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Author Topic: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign  (Read 44679 times)

Offline Shikari Sahib

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #375 on: November 04, 2021, 01:35:36 PM »
Wonderful story, like all the others, beautiful photos, an inspirational thread
I saw that from the beginning the thread has always grown in ideas, photographic quality, stories and exceptional characters.
I think I can say that this is a thread that will make the history on this Forum, the first time that 6 players actively participate in a campaign, which has now lasted for months and that I hope never ends!
Congratulations to everyone for delighting us with these thrilling adventures and epochal battles.

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #376 on: November 04, 2021, 04:53:23 PM »
Pesha Trib supplement

Dear readers, You may want to read the latest adventures of the main actors we have met in these last months.
As often I say the Frontier is like a Pashtun dinner: it is the chicken who gives substance, but the tamarind slices make it tasty. So, we cannot forget many characters which are adding salt to the scenario.

The young bandit Muletail was reported to be everywhere, but our most reliable informers says he has just left Bar Ferozkhel directed towards Mir Zakah on the road to Peiwar Pass with his merry comrades..


But Mir Zakah lies on the old caravan route from Ghazni to Gandhara. The village famous because is where it is said Sikhander treasures are hidden.

But for the faithful Mustafà a visit is worth especially because it is famous also for its special tamarind pies!


What will be found by our heroes? Special tamarind cakes for Mustafa? A hidden treasure to finance the jihad? For sure new dangerous adventures, ruthless enemies and a surprising Tajik beauty, will her eyes be able to enchant Mustafà and distract him for the food? It seems impossible but nothing is as u aspect on the Frontier…
And in Waziristan what is plotting the past havildar, past deserter, past khan,the enigmatic Zarin?

He missed to join El Quartah in Jandola, why? His detractors say he’s still talking with the moon, other he is counting the rupees received to not fighting.

What is the true? We all are anxious to read about him in a short future.

And what about Zibibb and Flashman? Where are they going to find out El Osprey’s son and the secret scriptorium? And will they survive at the hand of Tsarist agents and hired bandits? Or Gurkha Maranda’s mercenaries will be enough to survive?

But before arriving to destination…will they survive the terrible snowing storms?

Before leaving Waziristan affairs we cannot skip a last-minute news about El Quartah Khan just received by our spy in the Mulehead’s tower.

. After his heavy defeat he was met by some Mulhead’s personal guards and “voluntarily” brought to his tower.

“El Quartah u lost a very fine warriors collection…”
“My Khan but u promised that other two armies were supposed to join mine, but I was left alone”

“Stupid goat” said Kuhammad Khan kicking his breast “leave our Khan out of your betrayals, It is clear you sold our victory and were going to Persia with your booty when our patrols intercepted you”
“No Mighty Mulehead, I just had fear of your punishment, I didn’t sold your army, I’m always been a faithful follower of the True Rule”
“Yes but you had the outrageous infamy to associate your defeat with my name…anyway u r right, u were always a faithful khan, so I will submit you to the Snake family test and the True Ruler will decide your destiny. 1 2 3 and Kuhammad’s fakir will lean you his cobra…

“4 5 6 and  I will be spared?” asked El Quartah
“No” answered Kuhammad “U will deal with whole family in the snake den ahahah”
“Give him a dice and let him roll his destiny” Mulehead ordered…

Regimental Sergeant-Major Lawrence Brom, 72nd Highlanders,(1st Brigade, Chitral Field Force) , the– Legendary Old Soldier of the Queen with a reputation as being a gifted tactician and logistician, as well a very talented writer, is actually patrolling Chakdara Outpost

Now he is unaware of being only few miles far from his daughters Lorelai  & Christine Brom – his young adult daughters, both recently arrived from their home in Glasgow, Scotland, on a self-appointed mission to visit their father in time for his fast-approaching 50th birthday, which their hearts are set on celebrating together with him.

They are unaware to be so close to their father and are in Dargai Cantonments, which the Rebel Khan Akbar Gul and his khans plan to attack

Dirka Grimm (Detachmental Bhisti, Chakdara Outpost) –heroic efforts to assist Sgt. Crood and the handful of other survivors from the Yorks & Lancs garrison of  Chakdara Outpost was immortalized in Reginald Winkie’s poem, “You’re A Better Man Than I Am, Dirka Grimm,” which has taken the Empire and the rest of the English-speaking world by storm.

