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Author Topic: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign  (Read 44665 times)

Offline JBaumal

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #315 on: October 15, 2021, 12:52:09 PM »
Capt Shanks, great AAR sir, very enjoyable! I’m looking forward to the return of Noomylay with a newly raised lashkar of tribesmen! I see you used Ali Babbages rules for the Pathan actions, how did that go? I’ve used the table from Pony Wars altered for this theatre.

Offline CPT Shanks

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #316 on: October 15, 2021, 02:37:06 PM »
Thank you Sgt Guinness. I only used Table 2: Native Action. It worked fairly well. The first two units were rifle units but rolled to charge, so charge they did. Then the dice rolls could have gone either way as they were matched for fighting and the pathans outnumbered them. It was definitely a fun game and playing on a smaller table made it faster but it would probably been a far different game on a 4x6 table.
"welcome to the world of cascading failure"

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #317 on: October 15, 2021, 06:18:18 PM »
Stump stump
The cadenced steps of the Northumberlands
Donk donk
The slow hoofs of the mules in the lands
Ding ding
The tin of the canteens
Scrubble scrubble
The rifles straps over the shoulders
Hiss hiss
the silence of the stool pigeon
gogogo soldiers of the Queen’s
behind the hills
an hidden enemy ‘ve seen
and soon you learn
Pashtun’s aiming skills
for your concern.
Last night you had some meat,
and a pint of beer as well
Which you enjoyed as a great feat,
as many a man could tell.
And then you to your tents went,
and taking off your boots,
Each of you the drinks repent
and thinks to tomorrow shoots
But today it will be a different story
And for many of you the last glory
Snip snip
The bullets for an end so gory!.
“The spied column from Bannu”  From “Peshawar barracks ballads” by Reginald Winkie

But unaware of them many Bunerwals are marching to reach the Tochi valley and support the waziri brothers in faith to stop Colonel Fullerton devastation and destroy for ever his flying devils‘column.

Capt Stonewash, when we will arrive close to Thal you will scout the area where I got my victory and inform the besieged units of our arrival. We will consolidate the capture of Thal before the defeated Afridis can rally, and we’ll continue towards Tirah valley where our spies swear captain Townsend is prisoner.

“Rashad the meeting point with El Quartah and Zarin is at Jandala pass, how is it possible that Gen Mandrake brigade is here?”
“Hosoor these are not the soldiers coming from Tank, our spies say they are from Bannu”
“Well we will arrive in Waziristan with a trophy, but we cannot lose too much time. Which is that village?”
“Mighty Khan, it is Masri Khel"

“Rashad go with your cavalry and control that the road is free and check what are doing those ferenghees”
“As you command Mighty Mutaaz Khan”⁷

“Major my scouts report many Pashtuns on the opposite side of the valley”
“Mmmh I did not expect to contact Afridis soo distant from Tank”
“Sir, but they are not Afridis, they are Bunerwals”
“Bunerwals? Here? Well this is an important information to pass to Davenport, he will know how to use it. We don’t care about them, let us go to Thal as soon as we can. Captain prepare your lancers to screen our column, we try to not lose too much time, but we won’t lose the opportunity to teach these bandits to not wander freely in Punjab. Marmaduke go at the double and seize that village to cover our infantry and artillery advance”
“Sir, yes sir. Rinsaldar which is that village?
“Sir Masri Khel sir””
“Well give the orders, we direct there at the double”

Sir yes Sir. Squadron at the double!”

Cards RAJ units

Cards Bunerwals 1

Bunerwals cards 2

Start Map

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #318 on: October 17, 2021, 07:34:33 AM »

THE NIGHT OF AUGUST 17th, 1890...

At 5pm 17th August, in keeping with his orders from Peshawar Division C.O. Major General Whitsend, Captain Elliot Hardigan led E/B Battery Royal Horse Artillery out of the city on a 60-mile forced march to reinforce 1st Brigade at their Dargai Cantonments.  Towards the end of the first leg of the route, the road would line up with the Swat River...

