big rumors about war in North, in Chitral heretics are fighting Ferenghees but were beaten while Black Mountain pashtuns under Gul Akbar are spreading the True Rule in Buner and soon will arrive to Peshawar. A caravan Bashi was telling stories about firing all heretics villages refusing to cooperate with Gul Akhbar. Here the new Rule is seen with sympathy as an iconic rock for foundations of the building of independence. They speak also about the presence of strange ferenghees from North West, whose Khan is called Tsar, and are Anglez enemies; Pashtuns in the market were saying that  enemies of our enemies are our friends. Other Anglez is attacking from South both against Waziris towards Wana and Tochi valley and Afridis towards Tirah”

“Well now I’II will return to the tower where we are hidden, you just follow me unseen and control the surroundings to be sure there are not uninvited intruders.”
“Sure, Saddam we’ll be ready and no mice will escape our hawks eyes, if we notice something we will use the usual warning signal” and they disappear.

Few hours later,in the dark the Tower dominates the valley. Abdul volunteered for the first guard shift.

Strange shadows are advancing closing to the tower driven by the gestures of a figure on the tower roof.

But they are not approaching unobserved

Suddenly two jackals start woofing 3 times, then 2 then tree times again. Immediately Saddam wake up take his tulwar, see that Abdul is not in the room and run up to the roof and go close to Abdul
“Abdul Abdul”

“What do you …aargh”
Saddam’s tulwar cut Abdul’s throat

Mustafa cries “what are u doing fool?!?”
“take all our jezails and be ready to a surprise” Saddam answers whispering
Suddenly a group of 12 pashtuns enter opening the door but two shot explode from the surrounding hills killing one of them

and 5 other shots are exploded from within the tower, killing other two and invalidating one plus one lightly wounded.

The remaining seven hesitate and then run back with the lightly wounded

carrying with them also the invalidated one and disappear in the dark

Mustafa cries “Let’s pursuit them”
“No” replied Muletail “it is too dangerous, they could easily prepare a trap for us; pack all the goods and at dawn be ready to go”

“Southwestwards  to the Garboz tribes?”
“No, they think we’ll go for that route and prepare new surprises and they will have the time to rally more warriors. We will go to opposite direction, we go to Peiwar Kotal, we’ll cross again the Kurram river”

A cool disappointment downloads over the other six warriors, they know Muletail is right, but the delusion is too deep to even speak and in silence they start to prepare the new march farther from Waziristan
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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #267 on: September 19, 2021, 02:29:30 PM »
El Osprey looks down with favor on his sons. Another clear victory for Muletail, surely he and Ghul Akbar will be the new generation that wrests the control of the frontier from the farenghee by uniting the tribes under TMWWBK. The false rules have resulted in the defeat of Umra Khan and his allies, surely they will convert now.

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #268 on: September 19, 2021, 05:06:19 PM »
@Mad Guru
Excellent adventure my friend. How will this intelligence alter the plans of General Ruff-Husband? Will these rifles be sent Northeast to Chitrali territory, be headed for the hands of waiting Waziris, or will they be used against Ruff- Husband’s command?
I’ve been watching the trek of Muletail and his accomplices with much interest. The Chitralis have even heard of him. I hear they are searching for him and his companions as well. Isn’t everyone?

@Capt Shanks
Interesting read and forecasting of events sir. Is your tribe to be the anointed ones and purveyors of the new rule or just more heretics on The Grim?

Ali Razah Khan and his retinue are enroute for a stay at your most magnificent hill fort. I hear General McGuinnes has booked rooms for him and his staff as well …..

Great posts my friends. I’m enjoying the intrigue and many exciting plot lines!

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #269 on: September 20, 2021, 12:10:35 AM »

(courtesy of Google Sahib)


by Reginald Winkie

(with apologies to Henry Wodsworth Longfellow)

LISTEN, my children, as to you I sing
Of the three day ride of Jai Ho Singh,
On the fifth of August in eighteen-nine-oh:
Hardly a man is still on the go
Who remembers that event occurring.
He said to his sister, Maryam,
“If the Iron Amir has conveyed
Breechloaders to the Yusufzais, as you say
Then I must ride to the sahibs and spread the alarm,
Before the Tribesmen strike with those modern arms!”
Then he climbed on his horse and said farewell
To his beloved Habibi, with whom he did dwell.
His comrade-in-arms wished him Godspeed,
He hoped & prayed Jai Ho would succeed,
And return home alive, a living monument to Khalsa pride.
For three days on rode Jai Ho Singh,
While Jezails and Sniders took shots at him,
A wound he sustained, yet he stayed on his game--
Then from one jagged cliff a Ghazi charged,
Attempting from his saddle Jai Ho to dislodge,
“Allah Akbar!” the Ghazi cried as he raised his Tulwar over his head,
But Jai Ho thrust his saber up and his own eyes saw red,
And before the Tulwar could strike, that Ghazi fell dead.
Jai Ho Singh rode on, under cliff and over hill,
Still bleeding from the Jezail bullet wound, until--
A kindly Mussulmaan took pity on him,
And gave Singh thirst-quenching water to regain his trim,
And on August the 8th, at long last,
Jai Ho Singh reached the Malakand Pass!
Then thanks to that same uniform which drew so many foes,
The picquets of 9th Gurkhas waved for him onwards to go,
To the Dargai Cantonments of Peshawar Field Force,
Where with little ado he made his report,
Concerning news from the Iron Amir's court,
Of trading rifles for a prisoner he could use to extort,
To which Brigadier Stewart Ruff-Husband did retort:
“Jemadar Jai Ho Singh, 2nd Punjab Cavalry, Piffers, Retired…
I salute you—truly you are the Khalsa’s pride!”
A report that shall echo on into time!
For borne on the hot-wind of the Past,
From the dawn of the Raj, until the last,
In the hour of darkness and peril and need,
Sepoys and sowars, both active and retire-eed,
Shall accomplish their mission, on foot or by steed,
No matter the odds, no matter how slim,
They will get the job done--like Jai Ho Singh.