 For his part, Dirka’s dreams that his heroic efforts may somehow enable him to fulfill his lifelong dream of rising from the rank of “Bhisti” to “Sepoy,” was fulfilled and now he is bugler in the company where Sarge Crood is the law!.

Mayank Jan (Sarban Khan’s spy in Peshawar & then Dargai).  Mayank Jan was able to get himself hired on as a Mule Skinner and travel with 1st Brigade Peshawar Field Force from the city of Peshawar to Dargai, where he saw with his own eyes the torching of that village at the command of Brigadier Ruff-Husband.  By day he remains in camp as an erstwhile “muleteer” while by night he slips out to pass any and all intelligence he gathers to allied Tribesmen in the nearby Malakand Pass, though he must take great care not to be spotted and found out by the Riflemen of 9th Gurkhas who keep watch over that strategic terrain.


Mayank Jan is still hidden in the charred remains of Dargai village across the river from the Cantonments (& Dirka Grimm, Sgt. Crood & company)… when he’s not masquerading as a loyal baggage wallah in the Cantonments - the job he took in order to accompany 1st brigade when it left Peshawar

Perhaps he can get word of estimated Raj troop strength at the cantonment though his contacts to Ghul Akbar

Maryam Singh – Clandestine Agent of the Political Department serving undercover as a maid in the Iron Amir’s Palace at Kabul, She asked her brother, retired Jemadar Jai Ho Singh, to carry word of what she’d heard across the border to British India, and deliver it to his old Colonel, now Brigadier Ruff-Husband, at Dargai.

 Jai Ho Singh is still at Dargai Cantonments… in his old uniform… waiting for some action before he heads home to Brokeback Mountain … seen here conferring with Brigadier Ruff-Husbabd & his Brigade Adjutant …impatient to show all his value on the battlefield!

Dast has left his shop in Peshawar and is going towards Kashmir. To buy new flying carpets or...?

He has much more money in his pockets now, but a secret information about Zibbib destination is not anymore so secret…127th Baluchi gold and bayonets can be very pesuasive

Major Rowson of 9th regiment, the famous Hodson’s horse, got the mission to capture the adventurer false merchant Zibbib. With him he will pursue his research up to capturing El Osprey’s son destroying Russian plan for a rule-driven civil war in Punjab.

The selling explosion of our glorious Pesha trib in Baluchistan is also due to the great expectations which Baluchis have for Capt Thomas “Tommie” Liver,

just sent from Bannu by Gen Davenport to enforce the Fullerton’s flying devil column with a 26th Baluchi unit to wipe out all Afridis in Tirah. All my baluchis are manufactured by Willie (Tradition of London) as many other units in my collection. This “extra” rows are well deserved due to a friendly and helpful service!

These are only few of the many characters we have met during these long months passed under the Punjabi sun, eating peas flour and tamarind and drinking the pure waters of this unbelievable country, poor, arid, deathly, but no Khan on the Grim would change a single grain of its sand  with the most precious treasures in Delhi…or at least this is what we try to report in our articles, the harsh law of the Pesha Trib!

Subscribe to the Tribune for avoiding missing a single episode.

Offline Umra Khan

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #377 on: November 05, 2021, 02:58:14 PM »
Small summary of what is happening in the Northern Territories...
Maa Din and the son of the Emir of Afghanistan have been captured by Zibbib's men, and are going up the Gilgit River (showing in skyblue on the map).. on the other side Zibbib, Flashy and his mercenaries have just passed the Burzill Pass and are descending towards the gorges of the Indus...(showing in red on the map )

The Gorges of the Indus

Zibbib Khan, Flashy and their mercenaries going down to the valley of the Indus , after crossing the Burzill Pass , feel the weather becoming more and more mild and up to Astor our heroes  meet only the teams of workers of Mr. Spedding  , caravans of coolies who make a continuous back and forth to bring goods to Gilgit and return to Kashmir for another cargo and few small groups of Kashmiris soldiers…..going further down the trail they saw the gorges of the Indus,….