Route of E/B's march:

Capt. Elliot Hardigan, RHA
(rumored to be an aspiring artist)

A Troop of 3rd Skinner's Horse (12 figures) under command of Lt. Jerome Bigby was assigned as escort.  At Lt. Bigby's direction, one section of 6 Sowars led by Jemadar Gaurav Singh would take point, while Bogby and the other 5 Sowars serving as rearguard.

Lt. Jerome Bigby, 3rd Skinner's Horse

Jemadar Gaurav Singh, 3rd Skinner's Horse

At the standard cavalry & horse artillery rate of 5 mph (including one 5-10 min. halt per hour) the plan is to reach Dargai in approximately12-hours, just before dawn.

Coming along for the trip by personal invitation of Captain Hardigan was one civilian: NEVILLE CRISP, newly-appointed Correspondent-at-Large for the Peshawar Tribune, just arrived from Merry Old England...

Though Crisp was a decent horseman himself and an established writer for "Horse & Hound" before his recent move to India, due to the darkness and elevated risk of encountering the enemy, Capt. Hardigan told Crisp to ride with the crew atop the 2nd Limber rather than on a horse of his own.

I used a combo of card flips and die rolls to control E/B Battery's progress and the actions of their ambushers.

As seen on the MAP above, the route had 3 separate legs.  Fate decreed the ambush would be set along the FIRST LEG.  It further decreed the ambush party would consist of ONE 20-FIGURE UNIT OF PATHAN TRIBESMEN, 50% armed with rifles, 50% with swords & shields.  However I decided to give them a slight but significant upgrade of a SECOND LEADER, which would enable them to split up into 2 sub-units if the situation called for it, without suffering movement or morale penalties.

The attackers chose -- smartly -- to erect a ROCK OBSTACLE across the road.


Moving fast down the road in the dark of night, the lead section failed to spot the obstacle until they were virtually upon it, which led to them CRASHING INTO the rock wall and suffering 1 WIA.

The three limber teams all pulled to a halt, but the lead limber was so close they were unable to stop before HITTING THE ROCKS...

Things were not going so well for the British, but luckily for them, when the lead RHA crew climbed off and inspected the gun, it turned out the damage to their 9 Pounder was minor...

...but just as they discovered this the CRACK OF GUNFIRE & SPOUT OF MUZZLE-FLASHES sprang at them from across the Swat River, running parallel to the road...

View from ambush position across the river...

The opening volley from the 10 Tribal Rifles inflicted 1 WIA on the lead RHA Crew...

On this first turn when the ambush was triggered the Anglo-Indians were not allowed any return fire, having been taken completely by surprise.

TURN #2 began with a movement card flip, signifying a PATHAN MOVE...

The 10 Tribal Sword-&-Shield Men launched a CHARGE at the 5 remaining 3rd Skinner Horse in the forward element.  The lead RHA Crew was positioned so close to them that depending on how things went, they too might be drawn into the potential melee.

The Tribal Rifles remained in place along the far side of the river.

Lt. Bigby led the 3rd Skinner's Horse rearguard forward as fast as possible to engage the enemy, but their not-so-hot movement dice left them too far back to lend fire or melee support to the developing fight.

TURNB #2 FIRE PHASE arrived, neither the 3rd Skinner's Horse vs. charing Pathan Swords-&-Shields nor the Pathan Rifles vs. the Skinner's and RHA limber crews were able to inflict any casualties.


Under the "AMBUSH" circumstances I did not require the Charging Pathans to pass a CLOSE INTO COMBAT die roll morale check, but I did require the 3rd Skinner's Horse to pass a "Stand & Fight" morale check.  They need 1-4 on a D6 and rolled a 3 = PASS.

Charging Pathans WIN TIES;

Charging Pathan +1 for "Attacking Regular Cavalry by surprise in the dark" (my invention);

Defending 3rd Skinner’s Horse get +2 for "Reg Cav mounted" but no + for lances, since they were not

If the RHA were to be drawn into the melee, I gave them a +1 for being Reg. Horse Art. Crew (as opposed to the +2 for Reg. Cav.)


Skinner’s Horse getting +1 modifier to their head-to-head D6 rolls;

RHA crew getting a straight roll-off;

But in both cases the Charging Pathans would win ties.

Let the head-to-head melee die-rolls commence...