(NOTE: I did not get the idea to "write"/bastardize the above poem until after the game detailed below had been played through to its conclusion.  The game itself was played straight-up and I did not manipulate the process in an effort to create any particular result.)

* * * * * *


Jai Ho Singh has to cross 3 tables (each 10' long) worth of ground before reaching the North end of Malakand Pass.

Flip 3 cards per table for POTENTIAL EVENTS with following results:

RED card = no interference, Jai Ho Singh RIDES ON
BLACK card = some form of enemy presence/interference/action

LOW # BLACK CARD (2-6) = low threat (1-3 shooters)
HIGH # card (7-10) = moderate threat (1-6 shooters)
FACE card = severe threat (2-12 tribesmen or Ghazis or tribal cavalry, depending on further die roll)

Black low threat = die roll-off, one black die vs. 2 red dice, if Black wins, triggers an AMBUSH
Black moderate threat = die roll-off, black die vs. red die, if Black wins, triggers an AMBUSH
Black high threat = die roll-off, two black dice vs. 1 red die, if Black wins, triggers an AMBUSH

BLACK JOKER = ADDITIONAL EXTREME THREAT (avalanche or quicksand or blunder into Afghan Regular Army unit or Mullah’s caravan, depending on further die roll)

RED JOKER = SOME SURPRISE HELP/RELIEF (lost patrol of British or Indian troops, horse farm with sympathetic Native owner who provides fresh horse, sympathetic Native Healer who helps tend a wound, depending on further die roll)
AMBUSH = roll D6 (2 D6 for severe threat) for number of tribal ambushers (all shooters unless rolling 2xD6 for "severe threat", then 50/50 shooters/sword-&-shield)

NOTE: You will see from the above that I tried to counter-balance the scenario rules somewhat in Jai Ho Singh’s favor as he was a SINGLE 28mm FIGURE crossing 30' of hostile terrain, with multiple chances of suffering wounds and/or death.  In the end I don't think I over-did this, as even with some advantages he still came close to death and his survival depended less on the # of "Threats" than on how the various threats that did emerge did in action against him and how he did in response.

CROSSING TABLE #1 - first 3 "Event Card" flips:

Card #1...

Card #2...

BLACK card = die roll-off to see if Jai Ho Singh can manage to evade/avoid the Tribal threat. 
At this early phase (Table #1) he gets 2 D6 to Tribal 1 D6...

Card #3...

Card #4...

BLACK THREAT card.  This is the last card on Table #1,
so Jai Ho still gets advantage of 2 x D6 vs. 1 x D6 in the roll-off
to see if he can manage to avoid/evade the emerging threat...


So roll for # of Tribal Ambushers/Shooters...

TSATF "Pathan Rifles" firing at a single figure
counting as a CLASS II "Open Order" target HITS ON 1-4:


Jai Ho Singh can sustain 2 Light Wounds or 1 Serious Wound before reducing his movement and fighting abilities so...




Now that he's reached TABLE #2 it's a straight D6 vs. D6 roll-off without advantage to either side...


(Do I detect a pattern here?)









(1 pip = 1" allotted movement)

Oooo.  Just 9".  Not so great for the Fanatical Faithful.
On his galloping horse Jai Ho may be able
to evade this charge with his own 5 x D6 of

If he attempts to evade it could go either way...
he might get away clean, or...
 get caught from behind & suffer a -2 modifier for

Jai Ho opts to COUNTER-CHARGE,
Which makes his die roll mostly a technicality
He rolls his 5 x D6 CHARGE MOVE DICE...



The Ghazi's MODIFIERS:
+1 Charging,
+1 Higher Elevation
+1 Native vs. Cav in Rough Terrain

Jai Ho Singh's MODIFIERS:
+2 Mtd. Leader
+2 Regular Cavalry

Taken together this results in a +1 MODIFIER for Jai Ho Singh.



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