Carry on on the narrow trail along the Indus river between Dishkin and Doiun at sunset…..

someone is shooting to  our heroes...

BLACK CARD (ambush bonus turn for the Chilasis)

1st turn
Chilasis tribesmen shoot on the Zibbib’s men walking on the other bank of the Indus river, 7 soldiers down, 1 yak killed , Machede Gurung wounded ( rolls 6 on saving table…)

2nd turn black card

Chilasis shoot , 4 more  soldiers down

2nd turn red card

Zibbib and the soldiers take kneeling and prone positions and shoot to the Chilasis that are behind rocks…
3 Chilasis bandits  hit, 1 by Zibbib and 1 by Flashy...good shots men !

3rd turn Black card

Chilasis hit 3 soldiers, yaks and coolies break ad run away

3rd turn red card

Zibbib and the soldiers shoot to the Chilasis, 2 hit

4th turn red card

Zibbib and survivors run along the bank of the river to save their lives

4th turn black card

Chilasis shoot, 1 soldier down and Flashy light wounded ( rolls 4 on saving table)

4th turn red card

Zibbib fire and hit 1 chilasis, Flashy miss, the other soldier hit 1 Chilasis

5th turn red card

Zibbib, Flashy light wounded, Machede Gurung wounded and 1 soldier found their way to escape the Chilasis’s ambush going up the slopes of the mountain and disappearing in the dark of the night…

What are the conditions of Flashy and the Gurkha Gurung ?...who knows ?  follow the story, coming soon on these screens !

To be continued…

In this short and bloody engagement the Zibbib’s party suffered:
16 soliders KIA or WIA
1 Coolie KIA
1 Yak, and lost in the confusion 2 yaks and 2 coolies,

The Chilasis tribesmen, total 30 figs, in 3 10's figures  band suffer:
7 KIA or WIA

Rule used TSATF with D20's for firing, plus some house rules to suit this particular battle.





2-3-4-5- RECOVER

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #378 on: November 06, 2021, 05:14:12 AM »


Captain. Carey, 10th Hussars and his 1st Brigade Signal team are dispatched to the heights above Malakand Pass...

Their mission: deliver BrigGnl Ruff-Husband's MESSAGE TO MAJ.GNL. WHITSEND at Peshawar...

They FLASH the message, which is received and RELAYED by the Signal Team at Mardan...

Who send it to the Team at Nowshera...

Who send it to its final destination: Peshawar Signal Detachment, regularly stationed atop the Cunningham Clock Tower...

Handy diagram of a "Helio":



COMING SOON: AAR with pics of the "Grandma of All Battles"...
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"We shall see what wisdom lies beneath my madness!"

Offline JBaumal

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #379 on: November 06, 2021, 03:54:17 PM »
Great reports guys! I must finish my AAR of the Battle of Bulgur Pass. But chores, yard work, college football, and ice hockey coaching come first today.