1.    Pathan KIA

2.    Pathan Fall-Back

3.     Pathan Fall-Back

4.     Pathan Fall-Back

5.     Pathan WIA (by sowar who survived crash)

6.     Skinner's Horse hat same Sowar KIA

7.     RHA Sgt Fall-Back (vs Pathan Ldr)

8.     Skinner’s Horse Fall-Back

9.     Skinner's Horse Fall-Back

10.     Pathan Fall-Back

11.       Skinner's Horse Fall-Back

12.       Pathan Ldr WIA

13.       Pathan KIA

14.       Pathan WIA

15.       Skinner’s Horse Fall-Back


16.       RHA Fall-Back

17.       Pathan WIA


British Victory;

4 Pathan fall-backs ROUTE away to riverbank.

2 RHA & 4 Skinner’s Horse Fall-Backs rejoin their units.


Black movement card - Pathans try to rally the Routing Swordsmen, need 1-2 on D6 - roll a 4, Swordsmen continue Routing into the river; Pathan rifles remain in place in their firing position along the far bank.

Skinner's Horse advance into better firing position...

BLACK FIRE CARD was flipped first...

6 Pathan Rifles @ 4 Skinner’s Horse, need 1-4 on D20;

4 Pathan Rifles @ 6 rearguard Skinner’s Horse approaching in column, need 1-6 on D20;

0 hits by first 6;

2 hits by second 4 - both WIA.

Lead element Skinner’s Horse 4 shots @ Pathan Rifles across the river, need 1-4 on D20; get 2 hits - inflict 1 x KIA, 1 x WIA;

Rearguard Skinner’s Horse 4 shots @ Pathan Rifles on opposite bank of the river, need 1-4 on D20; get 1 WIA.


Red movement card flipped first.

Skinner's Horse advance to the riverbank.

Across the river, Pathan Rifles withdraw to the table-edge, still within range to fire on Skinner's Horse (& to be fired back at)…

RED FIRE CARD flipped first...

Skinner's Horse fire 8 Mtd. Carbines, need 1-4 on D20, score 1 x WIA.

Pathans RETURN FIRE with 6 Rifles, need 1-4, score 1 x WIA.


Black movement card flipped first - Pathan Rifles WITHDRAW OFF THE TABLE, live to fight another day...

Towards the very end of the fight, Neville Crisp climbed up off the ground, to which he had leapt from his seat on Limber #2, and moved to assist the wounded RHA crewman from the lead gun...

Then found himself frozen in his footsteps at the sight of the wounded bombardier, laying on the ground, illuminated by the nearby muzzle-flashes...

This was the first man he'd ever seen injured in anger.

Though Neville Crisp's body froze in place, his authorial mind found itself racing away at the double........

The professionals proceeded to see to the injured Bombardier, as well as the damaged gun wheel.  Meanwhile Captain Hardigan informed Lt. Bigby that their force would depart the moment the damaged limber wheel was repaired.  Notwithstanding another ambush, they might still reach Dargai just after dawn.



1 KIA Pathan Rifle

3 WIA Pathan Rifles (including Leader)

2 KIA Pathan Sword-&-Shield

4 WIA Pathan Sword-&-Shield

4 Routed Sword-&-Shield

10 total Pathan casualties + 4 routed off the field  (14 lost all told)


4 WIA 3rd Skinner’s Horse

1 WIA RHA crew

5 total British casualties

NOTE: Luckily for the Battery, their lead 9-pounder was NOT seriously damaged.

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"We shall see what wisdom lies beneath my madness!"

Offline CPT Shanks

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #319 on: October 17, 2021, 06:43:00 PM »
Fantastic report. What a clever ruse for the pathans to use a diversionary ambuscade, then withdrawing in good order, to delay a doomed patrol. Cunning plan, well executed. Pathan victory, in the long game, if you ask me.

Offline giorgio

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #320 on: October 17, 2021, 06:52:17 PM »
Can't wait next Peshwar Tribune issue to understand THE true. Or at least one true... :o

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #321 on: October 18, 2021, 06:21:17 AM »
Thanks for the compliment, Capt. Shanks!