Offline CPT Shanks

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #380 on: November 06, 2021, 05:38:19 PM »
Mulehead Khan, upon who's head the Enlightenment of Mersey has been annointed, only now am I conferring with my chieftains to learn of the fate of their attacks on the Britisher's foul sore on the Mardan plains.
Firstly I have a report of treachery and betrayal within the ruins of Dargai. From Mohmat Krim, my most trusted ally within the Bunerwhals, his sister being my third wife, I am receiving news that the spy within the devils' camp, Mayank Jan, who was to guide my right flank accross the Jalala River, has betrayed us. He is of the false faith and can not be trusted by followers of the TMWWBK. 
After burning Dargai, the ferenghee devils dammed the river to raise the waters and present an impassable obstacle along the entire eastern wall of their foul encampment. Mayank Jan was supposed to reveal the fords, but met Mohmat Krim too early, delaying him, then misleading two of his clans to deeper, uncrossable water. His third clan found their own crossing, but still lost four warriors to the torrents.  This clan was able to force the devils who were hiding and befouling the ruins like rats, back down their hole, killing any of them in their path. Yamank may be Sarban Khan's trusted spy, but if I see that treacherous beast on the field again I will slice the very flesh from him.
As to my northern attack, the entire Malakand escarpment was crawling with Nepali devil goorkas. Javhad had to split his force at the last minute, one clan providing safety for our great cannon, the other two working their way through a hidden pass onto the plain. Here they were charged by the blue turbanned lancers. The devils pulled up short, their willingness to face warriors faltering and we shot them down in short order, driving them from the field. Witnessing this, the cowards behind their walls opened fire on us with screw guns. Frightful as they sound it was more noise, smoke, and dust than shot and my men pressed forward through the rain of steel to the northern wall, undeterred.
At the pass my Akazai clan fought like lions against the goorkha jackels finally driving them back with tulwar and shot, cresting the pass, along with the cannon, just in time to see my fateful charge on the devils' southern wall.
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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #381 on: November 08, 2021, 10:25:44 PM »
The Tsarists are on the march to Zebak from Faizabad under the command of Colonel Blaramberg. The Tsarist force consists of all 5 companies of the Susdal regiment along with a company of the Kanzanski Rifles. Around 80 Tajiks are acting as guides but are also some of Mir of Badakhshan’s (Bad Ass Khan) best marksmen. Colonel Blaramberg decided artillery would only slow him down and was confident his 600 Russians plus the Tajiks would be able to take Zebak with ease. Mummar Am Salad, the Chieftain of Zebak, has heard from traders and merchants  from Faizabad, that a Russian/Tajik force is on this way to attack Zebak. He has sent out word to neighboring villages asking for warriors to help fight off the infidels and their unholy Tajik allies. He does not stand a chance without more fighters. He has been getting volunteers from the surrounding area and from Chitral just across the Badakhshan border. He hopes to muster about 600 tribesmen of which probably only 350 or so will have firearms. General Skobelev will remain in Faizabad with the remainder of his brigade. Once he receives news of the victory at Zebak, he will move all his brigade there in preparation to advance into the Chitral.

With Colonel Blaramberg:
5 companies of the Susdal Line Regiment.
1 company of the Kanzanski Rifes
80 Tajik guides and scouts

With General Skobelev in Faizabad:
4 companies of Kanzanski Rifles
5 companies of Borodinski Line
5 companies of Semenovski Life Guards
1st Ural Cossacks
2nd Carcassian Cossacks
Artillery: 1 two gun battery

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #382 on: November 09, 2021, 04:11:55 AM »

As is well known my sister and her family were taken hostage when their village was burned by the kuffar, they refused to leave and befell such insult as only these khaki clad devils can impart, made to live in a tent like common kuchi.

My sisters family had refused to abandon their beloved Dargai as the Britishers attacked. When Ruff-Husband Sahib discovered they were my blood family he held them hostage to attempt to draw me into the open, which he nearly did.

My immediate plan was to raise a lashkar and crush the devils' bone into the earth, leaving nothing even for the vultures and the gohs to devour.  I was finalizing that very plan when I received a message from a Yusafzai spy in the camp. Mayank Jan was able to tell me they were being kept in one if the larger tents and treated well enough, but since the arrival of two Angleez women he no longer knew if they were on the northern or southern wall.

It was then I developed a new plan. There would still be a great battle, but in midst of the chaos I would present a black ace to Ruff-Husband Sahib, the perfect rescue.

Now that my plans have proven successful I can reveal the full scope of it.


It has been known to me of monks from the east, living among the Tibetans in Baltistan. Monks trained in the use of Lama Pai, the Lion’s Roar. These monks, as the need arises, can be called upon to use their powers, particularly against the ferhenghi, to right foul injustices. While gathering my lashkar, I sent word to the monastery where these Lamas live.  As I was finalizing my arrangements for the attack three of the unassuming monks arrived at my camp, looking like yak herders more than warrior monks, though each carried a short wax wood staff.

Immediately I sent for Mayank Jan to meet with me one final time to go over a new part of the plan.

On the northern edge of the camp my Akazai tribesmen would assault down out of the Malakand heights drawing the attention of the northern wall and screw guns. 

On the eastern flank my most trusted Bunerwhal ally, Mohmat Krim, would meet with Mayank Jan where they would stay east of the river Jalala, except of one band to sell the feint and draw the Britishers from their encampment and into the ruins causing as much chaos as possible.

On hearing the fight to the east my Akazai cavalry would charge at the southern wall creating the largest distraction. 