RE: who won... you seem to forget that the three horse artillery guns were left to continue on their way to Dargai Cantonments, where -- should they manage to avoid additional mischief on the road and arrive intact -- they shall help the Brigade when the time comes to deal with your approaching band of rebels and ruffians... if your long-rumored "attack" ever comes to pass.

Evil Giorgio... what pray tell is this elusive "Truth" you speak of...???
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Offline giorgio

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #322 on: October 18, 2021, 01:26:10 PM »

The following report was the base for a famous poem by Reginald Winkie: “The spied column from Bannu”  From “Peshawar barracks ballads” that was published also in the Peshwar Tribune previous issue at following link in this same topic: https://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=131610.315
The discovery of the bunerwals has created great confusion. At the first light of the day lancers gallop to the village while Northumberlands go and take control of the crossroads but artillery and Sikhs aren’t starting the advance yet. In the meantime, Mutaaz remains well behind but all his unit spring at the double, except Abdul Waahid Khan who cowardly remain at a safe distance with the excuse of escorting the artillery.
A savage melee is started with Rashid’s tribal cavalry attacking Stonewash’s lancers in the village.
Marmaduke is surprised and 4 lancers are killed against only 2 tribesmen.
These can follow up and charge the Northumberlands for their carnage but these show an outstanding performance tossing 8 dice 5 or 6 out of 12 !!!
Great job Old & Bolds, you will be song by a great poet!
Very funny and unpredictable this Rule!

4 other Pashtuns are killed but Rashid can avoid to be pinned with his other three survivors,
also because if routed the alternative should be explaining the results to Muzaar himself, while Marmaduke with his other 3 lancers is pinned.
In the second turn the devasting fire of the Northumberlands generate the rout of the well armed Aarif Khan unit and is supported by the Ferozopore Sikh which advances covered by Northumberlands’ fire.
The battle seems already decided,
but the Ferozopore are aimed and shooted by remaining tribal units
and charged and routed by Abdul Tawaab’s Ghazli.
In the mean time Rashad hold his cavalry waiting that the road is free to charge routed units.
In third turn Marmaduke rallies his gallant lancers
 and Gulliver try to get in touch with Northumberlands which have another devasting fire on Abdul Tawaab pinning the Ghazli.
Abdul Tawaab rallies his Ghazli but the Northumberlands are fired upon by both Abdul Waabim and Saddam’s artillery
and reduced to 4.
Rashad charges and kills 2 soldiers of the unit which is routed.
than follows up on Gulliver’s artillery train killing half of the men.
At this point the retreating artillery rallies and Marmaduke charges Rashad who fights as a tiger
untilall the Bunerwals are killed but only Marmaduke survives and routs.
Abdul Tawaab charges with his Ghazli
and kills the last artillerymen but is killed in his very moment of triumph.

Major Vousden  orders a general retreat back to Bannu to organize a new support column while the Bunerwals win the fight but have been delayed in their march to Jandola, stopping for celebrating; the battle against General Mandrake will be fought without them. Raj lost 7 lancers, 10 Sikhs, 10 Northumberlands and 4 artillerymen KIA included LT Gulliver. Bunerwals suffered 1 unit routed with 5 kia, 10 cavalrymen, 7 Ghazli, including 2 Khans: the brave Rashad and Abdul Tawaab.
The bumbler Mutaaz khan obtained a great victory without even entering on the battlefield.
“Now my son has been avenged but two pride khans were martyrized. Now we can return to Buner, Ferenghees have learnt a harsh lesson”
“Great Khan, what about the joint battle with Waziris you committed to Mulehead?” Aarif Khan asked hesitantly, aware that his unit routed. Killed the boldest Khans all were more than happy to come back to Buner.
“I promised to be the avenger of Saddam’s martyrium, and that what I did. Now we can go back with our debit honoured!” answered proudly the Bunerwal Khan and closed the discussion. Well the artillery train mules will be a great consolation, also because Abdul Tawaab’s death closes any legitim claim.
Lt Frock with Khyber Rifles and the young Lt Hatton with Hampshires are besieged in Thal and see their food inexorably decreasing, no help will arrive soon from Bannu, but not all hopes are lost. From Tochi valley the hothead and lunatic col.Fullerton has decided that Spinwam district deserves another visit and from there going  to Thal it is just a matter of when, not if.