Under the cover of this chaos the Lamas would search out the large tents and find my family, then disguising them as coolies and slip unseen from the camp.

During this action I spied the infamous Halvidar Jai Lo Singh and I smote him.

 Once I saw the signal from ‘Chi ba I would call for the retreat of my cavalry, signaling the fall back of the army, and we would return by separate routes to the fortress tower near Shakot Pass.

I had to keep Mayank Jan's contributions secret, in the guise of betrayal until I was certain my family was safe at Shakot Pass. This plan would not have worked without his bravery. A thousand thanks to Sarban Khan for his assistance. Brom's blessing be upon him as he continues to provide valuable information hiding amongst the kuffar.
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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #383 on: November 10, 2021, 01:26:45 PM »
The Sniper with long jezail

My beloved Jane,
I want to tell you a curious story that happened here at the outpost days ago...
It was already a few nights that suddenly, from the hill on the side of the fort, someone have been  shooting at us.

The hill is more than 600 yards away and we felt safe because the jezails of these thieves do not reach more than 500 yards.
Regularly every night someone took our outpost as a target and during the night fired 3 or 4 shots, they were wandering shots given the distance, but we found some planted in the inner walls and one in the door of the mess.
It wasn't a good feeling, we had to keep all the lights off in the evening. This target shooting was really unnerving if not dangerous...
Sometimes some of our sepoys would respond to fire with their Snyders, aiming at the light that the jezail produced when it fired... there were a few minutes of silence and the hope of hitting him... but then another shot was fired from the hill and we understood that our shots had failed.
One evening the Maj. Potts organized a sortie, the small team commanded by me was composed of the naik Joao Singh and the sepoy Uram Singh.

They had given me that presumptuous naik again, I hoped that this time he would demonstrate his skills as a shooter of which he boasted so much.
Shortly after 21.00 I the naik and the sepoy come out of the fort, covered by darkness, we move running towards the hill,

we stop every now and then to catch our breath and understand where the sniper can be ...BANG another shot….

We arrive sweaty at the foot of the hill and slowly begin the climb, between rocks not very solid ...

As we are going up, about 50 yards above us we hear a cracking noise of a shot  , typical of those old killing jezails... the sniper is there!

I leave the sepoy there with the task of shooting at the light caused by the sniper and I and the naik take a turn on the right to get around the sniper's position.

We will have climbed a 40 yards when from the left I hear the shot of gun… the sniper, immediately after from down the hill  a shot of our Snyder ... we rush to the position of the sniper,

 I stumble and fall on a rock, the naik overtakes me and shoots at the sniper from a few meters ... missed !!, bad shooter but great braggart. I get up, the sniper is there trying to reload and I shoot 2 rounds with my Webley Mark I, the first shot goes miss, but the second hits the sniper in the chest, who collapses on himself.

The naik reaches me and together we cautiously approach the sniper's body, he is an old man!

An old man who at night enjoyed shooting to his Majesty's soldiers, he had a beautiful jezail, all inlay in gold with dog teeth stuck in the butt, a beautiful weapon.

I looked at him for a long time, at that moment I did not feel hatred but admired respect; that old man was not very different from me, he was a sportsman !, he found it fun to come and shoot us at night, he took the risk and accepted the consequences...

We cover the body of the old sniper with stones, I don't know why... I did it maybe out of esteem ... after burying him with the naik and the sepoy we return to the fort.
I report to the Major, who this time congratulates me.
I miss to report what  I said to that presumptuous Naik, it's not an interesting topic !!!.
Now the Jezail is on display hanging on the wall of my room.

After this strange adventure everyone at the fort looks at me respectfully and now we can walk quietly during the evening.
I will write to you as soon as possible, I love you,
your devoted John.

Offline giorgio

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #384 on: November 10, 2021, 01:42:02 PM »
Amazing, I would like to comment by quoting the words of a famous poem by R. Winkie taken from his “Ballads from the Peshawar Barracks” which inspired many R. Kipling works:
But there is neither civilized nor savage, frontier, breed, weapon, birth,   
When two strong men stand face to face, tho’ they come from the ends of the earth,
A life is lost, a common language spoke; only your honor between famine and dearth,
Only your value when the bitter alternative should be worse than your death!   