And with him we will find again old well-known characters: such as the great friends Lt Richard Dawes of British Yorkshire and Lt Andrew Best of Sikh Guides and a new fellow, Capt Thomas  “Tommie” Liver, just sent from Bannu by Gen Davenport to enforce the column with a Baluchi unit to wipe out all Afridis in Tirah.. 

But at Jandola pass at least one tine of the trident designed by Mulehead will be missing…


Offline CPT Shanks

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #323 on: October 18, 2021, 06:22:28 PM »
Another solid win offered by the One True Rule. Soon Mulehead, founder of the feast, provider of wisdom, deliverer of justice through the Truth we shall be feasting on the dates and tamarind pies of the foul besmircher of truth and purveyor of lies, Umra Khan and his foul allies.  From Kafristan to Karachi the Men Who Would Be Khans will unite the tribes under one banner.

Offline Umra Khan

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #324 on: October 19, 2021, 10:56:56 AM »
BATTLE OF PALOSINA 26th August 1890

Gen. Mandrake orders the 5th Gurkhas and the Gordons to attack the hills to the left of the deployment, with the Guides in support.

On the right side the 40th Pathans and the 2nd Sikhs, supported by the Buffs must attack the hill in front.

At the center the mountain batteries of Kohat and Peshawar sections must support the attacks.

The 1st Bengal Lancer remains with the Command as a reserve unit.
The Waziris are ready to wait for the Ferenghees attack ...

After an initial shootout between the Gurkhas and the Waziris, the little men of Nepal set off to attack...
The Gurkhas draws kukri and charge…..AYO-O-O GURKHALI-I-I!

At the same time to their right the Gordons to the sound of Cock 'of the North start the attack led by Capt. Matheson…..

Under the fire of the artillery that with shrapnels hits the Waziris ... the two units attack the tribesmen, kukris against tulwars... bayonets vs. tulwars… with guts behind…

A unit of Waziris is pinned by the fire of the Gordons. . and retreat under the shrapnels of the guns... the Gordons attack them  immediately ... between the Gurkhas and the other waziris unit the melee is furious, 2 Gurkhas figures run to the rear and 1 killed and 1 wounded, but the Waziri have 4 figures running to the rear ,3 dead and 2 wounded ... their morale does not hold and they flee in retreat together with the other unit…bad dies for the tribesmen.

Another unit of waziri tries to bypass the Gordons but ends up under heavy artillery fire, which with the deadly shrapnels makes them meat for slaughter quickly...

Meanwhile on  the right side of the line-up, the 40th Pathans charges Yussef Din's waziri unit...
They charged at the sound of the" Pathan's song"...with hundreds of voices singing the song ...

40 Pathans  on a dead man's mule
Yo ho ho Daz Daz Daz at a new rule…
Shoot  and the devil had done for the rest
Yo ho ho Daz Daz Daz and a new rifle best
The infidels were fixed by the Afridi's chora
The Wazirs brained with a jezail
And Wazir's throat was marked belike
It had been gripped by fingers ten;
And there they lay, all heretics  dead men
Like break o'day in a caravan camp
Yo ho ho and a bullet of rifle, Daz Daz Daz !

the fight is bloody...the 40th suffers 5 figures running to the rear,  and 2 dead, the waziri of Yussef Din 5 running to the rear ,2 dead and 2 wounded ... but none of the 2 units leaves the fray...meanwhile the 2nd Sikhs attacks the other unit of waziri... the impetus of the Sikhs overwhelms the Waziri who do not face the fight... bad morale result for stand and fight…

in the continuous melee between 40th Pathans and Waziris the largest number of fighters for the 40th makes the difference, the waziris are massacred and the 40th suffers another 2 wounded.

With 5 of his 6 units massacred or en route the coward El Quartah can only leave the battlefield, he hoped for the arrival of Zarin or the Bunerwals who had promised to fight with the Waziris.... instead he finds himself chased by Skinner's Horse...