Hope to read soon other adventures of this gallant officer!

Offline Umra Khan

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #385 on: November 10, 2021, 01:56:50 PM »
Amazing, I would like to comment by quoting the words of a famous poem by R. Winkie taken from his “Ballads from the Peshawar Barracks” which inspired many R. Kipling works:
But there is neither civilized nor savage, frontier, breed, weapon, birth,   
When two strong men stand face to face, tho’ they come from the ends of the earth,
A life is lost, a common language spoke; only your honor between famine and dearth,
Only your value when the bitter alternative should be worse than your death!   

Hope to read soon other adventures of this gallant officer!

Thank you Giorgio, very appreciated your compliments and the Winkie's  poem !
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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #386 on: November 14, 2021, 07:57:44 PM »
Anticipating a successful outcome at Zebak, General Skobelev has left Faizabad with his brigade consisting of Regiments:
Kanzanski Rifles
Borodinski Line
Semenovski Life Guards
1st Ural Cossacks
2nd Carcassian Cossacks
1 two gun battery
His plan is to follow the Vardoj river valley out of Faizabad all the way to Zebak. At Zebak, he will deploy the Kanzanski Rifles in to the town along with the 1st Ural Cossacks. The Susdal Line Infantry (already at Zebak) will join his force. He will then follow the Vardoj up and over the Nuksan Pass to Obir. An encampment would be set up near Obir to allow his troops to rest and also to send out scouts to reconnoiter the surrounding areas. The Dora Pass (leading directly to the town of Chitral) would be a little easier, but he has been advised by local Tajik traders that due to the heavy merchant traffic through the Dora Pass, word would soon spread of his presence in the Chitral. Two Indian army deserters have informed him also that a large British relief force is heading to the besieged fort at Chitral and he is not ready for any conflicts with the British Empire at this time. Best to keep the largest distance possible from them a t this time.
Skobelev expects to make camp at Obir with the following force:
Infantry Regiments:
Susdal Line
Borodinski Line
Semenovski Life Guards
Cavalry Regiment:
2nd Carcassian Cossacks
1 two gun battery

He is also hoping to gather some local tribe and Tajik support to add to the mission.
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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
« Reply #387 on: November 15, 2021, 08:48:48 PM »
20 August 1890 - Bulgur Pass
Chitral Field Force, heading north through the Bulgur Pass towards the Chitral Territory to relieve Chitral Fort.

We pick up where we left off in the last blog post, link to part I
LAF - NWF Campaign - 1st Brigade approaching Bulgur Pass

The column is halted as the General reads the message. Sergeant Major Brom calls a halt, orders the men to drink water, and sends out scouts from each unit to the surrounding ominous looking mountains. 

General McGuninness confers with his officers and orders the column forwards. Sergeant Major Brom orders the scouts to push further out. The Anglo-Indian force must reach Chitral Fort with all possible haste.

The scouts move further out to protect the mule train.

The column advances in a cloud of dust, the baking sun already causing discomfort for both men and beasts alike. With a loud war cry of “Allah Akbar!!!!” fanatical Ghazi warriors burst from the tree line and charge the front of the column. After a brief moment of surprise the crack of independent rifle fire starts at the front of the column.

Two tribes of fanatical Ghazis attack the front of the column
stopping the entire column in their tracks. Despite the Pashtun casualties from rifle fire the Ghazis charge home and close with the feringhee. (They easily made their die role to close as I rated the Ghazis as Zulu for morale based on my friend’s recommendations, the Mad Guru himself. In addition they do not roll for stragglers!)

The Gurkhas are the first hit and loose several men in the first melee but manage to overcome the initial surprise and defeat one tribe. The 2nd charging tribe didn’t have enough movement to make contact with the column and had to wait until the following turn to charge again.

General McGuinness orders his Battalion commanders to form combined unit squares around the precious pack mules. The officers gain control of their men, commands of “Form Square!” rings out. With parade ground precision these veterans of The Grim do just that and deftly form three separate squares.

The Ghazis charge again, and again, relentless and blood thirsty! More Pathan tribes move to the edge of the tree line and unleashe ambush fire into the tightly packed column as the Ghazis melee with the front square.