Mathematic on the Frontier
Waziris’ loss
56 figures
Raj loss
14 figures
5th Gurkhas 2 dead , 2 wounded
Gordon 1 dead, 1 wounded
40th Pathans 2 dead, 4 wounded
2nd Sikhs 1 dead, 1 wounded

the Sacred Rule of the Righteous and Devotees "TSATF" have once again proved to be valid and the victory smiled at the Pure !

Gen. Mandrake  is very pleased with the behavior of his soldiers,  and has recognized a special commendation to the 40th Pathans for their combativity in battle.
He decides to return to Tank HQ, by now the situation in South Waziristan has been pacified, Mulehead has suffered a very hard defeat and his leader El Quartah is on rout with very few faithful in tow; it will be appropriate to evaluate the behavior of the other leader of the Waziri, Zarin ...but this is another story.

Gen. John C.Aubrey-Smith Mandrake
stock photo

PS: note from Gen Mandrake, just before the attack of the Gurkhas and the Gordon one strange thing occurred....
... something strange appears on the battlefield... a SDA Courier with a load composed of Baluchi infantry and a Mule train of artillery, stops in front of the units ready for combat and asks "this is the right way for Genoa ? "... the Courier got  confirmation about the direction  from Capt. Matheson of the Gordon and  continues on its journey …...a very strange thing.

PS2 ; Daz meaning Kills in Urdu

Personal blog
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Offline Shikari Sahib

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #325 on: October 21, 2021, 10:07:42 AM »
Congratulations Sirs, one of the best threads for a long time, great photos and very interesting stories... it seems to really live on the Frontier.
Carry on the great work.
Umra Khan anyway is my favorite character  ;)

Offline Umra Khan

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #326 on: October 21, 2021, 10:16:16 AM »
Congratulations Sirs, one of the best threads for a long time, great photos and very interesting stories... it seems to really live on the Frontier.
Carry on the great work.
Umra Khan anyway is my favorite character  ;)

Thanks Shikari Sahib very appreciated.

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #327 on: October 22, 2021, 12:02:15 PM »

Multani 27th August 1890

From: Lt. John Henry Barrett – East Surrey Regiment – attached to the 36th Sikhs, Fort Multani
     Kohat Pass – North West Frontier

To: Miss Jane Fairclough –Mole Valley –Leigh – Surrey

My beloved Jane ,
I just arrived at my outpost, called Multani , on the Mastura River, with the land of the Afridis at east  and to the west the Ublan Pass and then the Kohat Pass.

I am attached to 1st Platoon  company A of the 36th Sikhs, of which I have the command; in the outpost there is a troop of Poona cavalry, but they are under strength , and are used as relays and explorers, at their command there is the Subedar Arun Din and the Lt. Robert Gough; the Commander of the outpost is Maj. Julius Potts of the R.E. in command of a heliograph section.

Our task is to monitor the Ublan Pass and control the caravans that come from the Kohat Pass. certainly not an exciting assignment ...

I settled in well and enjoy good health, the Lt. Gough is a nice guy and we spend our free time  going hunting in the vicinity of the fort.

I hope to receive some important tasks and sent on some military mission.

Life in the colonies is really hard and here on the Frontier  it is even harder. I will write to you again as soon as I can, my love.
Your devoted John.

John Henry Barrett

 the beautiful Miss Jane Fairclough

PS: the Multani Outpost  it is a gift from my friend Geoff Beswick whom I publicly thank here.
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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #328 on: October 22, 2021, 08:53:00 PM »
Sterling work gents! Very impressive battle reports and intriguing stories. Truly an epic wargames campaign indeed!!!

Offline Ranthony

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #329 on: October 22, 2021, 09:51:23 PM »
Sterling work gents! Very impressive battle reports and intriguing stories. Truly an epic wargames campaign indeed!!!


I'm blown away by this, it's everything I love about the hobby; inspiring, engrossing and captivating.
It's as though the ink of Archibold Forbes of the late 19th century has possessed the LAF writers of today, not in prose but definitely in performance...it's a wonderful read.

Probably the best thread I've had the good fortune to see since I joined the hobby.

It's really something.

Thank you for committing to this.


Exodus 1:10 KJV
Come on, let us deal wisely with them; lest they multiply, and it come to pass, that, when there falleth out any war, they join also unto our enemies, and fight against us, and so get them up out of the land.


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