Several Gurkha and Indian soldiers fall to the accurate Pathan fire from their flank.

The square returns fire killing many a faithful Pashtun.

The Bulgar Pass is filled with the crack of rifles and the fanatical screams of Ghazi & Pathan tribesmen.

A steadfast square guarding the rear of the column.

From atop the pass Umra Khan’s Afridi tribesmen fire into the column taking care to not hit the precious mules since they are the main reason for this multi tribe raid.

To the front of the column and across the valley can be seen more Pashtun warriors emerging from the hills heading towards the column intent on teaching the feringhee a lesson and stealing their mules.

With the column halted by a melee at its front, and receiving musketry from both flanks, more Pashtun fighters see the opportunity to finish off what appears to be a struggling foe.

From the southeastern pass emerges Mohameden warriors lead by Osamadouga Khan. With loyalty to none in this valley on this day they move into position like jackals moving in to strike at a wounded beast while the rest of the pack does the same.

The squares advance, albeit slowly. The Ghazis charge again but are repulsed, forced back, and finally route from the table. None of the Anglo-Indian units falter despite the mounting casualties.

Waziri warriors led by Muletail Khan, nephew of Mulehead Khan the Fakir of the frontier, the false prophet of Waziristan, the purveyor of the false book, rush forth from the southwestern pass.

Fort Bulgur awakens with the mountain Gun battery of the 5th Bengal Artillery ranging in on the Afridi tribesmen on the crest of the mountain.

The Helipgraph crew get orders to send the signal of the attack to the nearest outpost.

Returning from patrol B troop of the 77th Bengal Lancers comes to lend a hand. Alas the cards favor the Pashtuns of Osamadouga’s clans and bequeathed him first movement to allow him to gain the cover of Bulgur village and the surrounding rough ground to negate the Lancers charge!

Allah appears to be pulling the cards as the Pashtuns also get first fire this turn. The 77th Lancers ride through a hail of lead.

As the Waziris advance the British square sets their sights on them, killing several, slowing them down.

The jezzails go silent on the mountain as the musketry from the Afridi tribesmen suddenly stops. A Subadar Major of the Corp of Guides can be seen on the mountain top conversing with Buda Khan, leader of the Afridi tribesmen present. Several mules are being led into the positions of Buda Khans men by men of Corp of Guides.

The artillery shells from the 5th Bengal Artillery seem to be falling way wide of the Afridi tribesmen. Is this an error or by internet?

The Afridi tribesmen gather their mules, dismount the mountain and move towards the Waziris.

The column continues to advance towards Fort Bulgur. With the arrival of the 77th Bengal Lancers combined with the decimation of the Ghazis and Pashtuns in the woods the resistance has slackened considerably.

Muletail Khan orders an all out combined attack on the column. The Waziri warriors surge forward but Osamadouga’s Mohammedans stay in cover and Umra Khan’s nephew Buda Khan attacks the tribes of Muletails Waziri! The Afridi warriors fire into the Waziris killing the lashkar leader of the lead Waziri tribe. Muletail himself is only saved because he lacks the bravery to lead from the front!

The Highlanders muster and sortie forth from the fort to assist their newfound allies.

With the death of his cousin, the treachery of the Afridis, and the indecision of the Mohammedans, Muletail Khan orders an immediate jirga to be held. As his uncle’s sway is strong in this valley the tribesmen melt back into the Grim leaving the feringhee to recover their casualties and make it safely to Fort Bulgur.

The fort resupplied, the casualties attended to, the beasts and men rested, 1st Brigade then mounts up and moves north to the Uch pass defended by the Yusufzais.

Buda Khan is the victor this day as he secured himself 5 mules for aiding the English, or should we say outwitting the British. Will this lead to more cooperation with the feringhee invaders, a temporary alliance, or a total banishment from the Pashtun communities.

A wise old mullah once told me…. “Never trust anyone on the Frontier!”

Offline Umra Khan

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
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Awesome photos and beautiful post 👏👏👏
Impressive array of figures in a wonderful scenario!

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Re: "Never trust anyone on the Frontier" an ...epic NWF Campaign
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Much appreciated Umra Khan!!!


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